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Pet Supplies Plus is a privately owned pet supply retailer with stores nationwide. They sell pet supplies, provide grooming services and have self-serve dog washes at most locations. Some stores carry specialty products, such as livestock supplies. The company’s dog and pet food brand, Redford Naturals, is available for purchase in store and online.

The company was founded in Redford, Michigan in 1988. Its founders, Jack Berry and Harry Shallop, expanded it rapidly and added franchise locations throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Southern states over the next decade. In 2010, the company was purchased by private equity firm Irving Place Capital, but maintained its management.

They are the third largest specialty pet food retailer in the U.S. They are headquartered in Livonia, Michigan and have over 300 locations across the country. Many of their stores are owned by independent franchisees.

The company offers benefits such as a health care plan and paid vacation time. They also give employee discounts.

People like working for the company because it is a positive working environment. Employees greatly enjoy interacting with the animals that are allowed in the store and also appreciate flexible scheduling options. People also like that the company places a large emphasis on teamwork and feel that they can rely on fellow team members for support when needed.

How old do you have to be to work at Pet Supplies Plus?

All employees must be at least sixteen years of age, while grooming and handling positions require an employee to be at least eighteen due to any potential liability problems.

Pet Supplies Plus Careers

The company offers full and part time opportunities and hires seasonal staff. They hire for their retail stores, corporate office and also offer opportunities to become an independent franchisee. Positions offered include retail sales associate, groomer, bather, store team member, assistant store manager, warehouse team member and shift supervisor.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager supports the general management team by assisting with operational management, managing team members and shift scheduling and contributing to developing sales strategies based on sales results. The Assistant Store Manager is expected to lead by example and demonstrate high level sales skills as well as a teamwork driven attitude. They are also expected to be in regular contact with team members to resolve any issues and promote engagement.

Shift Supervisor: Shift Supervisors provide support to the management team by providing leadership on back office procedures and covering management functions in the absence of a superior. Shift Supervisors play a key role in hiring retail associates and are expected to support team member development. They also play a supporting role by filling in for sales associates, groomers and team members when needed.

Retail Sales Associate: Retail Sales Associate are the front line of customer service in-store and are responsible for assisting customers in selecting the best products for their needs. They are expected to drive monthly and quarterly sales goals and support smooth store operations.

Warehouse Team Member: Warehouse Team Members are responsible for overseeing warehouse operations and ensuring that orders are filled and completed on time. They are responsible for maintaining inventory, organizing and working alongside team members to problem solve. They are expected to enter orders and reports in an accurate and timely manner and ensure quality control standards.

Store Team Member: Store Team Members are responsible for numerous areas of the store, including stocking, covering the cash register and providing pet care. Store Team Members are expected to back up Retail Sales Associates, Groomers and Bathers when needed and help communicate different needs and feedback across departments. They are required to support monthly and quarterly sales targets.

Groomer: Groomers oversee all grooming operations in-store and provide excellent service to customers and their pets. They are expected to brush pets, trim nails and help groom pets according to customer wishes. They are also tasked with ensuring health and safety standards at all times and ensuring that the wellness of pets is their first priority. Groomers are expected to develop valuable relationships with repeat customers and their pets.

Bather: Bathers assist Groomers to help clean, condition and groom pets in-store. They help customers with issues like smelly pets and flea combing. Bathers are expected to support Groomers in maintaining health and safety standards in the grooming area and ensuring that animal well being is their top priority.

Store Franchisee: Store Franchisees are not employees of the company and are in business independently. They are responsible for setting employment policies at their restaurant and oversee the hiring process as well as day to day operations. Franchisees play a key role in the expansion of the company across the country.

Pet Supplies Plus Application

Any interested candidates should start on the company’s job page, which lists all available positions. To continue the process, applicants should complete the online application or, if they choose, they can stop by a retail location to fill out an application in person. Candidates interested in independent franchisee opportunities should also visit the company’s website to find out more about the opportunity and how to continue their process.

Whether applying in person or online, applicants should make sure that their application and resume show experience in retail and a strong interest in working with animals. The application should emphasize skills related to retail sales, handling or training animals and effective communication with customers.

If they are contacted to continue the interview process, applicants should prepare a few anecdotes about their work history and be ready to detail their experience effectively managing busy environments, working well with animals and success in a sales-driven environment.

Facts About Pet Supplies Plus

The company culture is casual and fun but fast-paced. There is an emphasis placed on positive interactions between people and pets and people enjoy the animal friendly environment.

They recently partnered with RHEA to rescue puppy mill dogs. On Veteran’s Day, they partnered with Natural Balance to fundraise for vets and their service dogs, and a portion of the day’s profits were forwarded to support this cause.

The company is known as a chain retailer and for bringing the grocery store convenience to the world of pet supplies.

The company sponsors adoption events with local animal rescue and humane society groups. They also partner with VIP Petcare to provide an array of services including vaccination recommendations for pets, microchipping, parasite prevention and assistance finding local veterinary clinics.

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