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Cinemark is a motion picture exhibition company that has 546 theatres and 6.048 screens in the United States and Latin America. They are headquartered in Plano, Texas, and have the third-largest chain of movie theaters in the United States due to acquisitions.

Lee Roy Mitchell founded Cinemark in 1984 and is also Chairman of the Board and is known under the name of Cinemark USA, Inc. The company is a subsidiary of Cinemark Holdings, Inc. The 14 auditoriums of Cinemark Waco and X.D. theatre have advanced technology and customer service.

Cinemark is a leader when it comes to the industry of motion picture exhibition and operates 533 theatres and 5,959 screens in the United States in 41 states of America. The company employs a total of 11,729 people and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinemark USA, Inc.

Some of the benefits that Cinemark offers for its employees are as follows. Those who work at Cinemark as an employee will be able to get a wide range of job rewards from schedule to growth opportunities to health benefits to 401K to free movies to an employee discount.

People do like working at Cinemark because it is a fast-paced workplace. The work that is done here brings a lot of happiness to those coming to see movies. The environment is also laid back, relaxing, and wasn’t described as being a chore to go to every day.

What is the age requirement for employees to work for Cinemark?

Employees who work for Cinemark must be at least 18 years old to apply for a job at this company. However, teenagers can also apply for some jobs, provided they are 16 years old and no younger than that age.

Cinemark Careers

Cinemark is a company that believes in hiring unique people. The reason being that the company has a real passion for people. Any employees they do hire will match and share their values completely.

Concessionist: Concessionist is a job that creates a welcome environment for customers. They are responsible for selling soft drinks, packaged and bulk candy, hot dogs, popcorn, and lots more. They also operate, clean, stock, concession stand area.

Hourly Assistant/Kitchen Manager: The Hourly Assistant/Kitchen Manager effectively, as well as efficiently, assists in running and keeping up a high volume and busy kitchen. They also monitor food safety for handling and preparation according to guidelines.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager assists in the overall operation of the theater and follows the direction that is dictated by the General Manager. They also spend time working in all theater and job functions.

Usher: The Usher has to guide, as well as assist customers to their destination. The Usher is also one to get movie and theater information from as well. The Usher also serves to keep the theater property clean and free of any debris.

Janitor: The job of the Janitor is clear and defined. He or she will make sure always to make sure that the theater and theater property is cleaned in every way. They clean floors, carpets, walls, doors, seats, restrooms, and lots more.

Box Office/Cashier: The Box Office/Cashier makes sure that all customers feel welcome in every way. They also are responsible for selling tickets to the featured movies and special events at the theater. They also provide information for films and games too.

Counter Server: The Counter Server performs a wide variety of job duties. Some of these job duties entail meeting and greeting guests in a timely and professional manner. Some other responsibilities are accurately taking food and beverage orders, possess full knowledge of menu and bar items, and verification of guests who purchase alcohol are 21 years of age.

Kitchen Support: Kitchen Support is a job that fully supports the kitchen team to bring about an excellent execution and a memorable guest experience for all customers. The job duties vary here and can include preparation of required items for one example.

Line Cook: The Line Cook prepares all items that are required for the line following approved recipes and portion controls. They also follow and execute any prep lists on a day to day basis and bring a real passion for food with them.

Maintenance: A maintenance employee is someone who maintains, as well as repairs, the theater, equipment, and property. They coordinate with the General Manager on the items that need to be maintained or repaired.

Cinemark Application

One can apply at Cinemark by using their online application process. No calls are accepted to apply. Go online at their official online job portal and put an application in by using the interface available there.

An online application is available at Cinemark’s official website job portal. The applicant applies to any open job that is listed on the career website by searching open positions and then using via the interface.

Some tips for filling out an online application as follows. Go to the official Cinemark website and use the career portal that is available at the web address. You can conduct a job search and then apply to any open positions listed.

It’s important to know that a resume is far more than just a necessary document to create and submit to land a new job. A resume is a way to showcase some of the fantastic things you have done in your career. A resume is essential for several reasons. First, it is a requirement, and that is to be something that must be submitted for review for many higher-skilled positions. One step beyond that, a resume serves as an opportunity for a prospect to build up a brand image, and this brand image is something that displays his or her experiences, skills, and qualities that companies desire to have.

One of the best pieces of advice to give those who are preparing for an interview. Make sure to do some research on the organization that you are doing the interview for overall. Some of the things to research about an organization are its mission statement and specific vision. Also, any recent achievements or news about the company is recommended, as it gives the applicant an idea of what they do professionally. This will help the applicant to answer questions and be able to stand out from other applicants who weren’t as prepared.

Things to Know About Cinemark

The culture associated with Cinemark is one that is comprised of honesty and integrity. It is also one that stands for being all about having a genuine passion for people and performance excellence.

Some newsworthy events linked to Cinemark are as follows. Cinemark brought a 14-Screen to Jacksonville’s Atlantic North Shopping Center on March 13, 2019. This was part of Sleiman Enterprise’s shopping center development, and the new theater will feature Luxury Lounger electric recliners and more.

Cinemark is known for being a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry. The company has 546 theaters and 6.048 screens in the United States and Latin America.

Cinemark has a real passion for people, and this caring shows in everything they do that is connected with Cinemark Cares. Cinemark Cares supports local and national charitable organizations through monetary donations, products, and other donations.

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