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The company is a chain of superstores that are located in the northwestern part of the United States. The stores are currently only available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. The “hypermarket” was one of the first stores to offer one-stop shopping. It combines a full grocery store with a bank, apparel, footwear, jewelry, home furnishings, sporting goods, toys and drugstore.

Fred Meyer was founded in 1931 by the same individual that the company’s name represents. Meyer opened up the original location in Portland, Oregon – and the city still remains company headquarters along with Cincinnati, Ohio. The current president of the company is Joe Grieshaber. The company as made nearly $5 billion in revenue.

The superstore chain employs over 30,000 individuals and has made a reported $4.89 billion in revenue. The company is often recognized for a number of reasons including its successful business model, philanthropic efforts and satisfied workforce.

The company provides paid time off and personal sick time for full-time employees. A matching 401k program is also available and many employees enjoy taking advantage of the company discount on merchandise. Fred Meyer also features a variety of employee appreciation activities including food and prizes, appreciation days and other celebrations.

The company retains a large portion of its workers, many of which have worked at the company for decades. Overall, employees of the superstore chain have an above-average rating when it comes to stating how satisfied and happy they are with the employer. The reputation of the company continues to remain very strong.

How old do you have to be to work at Fred Meyer?

In order to be considered for an available position with the company the applicant must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age.

Fred Meyer Careers

The company divides its careers into the following categories: hourly store jobs, manufacturing and distribution, pharmacy, store management and headquarters. Store management and headquarter positions are usually hired from within after being promoted from an hourly position.

Cashier: The front end cashier works under the supervision of the customer service manager and acts at the point of sale. As a cashier, the courtesy clerk rings up the orders and handles cash and credit card transactions. Must be able to provide quality customer service and assist in all manners.

Courtesy Clerk: The courtesy clerk provides exceptional customer service throughout the sales floor. Acting under the service operations manager, the courtesy clerk is assigned a department and works with other team members to keep items fully stocked. Also helps answer customer questions and concerns.

Warehouse & Distribution: Warehouse and distribution team members work off store grounds. Please note the warehouse and distribution centers are only located in select parts of Washington and Oregon. Daily tasks include receiving inbound freight, checking inventory, verifying packages for any damage and shipping to appropriate stores.

Department Associate: An associate can specialize in a particular department of the store that is non-grocery. Departments include apparel, home furnishings, electronics, home and garden, health and beauty care and others. Associate will be knowledgeable about the department, provide customer service and keep shelves stocked.

Fresh Food Associate: A fresh food associate is assigned to any department that sells fresh, non-refrigerated items. These departments include produce, meats, seafood, bakery and deli. The associate will specialize in fresh foods, constantly monitor food quality and serve as a guide for customers with questions about fresh foods.

Coffee Barista: Select stores have in-house coffee shops or restaurants. The most common is a coffee barista. The position requires the ability to greet and interact with customers, take orders, make a variety of coffee and espresso drinks as well as maintain the cleanliness of the store.

Pharmacy Technician: A pharmacy technician works exclusively in the pharmacy department. The applicant must be able to handle high stress, fast-paced work environment. The technician will greet customers, handle prescription refills, stock pharmaceuticals as well as maintain pharmacy records. Previous related experience is preferred.

Clicklist eCommerce Associate: A Clicklist eCommerce associate handles online orders and serves as an in-store shopper. Once orders are received, the associate quickly and effectively browses the store for the requested items. The items are then bagged and taken to the customer once they arrive. Team member must be a quick learner and detail oriented.

Department Manager: The department manager is generally a role that is promoted from within after an employee proves competence as a courtesy clerk or department associate. However, with experience it is possible to be considered for the position. The department manager oversees daily operation and sales of assigned department.

Customer Service Manager: The customer service manager serves an important duty on the front-end of the store. The manager oversees the customer service reps and cashiers that work under the position. Sales monitoring, loss prevention and delegating tasks and setting goals are important aspects of the job. Must possess strong leadership and customer service skills.

Fred Meyer Application

In order to apply, visit the ‘Careers’ section after clicking on the ‘About Us’ link located near the bottom of the home page through the brand’s official website. There you will find jobs categorized by the function of the store (retail, warehouse, distribution, pharmacy, management, etc). Click on the appropriate category and search jobs or call the jobs hotline to get more information on openings.

The company accepts in-store applications as well as the ability to apply online. The online application is handled through Kroger, which merged with the company in 1999. It is your standard online application that walks you through the necessary steps, first requesting personal information followed by previous work experience and references.

The online application will remain active for 60 days after its submitted. There is no need to submit multiple applications to different locations, as the same application is reviewed by multiple stores. They also have job hotlines that will give you more information about open positions. Get the appropriate hotline number for your location under the ‘Careers’ page.

While the company employs thousands of individuals it also gets thousands of applications. You will need to do your best to separate yourself from the pack. It starts with a great resume which you should include with the online application. Make sure that you post all relevant work experience and highlight skills appropriate for the position.

If the company is interested in you they will follow up with a job interview. Due to the high volume of applications, you may not hear back from them if they didn’t select you for an interview. Expect a straightforward interview with a few challenging scenario-type questions. Answer honestly and make sure you focus on selling your strengths.

Things To Know About Fred Meyer

The company heavily invests in its employees. They make creating an enjoyable work environment a priority and positive interaction with co-workers and management is emphasized. Each store has its own Cultural Council where representatives from each department provide feedback and ways to improve the company.

The superstore chain is often in the news for its charitable efforts. They have an established Fred Meyer Fund that provides millions of dollars to grants in the states the stores operate in. The company also has introduced other sponsorships and community programs throughout the years. Their “one stop” shopping formula has been copied by many corporations including Walmart.

The company operates under the motto of great people, great culture and great community. They ask that employees keep these three things in mind. In general the superstore chain is known to take very good care of its employees with a solid benefits package and employee appreciation honors and prizes.

The Fred Meyer Fund highlights the company’s generosity and social efforts. The fund has generated millions of dollars in grants to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. Kroger also contributes more than $200,000 each year. The fund helps support youth program, reducing hunger, cancer research and supporting our troops.

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