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Sherwin-Williams is most known for their painting products, but they also offer other industrial and commercial services. Sherwin Williams recently acquired a paint company, Valspar, that was one of their competitors in the paint industry.

Sherwin-Williams is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Sherwin-Williams was founded in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. In 1866, Sherwin-Williams had four main departments: the Americas group, Performance coatings group, Latin America coatings group, and Consumer Brands group.

Sherwin-Williams was awarded by Computer World, “one of the top 100 best places to work in IT,” Builder magazine recognized them as the “most used brand” and best brand familiarity and paint quality ratings, and, based off of revenues, was awarded the 190th spot on the Fortune 500 list.

Luckily, employees are offered a fairly comprehensive benefits package that includes health care, dental and vision opportunities, life insurance, a 401k retirement plan, performance bonuses, maternity and paternity leave, vacation/paid time off, employee discounts, and tuition assistance.

Many employees say they enjoy working at Sherwin-Williams because of the professional development opportunities, flexible scheduling, strong management and leadership teams, and a great staff culture. Also, they enjoy a strong benefits program, and they felt that the staff was great to work with and the company was trustworthy.

How old do you have to be to work at Sherwin-Williams?

In order to work at any Sherwin-Williams location, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application. The 18 year old age minimum is because the stores work with construction materials and environments, and many positions need a high school level education in order to best help shoppers.

Sherwin-Williams Careers

Sherwin-Williams offers a range of job opportunities across its retail, distribution, and operations locations. Many of the positions in retail locations will require strong customer service skills, and the distribution positions might have other skills, like heavy machinery operating certifications.

Sales Associate: The Sales Associate focuses on creating a great customer service experience for shoppers, and they should work towards all sales goals set at their store. Also, the associate makes sure transactions are completed quickly and accurately, and they ensure that the store shelves are stocked neatly.

Customer Service Associate: The Customer Service Associate is responsible for making sure the store is fully stocked, and, if they need more inventory, they fill out an order for supplies. Also, they organize overnight reports, receive packing slips, review inventory orders, and mix paint.

Lead Driver: The Lead Driver must be someone at least 21 years old because this position needs commercial driving experience and certification to operate these vehicles. Also, the driver loads orders on trucks, follows a predetermined route for delivery, and they assist managers with fleet maintenance.

Security Officer: The Security Officer is responsible for ensuring the safety of the retail or distribution location they are assigned to. This position must respond to all emergency calls, customer service issues, and any other disturbances. Any applicant to this position must have at least one year of experience.

Management/Sales Trainee: The Management/Sales Trainee is a position in the Sherwin-Williams training program that leads to future management opportunities. This position participates in on the job training, classroom education, safety modules, and information on profits and loss management.

Customer Service Specialist: The Customer Service Specialist ensures that the shoppers at our stores have an amazing shopping experience. This position helps both wholesale and retail locations, and they communicate with the customer to best fit their shopping needs.  This position will also help with deliveries sometimes, and possibly working on mixing products, too.

Decorative Product Specialist: The Decorative Product Specialist is responsible for helping store locations with sales goals. Also, they work with customers on decorative projects that include wallpaper, finishing materials, and window coverings. This position should also help with mixing paint.

Assistant Sales Trainee Manager: The Assistant Sales Trainee Manager is another managerial position that is part of the manager track training program. This position will participate in training online, in store, and in a classroom. Also, this position will learn more about customer service skills, cash handling, inventory, and store operations.

Kronos Analyst: The Kronos Analyst is a position that focuses on applying a Kronos system to customer interactions, and they ensure that the Kronos software is functioning. The Kronos system controls timekeeping, human resources, and payroll, and it is of the greatest importance that this system is functioning.

Delivery Driver: The Delivery Driver transports deliveries to and from designated locations for Sherwin-Williams. This position reports to the lead driver on their delivery team, and they are responsible for delivering the correct order safely and on time. This position should have a commercial driver’s license.

Sherwin-Williams Applications

In order to apply to any position with Sherwin-Williams, you must apply through the online portal in order to be considered for the position. Some employees say that the company does offer an employee referral option where a current employee can refer you for a position.

Again, in order to even be considered for any position, you must apply online through the Sherwin-Williams application portal. Sherwin-Williams do not typically accept or offer paper applications.

Like many companies, the application portal used by Sherwin-Williams requires a user account, and it is highly recommended that you set up an application account prior to applying. After you setup the account, applying to other positions with the company is easier and quicker because the system remembers and automatically fills in your information.

Make sure that your resume has your education history on it because many of the positions require a minimum of a high school education, and some of the manager in training positions prefer to have someone with a little bit more education; however, you can still be accepted to that track if you don’t have any college education.

The interview process can vary based on the need of the stores you’re applying to, but many employees say that the application process took about two to four weeks. For your interview, you should expect a phone screening/interview first where they might ask you some personality or behavioral questions. Next, you’ll interview with the hiring manager in person.

Things to know about Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams, according to many employees, is a great place to work at because of the great professional development and job advancement opportunities. Also, many employees enjoy working with their leadership teams and the other sales staff in the stores.

In 2016, Sherwin-Williams acquired one of their main competitors in the paint industry, Valspar. Also, Sherwin-Williams is always in the news because they are expanding their retail store locations, and, at the moment, they are considering Minneapolis as their second headquarters.

Sherwin-Williams is most known for their successful paint supply line, and they have won many awards because of their successful products and marketing programs. Also, the company is known for providing a great customer service experience to their shoppers.

Like many national retail chains, Sherwin-Williams participates in projects that benefit the local communities their stores and distribution centers are located in. Sherwin-Williams created a strong code of conduct document that all employees must adhere to, and they help in building community projects for people who lose their homes in natural disasters.

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