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The American Automobile Association or simply Triple-A is a nonprofit membership organization that provides emergency assistance throughout the entire process, including towing, tire replacement, battery replacement, and less mechanical repairs.

They were first established in 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. It was an alliance of nine auto clubs that gathered in order to deal with inadequate roads and highways suitable for vehicles.

Several years after its completion, other services are available, such as roadside assistance programs, city street maps, tourist services, and the automotive research and performance center for vehicle emissions and performance were made available to its members.

Employees are offered a package of significant benefits, including comprehensive health and dependent care plans, life and disability insurance, 401 (k) pension savings, paid vacation and flexible employment contracts, and a free AAA membership.

The group has been providing exceptional service for over 100 years. Even then, they still value their members and their employees. Both works together to make it an employer of choice.

How old do you have to be to work at AAA

Before one can be employed in AAA, younger applicants must meet a minimum age group required. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a job in AAA. Typically, a high school diploma, a GED equivalent or a relative experience is required.

AAA Careers

This auto club offers various job opportunities in a professional career such as automotive services, customer service, claims processing and sales. To apply, applicants must send cover letters and resumes, including salary history, to a career via e-mail on the company’s website. Applicants should include the name of the job you are looking for and the job number as well as the job description, in the letter and in the email. To ensure the safe arrival of the application, applicants must include the same information in the email as well as the name of the candidate. Resumes and cover letters must contain the relevant employment information mentioned in the job description to ensure proper consideration. Here are a few examples of those currently open:

Service Driver: Service Driver provides emergency service on the road. They help resolve minor vehicle maintenance issues, such as jump-starting a vehicle, changing tires, providing lockout services, fuel delivery, and other minor mechanical issues. They also engage in towing of vehicles and recovering vehicles for AAA members.

Driving School Instructor: Instructors provide classroom training and practical training for new drivers. They develop and carry out learning activities to help students perform assessment skills after training. They keep all student records and documentation requested by the state.

Automotive Technician: Automotive technician evaluates, executes and approves the diagnostics of each vehicle passing through the service center. They perform all mechanical repairs, including brakes, suspension, engine operation, tire alignment, and fuel system. A thorough knowledge of auto repair and at least three years of repair experience is required.

Membership Sales Agent: a source of sales agents, potential customers, prospects, and networks that help the center achieve its sales goals. They coordinate events and presentations with eligible companies and organizations to discuss the benefits of joining the AAA network. It takes at least 2 years of experience in retail and customer service to apply.

Auto Club Insurance Agent: Insurance agents help the company to realize its financial goals by selling membership to Auto Club and other insurance products. They develop user networks, hold appointments and conduct vehicle inspections as part of pre-sales activities. They also maintain relationships with existing members.

Sales Cashier: Tasks include performing general office affairs, insurance processing and payment of contributions, updating membership data and keeping records of members. They also deal with tracking and reporting payments, bills, and credits if needed. They help keep the office supplies and order supplies as needed. They help to keep the workplace clean and free from dust.

Claims Associate: A Claims Associate is responsible for managing and adjusting insurance claims. Claims Associate reviews and interprets policies to identify actual coverage. They evaluate the details of claims and negotiate an agreement with their members. You have to finish an intensive six-week course on application processing and application systems.

Auto Damage Field Appraiser: An Auto Damage Field Appraiser estimates and negotiates moderate to very complex automotive claims. They handle allegations of auto physical damage claims in accordance with Interinsurance Exchange policies and requirements. The application requires a bachelor’s degree and a work experience.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative Assistants provide administrative support to the Claims Department. They manage secretarial duties, including the creation and maintenance of personal records, the compilation, and processing of attendance records, and the creation of various reports on the Center’s performance in a timely and accurate manner.

Emergency Roadside Specialists: They are into Helping of customers who call and seek roadside assistance. They collect information about the location of the driver and the problem with the vehicle being split. They will send emergency technicians on the road to meet the needs of drivers, run vehicles or pull them into repair garages.

AAA Application

Joy application in AAA is simple. Browse through the Careers page and look for a job offer that interests you and matches your skills.

All applicants must create a hiring profile on their corporate website. Have your resume and other relevant documents at hand when you sign up for a job. You have to provide your personal, academic and professional background information.

If your skills match the position you have requested, the employment officer will make an initial telephone conversation. Then another round of face-to-face interviews with human resources and employment manager. The whole interview process depends on the location.

The organization follows a stringent recruitment process involving multiple levels of scrutiny. They Carry out a thorough background check, require a drug test and vehicle engine registration for maintenance operators.

With this strict procedure it is important that all common information be accurate and updated. Your forms must be well structured and complete. Have your letter cover your letters of recommendation with your resume. 

Things to Know About AAA

The organization adheres to the “First Members” policy. Everyone makes sure that all their actions start and end with a member’s priority in mind. Make sure they do what they need to satisfy and exceed their expectations.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the country, the Auto Club came to rescue and sponsored a month of aid for hurricane victims. They packed a semi-trailer box containing new items for affected families, babies, and even pets.

Diamond Awards: Each year, the group reviews several hotels and restaurants and evaluates them according to the diamond classification guidelines. Assigning rating from 1 to 5 AAA diamonds. The review results were published to provide prospects to members traveling.

Promoting community security is one of the main goals of the group. They continually sponsor and support security-oriented initiatives such as DUI awareness campaigns, car seat safety programs, and senior mobility programs. 

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