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Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant chain that is situated in the United States. Olive Garden specializes in making Italian-American cuisine, and they are a division of Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Olive Garden was based on December 13, 1982, in Orlando, Florida, by no other than Bill Darden. Olive Garden’s main office is in Orlando, Florida.

In the United States, there is a total of 856 Olive Garden restaurant locations, and 180,656 employees work for this company.

The benefits of working at Olive Garden do include a 401K Plan, health benefits, and dimes for Darden. If employees choose to make a career out of Olive Garden, they are sent to a cooking school in Italy.

People like working at Olive Garden for a wide variety of reasons.  Some love working there for the friendly atmosphere and discount meals. Others work there to learn what excellent customer service is all about.

How old do you have to be to work at Olive Garden?

Applicants that work for Olive Garden must be a minimum age of 16. However, to apply for specific job roles, applicants may have to be older than 16 years of age. 16-year-olds can apply for Host and Busser openings.

Olive Garden Careers

The careers at Olive Garden are all about family, and that means making one feel welcome and accepted on all fronts. The jobs vary as do the 96,000 team members that work for this company. Working at Olive Garden is more than a job. It’s a lifelong friendship.

Dishwasher: The Dishwasher plays an essential role in delighting, as well as, in serving the guests. They are responsible for the washing and cleaning of all plates, glasses, and cutlery. They also make sure equipment is clean and safe.

Bartender: The Bartender does far more than just creating beautiful drinks for customers. They also keep the bar area clean and in compliance with health and safety standards. The Bartender is also visible to customers and other team members.

Restaurant Manager: The role of the Restaurant Manager is one that involves varied tasks. A Restaurant Manager oversees food preparation, checks for the quality and size of servings, organize stock, order food and drink supplies, much more.

Busser: A Busser cleans tables, they take plates, glasses, and utensils to the kitchen to be washed and cleaned. They make sure that water glasses, as well as, drink cups do stay filled up. Another job duty is to help waiters/waitresses to bring food to the table.

Line Cook: A Line Cook is responsible for prepping ingredients. They also make sure to assemble dishes according to the recipes which are owned by the restaurant. Other job duties entail them to work efficiently despite the environment.

Host: A Host is a professional who greets customers when they come to a restaurant to have a meal. They take and confirm reservations. They also show customers to their prospective tables and provide them with a menu and silverware.

To Go Specialist: The To Go Specialist is an employee that maintains a high appearance standard, knows how to practice safety and sanitation, properly packs To Go orders and does use the order form to ensure order accuracy and lots more.

Server: The Server is considered to be a waiter or waitress. It is the Server who show customers to their table, they take food orders, bring food orders to the table, and much more. They also accept payments for orders and make the change as well.

Prep Cook: Prep Cooks are employees that report directly to the Chef or Head Cook. They do a lot of duties from cutting vegetables to breaking down meat, weighing and mixing ingredients, storing food, and much more.

Food Service Worker: A Food Service Worker is someone who ensures that all customers get the food and beverages that they order. They also clean work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware. They prepare a wide variety of foods that customers do order.

Olive Garden Application

The application process for Olive Garden is mainly done online. However, applicants can still apply at a hiring store location, if they would like to. If using online, go to the jobs section of the company website, and search among the suitable openings that are there. The applicant should then complete the online application that takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Olive Garden has an online form that is available to all applicants who decide to apply to this company. Applications are also available at a hiring store location too.

An applicant can go about doing either of the two ways to apply there, either by way of online application or by going down in person to fill out a form.

If your resume is going to be effective, there are things which shouldn’t be on it, and these are some of those things. Don’t be generic or over complicate things. Remove any experience that is out of date or is irreverent. Make sure always to state your most important points first.

One thing to always make sure of before going into an interview is this. The applicant should clarify his or her selling points. Also, include the reason, or reasons, why the job is something of appeal to the applicant. The reason why the position is wanted by the applicant.

Things To Know About Olive Garden

The managers that are at Olive Garden are mostly great. They are said to train, as well as, to motivate employees really well. They do their best. However, no one can control everything, it just isn’t possible.

A cause has been sought in a mysterious fire that destroyed an Olive Garden restaurant. The Olive Garden Restaurant that was victim to flames was no other than the location at McKinley Parkway in Blasdell. The fire burned for four hours when it was finally put out by volunteer firefighters. More on the story can be found at the link of https://buffalonews.com/2014/06/14/cause-sought-in-fire-that-destroyed-olive-garden/.

Olive Garden became known for being a restaurant chain that offered unlimited soup, salad, and bread sticks to its customers. It also has unlimited pasta promos too.

Olive Garden is a company that gives back to its community, and one way is through a variety of local efforts. These local efforts include delivering meals in times of need and also supporting local nonprofits and organizations. One of the programs that they do is called Olive Garden Harvest program, and it’s for hunger relief.

Application Links

Company: www.olivegarden.com

Careers: https://jobs.olivegarden.com/

Application: https://jobapplications.net/olive-garden-job-application/

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