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Established in 1968, Cub Foods is a Grocery Store chain based in the Midwest region of the US. Cub Foods is located in Minnesota and Illinois, and it was previously located in Wisconsin until it closed its last location in Madison in 2012. Cub Foods serves as a discount food store focused on providing groceries to their consumers.

Cub Foods was founded in 1968 by Hooley’s Supermarkets in Stillwater, Minnesota by Charles and Jack Hooley, Robert Thueson, and Culver Davis, Jr. Cub Foods was later purchased in 1980 by the Supervalu chain. Through a series of mergers and buyouts, Cub Foods closed several locations in the last 10 years, and marketing information shows they dropped “foods” from their name.

Cub Foods is Supervalu’s largest chain under their control, and there is currently one Cub Foods location in Illinois and 99 locations in Minnesota. Cub Foods employs 5,000-10,000 employees, and it has lost much of its market influence because of competing big box stores like Walmart and Target. Cub Foods was the first discount food, “no frills” style chains to open.

Cub Foods does not provide benefits to part-time workers other than an employee discount on Cub brand items. Full time staff are enrolled in a 401k program, but Cub Foods only contributes 1% to the 401k. Instead, they contribute to a pension program that is seperate from the 401k. Full time employees can earn vacation days after working for a full year, and they are eligible for medical coverage.

Employees enjoy weekly pay, union support, and a strong staff culture. The hours and scheduling is flexible, and employees have a great time meeting new people. Professional growth opportunities are available, and they offer competitive pay that is great for a starting job.

How Old do you Have to be to Work at Cub Foods

In order to work at Cub Foods you must be 16 years old in order to begin the hiring process. You need to be 18 years old to be considered for a supervisory role, and at least 22 years old for a management or leadership position.

Cub Foods Careers

Cub Foods has a variety of career options for individuals that want to work in a fast-paced, high volume environment focused on providing the consumer with a great experience. With competitive pay and union support, Cub Foods is able to offer professional development and leadership opportunities to employees.

Bakery Clerk: A Bakery Clerk helps prepare and package items for bakery display, and they maintain a clean display and work space. The Bakery Clerk is responsible for inventory control, and they assist the customer with bakery orders and anything else they may need.

Bakery Wrapper: A Bakery Wrapper assists the Bakery Wrapper with inventory, customer service, and cleaning tasks. The Bakery Wrapper restocks shelves and displays in the bakery, and helps decorate bakery orders for customers. Also, the Wrapper cleans bakery equipment, merchandising tables, and bakery floors.

Cashier: The Cashier is crucial in providing customer services to shoppers because Cashiers deal with every single customer that visits our store. Also, a Cashier operates the cash register when scanning products and checking coupons for shoppers.

Deli/Seafood Clerk: The deli/seafood clerk is responsible for providing an excellent customer service experience while following food safety codes when handling food for shopper orders. The deli/seafood clerk assists in preparing and managing deli inventory, and consistently cleans and restocks the display cases.

Maintenance Clerk: The Maintenance clerk assists in enhancing store cleanliness and safety by providing enough shopping carts for customers, cleaning store floors, emptying trash, and maintaining store shelving. This position requires the ability to lift 10-50 lbs. and the ability to operate heavy machinery.

Dairy/Frozen Department Manager: The Dairy/Frozen department manager helps plan and assemble a strong layout of the departments to encourage growing sales, and the manager helps to develop a rotation schedule and layout for the department to stimulate profits.

Cake Decorator: The Cake Decorator creates and designs bakery items for customer orders. An eye for design and creativity is necessary to create beautiful bakery items. Also, this position requires strong customer service skills and the ability to follow food handling safety standards.

Bakery Helper: The Bakery helper aids bakery staff with wrapping bakery products, slicing and bagging breads or buns, applying bakery decorations as requested. The Bakery helper cleans all bakery equipment daily, and they’re responsible for restocking bakery goods.

Deli Shift Lead: The Deli Lead position is responsible for taking customer orders, slicing up and bagging products, and then weighing and pricing the wrapped deli items for the customer. Also, they’re responsible for checking deli products consistently for freshness and appearance.

Wine & Spirits Clerk: The Wine & Spirits clerk works on sales goals and ensures that all products are fully stocked. Also, the clerk focuses on a creating a clean and inviting space for customers. They are responsible for reporting sales and inventory information to the department manager.

Cub Foods Applications

In order to apply to any position at Cub Foods, you need to apply online through their Taleo portal located on the company website, under the careers tab.

Cub Foods only accepts online applications for each of their career opportunities, and they will not accept a hard copy application delivered in the store. Each online application is then vetted by the company human resources department in order to find the right match.

In order to make applying easier, set up an account on their application portal; doing so will save your information for future applications with Cub Foods, and this can speed up the process later on. Once you have an account, make sure you have a copy of your resume in front of you while applying to make it easier to input your information.

Make sure that your resume highlights your education history because some applications require a High School diploma, GED, or college/university degree. Also, your resume should state whether or not you meet the physical requirements of the position; several positions require the ability to lift 10-50 lbs.

If your application is selected for an interview, the hiring manager will call you for a brief phone screening before scheduling an in person interview. Make sure you have a copy of your resume on hand and that you have an updated, working phone line; a phone screening call is usually an opportunity for the hiring manager to ask clarifying questions about your candidacy. If called for an in person interview, make sure you dress appropriately and bring hard copies of your resume.

Things to Know About Cub Foods

Cub Foods has a strong culture focused on providing the best possible shopping opportunity to their customers. This is incredibly important to the company because they are competing with other discount stores like Walmart, and Cub Foods will make staffing decisions based on customer service reports. Cub Foods has a strong staff culture, and many employees state that they enjoy working at the store because of their coworkers. However, management and leadership staff can be tough on their employees at times because of sales quotas, and this can affect the demeanor of staff.

Cub Foods’ parent company, Supervalu, was recently purchased, and the state of Cub Foods is currently uncertain. Cub Foods was part of an extensive retail portfolio for their parent company, and Cub Foods is fighting to be purchased as a seperate entity from the rest of Supervalu’s portfolio. However, Cub Foods is struggling to find a single buyer still, and the future remains hazy.

Cub Foods is known for being the first discount grocery store chain in the industry, and, after serving consumers for over 50 years, they have downsized to being based almost completely in Minnesota; they do have one remaining location in Illinois.

Cub Foods donates to a number of non profit organizations that benefit the communities around them. For example, Cub Foods focuses on three major causes: hunger relief, health and nutrition, and environmental stewardship.

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