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LA Fitness is a chain of gyms that offer fitness training and various classes. The company provides personal training, yoga classes, Zumba, and specific dance routines that help you achieve your health goals. Various conditioning strategies are advised. Depending on the plan you select, the gym offers programs that are tailored to specific areas of the body.

First founded in 1984 by Louis Welch and his partners, their purpose is to cater to the physical health needs of the community. Stemming from Southern California, the company has expanded. It continues to seek opportunities to meet the needs of their clients. Their staff is highly experienced. A wide range of workout options is at the center of their business. Having good health is one of their top priorities.

Additionally, their gyms have expanded to number over 200, allowing them to place in the Top 100 Health Clubs of 2018. Eighteen certification programs from different places signify a broad variety of experiences. They offer certifications in personal training.

Employees at LA Fitness get competitive pay. They work with professionals, and get special benefits. Included are a gym membership, health insurance, and a performance bonus if they do well. Each facility is filled with machinery and equipment that targets different muscle groups.

A good number of amenities is provided to give people something to look forward to. Free employee memberships make the job more enjoyable. People report that their jobs are made better by watching clients become stronger. The gym allows workers a flexible schedule.

How old do you have to be in order to work at LA Fitness?

In order to work at LA Fitness, you must be 18 or older. This is because there are laws regarding hours for those who are not yet of age. All applications must be completed online.


There is a wide variety of positions available at the gym. They range from accounting and technology to coaching and training. Both club and corporate positions are available.

Personal Trainer: Create workouts that best fit clients. Fulfill the need for each individual specifically, focusing on creating something that individuals will follow through with. Advancement opportunities are included. This job comes with a club membership.

Group Fitness: Help members achieve their fitness goals, teach people how to properly use equipment. Requires you to guide groups of people through workouts. Teaching experience is required, because this position requires you to lead people. Part-time positions are available.

Pilates Teacher: Direct private workout sessions that specifically contribute to weight loss. Help people strengthen their body with calorie burning exercises. This position can be combined with Sales and Management, part-time hours are available.

Club Staff: Members are friendly and inviting, and they babysit the children of those who come to the gym. Part-time position earns commission along with hourly pay. The staff sets the atmosphere of the place by being cheerful and ready to work.

Club Pride/Janitor: Clean machines and make necessary repairs. Maintains the gym, making sure that it is clean. Full and part time positions are available. There are also advancement opportunities for this job.

Membership Counselor: Help people select the right membership plan. Sales experience would be good, but it isn’t necessary. This job requires you to be knowledgeable and to give people a description of the various options available. Comes with a club membership, as well as advancement opportunities.

Building Maintenance: To apply, you must have expertise in either plumbing, floor work, painting, or electrical work. The job here is to make sure everything is running properly, that the building is well lit and that the machines work properly. People who maintain the building ensure the safety of those who are inside.

League Sports Director: Make sure that various groups of sports expand. This position requires you to promote sports, and make sure that people are interested. Organizing events is also important. Most of the work is done during evenings and weekends. It’s necessary to have good people skills for this job.

Equipment Technician: Responsible for making sure that the equipment is safe to use. Computer skills are required, as well as good driving and customer service. Included for this position are medical and dental coverage. A club membership is also included.

Information Technology: Be familiar with technology and get information about various topics that are required for your position. Find opportunities in technology, get information that can be useful for the future of the gym. Having knowledge of different software will come in handy.

LA Fitness Application

Applying to work at their gyms is simple. Browse through positions that spark your interest, and then click apply. Once something is found, there is a button under the header that provides more information about the job. Additional requirements can be found at the top of the application. One must be 18 years or older to apply.

Applications must be submitted online. They are not available in stores, as this company only looks at the applications that are submitted through technology. The job positions can be explored with ease, and under each heading is a button to apply.

Filling out an application requires some thought. You will be asked to enter personal information, along with your name, address, and phone number. This is followed by questions regarding the intent of the applicant. Hours of availability may be requested.

Attach a resume to the application, if available. LA Fitness will look for experience in customer service and experience with machines. Include previous work experience and any references you have. Personalities will also be taken into consideration. Keep the resume free of extra spaces, making sure that the format is clear. It would help to look for templates online.

When coming in for an interview, dress well. Slacks and button-down shirts would be ideal. Skirts, blouses or dresses work well too. Awareness of fitness brands and clothing styles would be reflected, so being conscious of what is worn will help candidates stand out.

Things to know About LA Fitness

There are 33 clubs at throughout their company. They are known for their clean gyms and friendly staff. The culture is very fitness oriented, with everything designed to make you want to move. Inside of their gyms, there is plenty of equipment. Some facilities include a hot tub and a pool. The staff establishes an atmosphere of motivation, and are helpful if you have any requests.

The gyms have placed in the top workout facilities in the country, and are known throughout as high-quality places to exercise. Their buildings are of modern design.

Through the years, they have been trying to make up for social mistakes through excellent service. Taking care of the employees who work there is important to them. Making sure that the jobs are manageable, they move forward with a mindset that has a large focus on customer service.

People recognize them for their abundance of materials. The programs they offer are unique, and provide help for those who are set to work on their fitness goals. Their dance classes focus on different areas of health. Yoga classes allow customers to become at ease with their mind and body, helping soreness go away after workouts.

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