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Cricket Wireless is a telecommunications company offering prepaid wireless services. Their parent company is AT&T. They sell mobile phones and mobile plans. They are a leading provider of prepaid plans in the telecommunications industry. Their prepaid plans include talk, text and data on the AT&T network.

The company was founded in Chicago in 1999 and opened their first store in Chattanooga, Tennessee the same year. Its original parent company was Leap Wireless, which utilized Sprint’s 3G network. In 2014, Leap Wireless was purchased by AT&T for over a billion dollars, at which point they began to operate on AT&T’s network instead.

The company’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company’s president is John Dwyer. Their main competitors are Sprint and T-Mobile. They have over 9 million subscribers on their network as of 2018 and attribute recent growth to their merger with AT&T.

The company offers benefits through AT&T. These include medical benefits and 401k and pension plans for corporate employees. They also offer an employee discount on mobile phones and wireless plans.

People like working at the company because of employee discounts on wireless plans and devices. They also like the work hard play hard environment and flexible scheduling. Full time employees appreciate the medical benefits available to them.

How old do you have to be to work at Cricket Wireless?

The company’s age policy requires employees to be at least eighteen years old. This is designed to ensure that employees are mature enough to handle a fast-paced sales environment.

Cricket Wireless Careers

The company hires for both full and part time positions at their retail locations and for other positions at their corporate office. They hire for both company-owned and dealer-owned stores. Positions at the company include retail sales associate, assistant store manager, store manager, wireless consultant, sales/customer service representative and inside sales representative.

Retail Sales Associate: Retail Sales Associates are tasked with selling wireless plans, phones and mobile accessories to customers. Retail Sales Associates are the face of the company and are required to ensure a high quality customer experience. They are expected to support overall store operations and assist with opening, closing and providing a positive work environment. Sales Associates have the opportunity to earn monthly commissions and participate in outside sales events.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for supporting the Store Manager in day-to-day store operations and supports the sales team in achieving quota. They are expected to go above and beyond to deliver a high quality customer experience when selling plans, phones and accessories. They are also expected to attend any outside meetings and marketing events as needed.

Sales Representative/Customer Service: Sales and Customer Service Representatives are expected to support all sales and customer service operations. They are tasked with responding to and troubleshooting any customer issues that arise and providing support to other sales representatives when issues arise. They are expected to communicate effectively and efficiently while ensuring a quality customer service experience.

Wireless Consultant: Wireless Sales Consultants work alongside the rest of the sales team to achieve monthly quotas by selling phones, plans and accessories. They are expected to support overall store operations and build long-lasting relationships with existing customers. Wireless Consultants must be able to answer guest inquiries in relation to products and services.

Retail Store Manager: Retail Store Managers at authorized retailers are responsible for ensuring the monthly sales quota is achieved at authorized retail locations. They lead the retail staff at each location and are expected to develop a strong team as well as participate in the staffing process. The Retail Store Manager must be able to troubleshoot any customer or store issues that arise in a timely and effective manner. They are expected to report to the District and Regional Managers regularly to keep staff and goals in line with company revenue targets and best practices.

Inside Sales Representative: The Inside Sales Representative works alongside the rest of the sales team to engage customers through product demos and provide guidance to potential and current users of the network. The Inside Sales Representative is expected to complete daily transaction logs, assist with administrative paperwork and support overall store operations. They are expected to meet and exceed their sales quotas in addition to assisting with miscellaneous tasks such as inventory maintenance.

The company supports employee growth in various ways, including training and professional development. They encourage their hourly employees to advance into management or into high level sales roles. They also offer mobility within the AT&T family, which offers employees several different routes for career growth and professional development.

Cricket Wireless Application

If a candidate is interested in applying for a position with the company, they should begin by checking the company’s job page on their website. Based on their location and the position, they can continue the process online or choose to apply at a retail location. Candidates should be mindful about whether they are applying to a company owned or dealer owned location.

Applicants should double check their application and resume to make sure that they include all the requested information. Any prior retail experience should be emphasized.

Their resume should demonstrate a stable work history, preferably in sales or telecommunications. They should especially highlight any achievements in previous sales roles.

For their interview, applicants should prepare to discuss the experience they highlighted throughout their application and on their resume. They should prepare to be asked about why they are interested in the company and what motivates them about a fast-paced sales role.

Facts About Cricket Wireless

Their motto is work hard, play hard. The company promotes a laid back company culture, but the work environment is a fast-paced one. The company places an importance on strengthening connections between their teams so that team members can provide support to one another.

Before the end of this year, they will be contributing $125k to Atlanta Music Project Scholarships for Deserving Students. They are also involved in AT&T’s recent prepaid business lawsuits against cell phone traffickers.

They are known as a prepaid wireless service provider that focuses on smaller, more rural markets. They are also known as a member of the AT&T network.

The company sponsors local communities through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. They have partnered with the WWE on anti-bullying rally. They hold monthly volunteer events for their employees in local communities. They are also committed to environmental education and responsibility.

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