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Dillard’s is a department store that sells products from multiple brands. They specialize in apparel of a variety of brands and range. Discounts are given on certain items. People are given a wide selection of clothing, shoes, blankets and accessories from the highest quality retailers. Also included are robes, loungewear, and an assortment of accessories for different seasons.

Founded in 1938 by William Dillard, the company took 30 years to expand. It went from one store to three locations by 1968. Since then, it has grown into a brand known throughout the nation. Although there were a few setbacks in the early 2000’s, the company has made up for lost opportunities.

As of February 2018, there are 292 Dillard’s stores throughout the nation. The number of employees is approximately 40,000. Sales for this company are in the billions, despite stock market crashes. They were nominated for the Best Department Store of 2018.

Employees are offered a retirement plan. Other benefits include medical and dental coverage, and discounts off of the merchandise sold in stores. Bonuses are given to those who work hard. There are also vacations and payed time off.

Even part-time employees can earn vacation time. Those who work for this brand have top quality health benefits and a steady plan for their 401k. Discounts can be combined for employees, meaning they can save up to 25% more on top of sales.

How old do you have to be to work at Dillard’s?

One must be 18 years or older to work at their stores. Customer service experience would be handy, but is not required. When applying, be sure to consider the quality of service expected by the brand.


There are corporate job openings, as well as openings in sales, technology and the supply chain of this business. If a degree is available, it would help in getting the position you apply for. Candidates should have knowledge in fashion.

Dock and Housekeeping: Process shipments of new merchandise and keep the store clean. Must have good communication skills, help take care of customers and be able to lift 40+ pounds. Completing tasks in a timely manner is important for this position.

Sales Associate: Help customers select an item that is the best fit for them. An attitude of openness and a willingness to learn would be ideal for this position. Training is available. This helps ensure that the best quality customer service is provided. Must have knowledge and an appreciation for fashion.

Sales Support Associate: Be able to assist customers with gift wrapping, make customers feel welcome. Take care of payments. Provide help with the shipping of products, and cooperate with the team. This job requires phone skills. Customer satisfaction is the main goal.

Dock Associate: Responsible for receiving and sending out shipments. Work independently and sometimes cooperate with other employees to fulfill tasks. Ability to work at a fast pace is necessary, as well as being able to lift 45+ pounds. Have a good work ethic and be self-motivated, as this position requires repetitive work.

Clerical: Provide reports and order deliveries. Be able to maintain files, answer phones, and create spreadsheets. Computer skills are good for this position, as well as accuracy and good communication. Track merchandise as it comes in. Make sure everything is completed on time.

Maintenance Technician: Repair equipment. Work with electricity, and work with a team. Keep record of inventory, interpret drawings, and maintain records. Provide assistance in emergency situations. May be asked to perform other duties. Follow rules and requirements.

Application Developer: Help solve business problems, change codes, develop applications and work well in a group environment. Ensure that the systems are functioning well. Research issues. Be able to test and implement codes. Desired results should be achieved.

Technical Support Analyst: Help users who are experiencing issues resolve their problems. Keep track of inquiries that repeat themselves, making sure that most questions are answered. Answer calls and emails. Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Network Engineer: Maintain security, make sure that the company’s network is reliable and stable. Provide good infrastructure and have the knowledge to support business outcomes. Design environments and prioritize the workload. Interpersonal skills and solutions for the company’s networking needs.

Data Scientist: Use metrics and find out how different data can be used for the benefit of the business. Analyze trends, problems, and strategies. Create models for different learning processes. Work with management and provide recommendations.

Dillard’s Applications:

Applications are available both in store and online. Processes for hiring differ by location. Those who apply are contacted within two weeks of submitting an application. To apply online, fill out personal information and hours of availability. Find a job that fits, and provide the necessary details.

To apply in store, pick up an application and turn it in to the staff or the manager. Requirements vary by position. It would help to include previous work experience, especially in customer service. This company is very fashion oriented, include related skills if applicable.

Online applications request contact information and ask how the position was discovered. When filling out an application, be sure to consider the reason for applying. Be aware of company policies and have it completed by the deadline, if one is in place.

Resumes should include previous work experience, especially if it is relevant. Anything that has to do with either fashion or customer service would be something to focus on. Add references, if they are available. The company looks for people who are well-rounded. Jobs here require knowledge in people skills and fashion.

Dillard’s looks for people who have style, so professional attire would work best for an interview. Scheduling an interview as early as possible would show them that a person is committed to them. Be prepared to answer difficult questions and wear a good outfit. It would be beneficial to research the company as well.

Things to Know About Dillard’s:

Dillard’s puts a large focus on trends. They sell from hundreds of brands, keeping their styles up to date. Employees are known for their keen fashion sense, as well as their ability to assist customers in a way that they find helpful.

Investors support this business, because they believe there is room for growth. Although there are news about various mishaps at their stores, their store has a clear vision for excellence. However, some believe that they undersell certain products. Some of their prices would be better if increased.

The business has different product evaluations, best known for selling products that are high quality. Style and value is delivered to customers. People who shop here are satisfied by what is provided for them.

Known for their resiliency, Dillard’s continues to thrive amongst retailers. Even though they experience a crisis every now and again, they continue to hold themselves to a high standard. Recently, the business gave cookbooks to Ronald McDonald’s charities.

Application Links

Company: https://www.dillards.com/

Careers: https://careers.dillards.com/Careers/

Application: Varies by job.

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