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Footaction is an apparel store that focuses in sportswear for men and women. The company offers some of the biggest names in sportswear including Nike, PUMA, Jordan, and adidas. They carry a variety of products such as shoes, shirts, and hats. Footaction is a subset of Footlocker, which owns several different divisions of stores that all focus on athletic wear. This includes East Bay, Lady Footlocker, Champs Sports and Kids Footlocker.

Footaction was acquired by Footlocker in 2004 from Footstar. Footstar went bankrupt and sold Footaction for $350 million. Footlocker was originally established in 1974 by the W.F. Woolworth Company, with the first store being opened in Industry, California.

The company has 272 stores located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. It’s parent company, Footlocker, was awarded top workplaces in New York, top workplace for diversity, and best workplace in retail, by

The company offers benefits to qualified employees. Eligible workers have access to healthcare, 401(K), sick leave, paid vacation, and life insurance options. Sales associates get a 30% discount in stores and up to 50% on various days throughout the year.

Employees enjoy the 30% off of retail. It is a great place to learn and grow all while having a flexible schedule. It is a friendly environment where all the staff feels like family. The staff is encouraged to be creative and keep up with the current trends.

How old do you have to be to work at Footaction?

The minimum age required to work at Footaction is 16 years old. Anyone that is at least 16 years old is eligible to apply for a job.

Footaction Careers

Footaction hires for several different positions in their many stores. There are entry-level jobs such as a sales associate and also jobs that require more experience such as the store manager. The company allows room for growth and offers chances for career advancement. Most employees are required to have friendly customer service skills and be knowledgeable about the products being sold.

Sales Associate: Sales associates are responsible for being knowledgeable on products being sold. They must provide high levels of customer satisfaction and service. Sales associates should maintain sales and productivity goals. They should also make connections with customers and share knowledge of products that will fit the customer’s needs.

Sales Lead: Sales leads are responsible for establishing high levels of customer service. They should also motivate team members to make sales. Leads should maintain productivity goals. They must be knowledgeable on the products being sold and be aware of current and future product trends.

Assistant Manager: Assistant managers should have exceptional customer service skills. They should motivate their team to also give great customer service. Managers should be knowledgeable about products in the store. The assistant manager is a liaison between customers, sales associates, and the manager.

Store Manager: Store managers should motivate team members. They should encourage great customer service. Managers will recruit, hire, and train new employees. They act as a partner between the store and corporate business. They also execute plans to enhance profitability.

Cashier: The cashier must provide an accurate check out for each customer. The cashier will focus on serving excellent customer service. They will help answer customer questions and stay knowledgeable on store products. They will manage customer payments.

Stock Associate: Stock associates will help out the sales associates when needed. They will be responsible for processing inventory between the store and distribution. They will be in charge of maintaining the stockroom, keeping it clean, and adhering to safety requirements. Stock associates will move merchandise to the sales floor.

Footaction Application

  • In order to apply for the job you can fill out an application online. From the Footaction website, you can click on “Career Opportunities” at the bottom of the page. This will send you to another website where you can start filling out the application. You have the option of uploading a resume.
  • Applications must be filled out online. To find out if applications are accepted in store, contact the specific store for which you want to apply. For store locations, check out the website.
  • When applying online, you have the option of connecting your Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn accounts. Adding these allows the company to get to know you better.
  • Make sure to include any relevant experience, including volunteer or unpaid work. Make sure all of your information is correct, such as your phone number and email address.
  • When preparing for your interview, make sure you research the position and let the interviewer know all your past experience. Read over the job description and website to get familiar with the company.

Things To Know About Footaction

Footaction has a positive culture that stresses being fashion forward and on top of new and upcoming trends. They encourage high levels of customer service and are knowledgeable about all of their products.

In fall of 2018, the company launched a creative campaign called “No One Way”. The new campaign was created to celebrate the new wave of influencers of style.

The company is known for its athletic inspired wear and for selling well-known shoe brands such as Nike, adidas, and PUMA. They keep up with the latest trends and sell exclusive apparel collections. Their parent store, Foot Locker, is known for its employee uniforms, which resemble those of referees.

Footaction’s parent company, Footlocker, has in the past, teamed up with the American Red Cross to donate money and also items such as shoes. These items have gone to relieve those affected by hurricanes, wildfires, and other events.  Footlocker already created the Footlocker Foundation, which gives through several different initiatives and programs.

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