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Bashas, ​a family-owned chain of grocery stores, has headquarters in Arizona but has a branch office in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Their products range from groceries such as food and basic household products, health and beauty products, to prepared meals and medicines.

It was in 1932 when Ike Basha and Eddie Basha, Sr., sons of immigrants Najeeb, and his wife, opened their first store in Goodyear, Arizona.

Currently, there are a total of nearly 120 stores with more than 9,000 employees. The company was recognized for its excellent service in Sedona’s Chamber’s First Annual Awards Program.

Employees benefit from medical and dental benefits, a paid leave, a retirement plan, a 401K bonus, employee discounts, and flexible leisure time among others.

Current and former employees report that they enjoy working for the company as they receive the benefits and compensation needed (even part-time workers) as well as a pleasant working environment.

How old do you have to be to work at Bashas’

If you are interested, you must be at least 16 years old to work in the company. This age requirement makes it ideal for students seeking part-time work. 

Bashas’ Careers

The schedule associated with the employment manager’s response ranges from a few days to a week or two. In some cases, candidates can wait up to a month. The general waiting time depends largely on the number of candidates who are running for similar positions and job availability. Individuals can contact the employment staff before receiving a response to employment forms by phone, email, or personal visit, if they so wish. Getting information can increase the likelihood of having an application pulled, which often leads to an interview. Below you will find some of the jobs you might be interested to apply in with Bashas’.

Department Clerk: The job description will vary depending on the service to be assigned or department you are fixed in, but the general tasks include providing customer service and playing the role of a sales associate. The most specific jobs include product preparation and cutting and cleaning of meat (for meat and deli clerks).

Cashier: Cashier’s job is mainly to manage the cash register and help customer inquiries and concerns. Additional tasks may require that cashiers to serve as sales associates or stock associates, especially if foot traffic in the store is particularly slow on that day.

Manager: The tasks of the manager will vary depending on the service to which they will be assigned or department to work with (bakers, snacks, products, etc.). Tasks include making employee schedules, training new employees, delegating tasks, and ensuring smooth and consistent business operations in compliance with corporate policies.

Courtesy Clerk: Courtesy Clerk kindly are those who provide next-level service to customers. while they attend to customer concerns, they also prepare orders, help them safely find their vehicle and retrieve the carts back to the store.

Cake Decorator: Cake decorators are responsible for making, decorating and selling baked products. They will take orders, place orders and deliver them to the buyer. They are also responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Night Crew Clerk: Night Crew Clerk checks, maintains, and replenishes stocks of grocery, frozen food, alcohol, non-food products, and health and beauty care products. They order, receive, unload trucks, organize supplies on their shelves, and keep the store clean.

Cub House Attendant: Cub House is the in-store daycare service for parents who buy. Cub House attendant attends to the children at Cub House, ensures their safety and comfort and offers activities for children in the absence of parents.

Pharmacy Technicians: For this job, you must be a certified pharmacy technician. They take prescription orders, check patient information, help sell, and complete transactions. Sales are not only on the counter but also through phone orders. Some orders may require technicians to coordinate with doctors

Meat cutter: Meat cutter handles high-quality meat products from pork, beef, to poultry and fish. They need to make sure that the displays are fresh, full and attractive for customers in order to get maximum sales. The meat cutters must follow the appropriate procedures for disposal and handling, inventory and storage of used equipment.

Wine Steward: Wine Steward must be passionate and familiar with wine and liquors. Their job is to maintain a well-stocked warehouse, help customers, keep the workplace clean and make attractive displays. They must ensure that trade complies with the laws on state alcoholic beverages.

Bashas’ Application

Interested candidates can apply through walk-ins or through online applications on the official website, depending on the one that is more convenient for interested applicants.

The online application is simple for those who cannot physically go to the branch near them. At the bottom of the website, there is a career link. Candidates can create an account and apply for a position in the company.

A simple navigation electronic platform allows candidates to look for Bashas jobs on the company’s career page. After the search, workers may place multiple applications utilizing the online submissions manager. Carefully read the descriptions of each position to understand your hiring expectations. In most locations, entry-level associates must assume variable schedules at start and float between departments as general employees. When filling in the application form, make sure to enter all your contact information so that you can easily be contacted by the company if you will be required for an interview.

Try to make sure that your resume is clear, concise and relevant. You do not have to include all your previous skills and experience unless they show the values ​and attributes you need for the position you are applying for.

The company is a family business and serves buyers who are buyers, probably family. During the conversation in the interview, it would be ideal to project a wholesome and pleasant image because the company values ​​family ties. Be courteous and confident before the interviewer. 

Things to Know About Bashas’

Bashas’ is a family business based in Arizona. It would be wise to say that clients and employees share the same cultural values that would give a generally smooth relationship for both.

The company planned and employed around 200 new employees in the first half of 2018 for more than 100 stores. For the interested candidates, there is a wide variety of job offers. The job fairs will be held every month. Candidates who fulfill all the conditions may be employed the same day.

It is just one of many shops owned by Ikea and Eddie Basha, Sr. They opened AJ’s Fine Foods and Food City also. It is a traditional grocery that projects this family-friendly and homey image for the local Arizona market.

Every year, they support different charities through their Charity of the Month with beneficiaries such as local children’s hospitals, schools, research foundations, and medical associations.

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