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Ralph Lauren is a leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of top lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licensed product categories. For five decades, the company has gradually expanded its product lines and sales channels in international markets.

World-renowned designer Ralph Lifshitz founded the company in 1967. The goal is to reflect a unique US perspective through an innovative lifestyle branding. Society had an impact on how men and women dress and see fashion.

Among the prestigious awards, the company has received is the Restore America Heroes, World’s Most Admired Company, Clio Image Award, and the first John B. Fairchild Honor award. Currently, about 23,000 employees work for the company.

Benefits include employee discounts (30% in-store and 50% online), 401K free access, United Healthcare health insurance, gym discounts, paid vacation and sick leave, and defined contribution retirement plan.

Many employees enjoy working for the company because they offer different welfare benefits (as mentioned above) and offer impressive career development opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at Ralph Lauren

Candidates must be at least 16 years old to work with the company. High school graduates are also welcomed. However, employees of all age groups must have strong communication skills and good sales knowledge.

Ralph Lauren Careers

Opportunities include retail and corporate office positions. Positions for Entry level are sales associate, store manager, and stock associate. If you would like to go corporate, try to become a marketing specialist, a merchandise planner, or a project manager.

Assistant Designer: Design Assistant helps the design team from concept to sales. They help to make sales information about the brand to ensure quality aesthetics based on brand standards. This work also requires the ability to carry out project milestones on a weekly basis.

Production Artist: Production artist creates images ready for use on the web from creative designs. They work with art directors and creative operations using available technology to produce premium digital materials. Other work responsibilities include managing core concepts such as handling basic designs like texts and layouts and creating technical recommendations for execution planning.

Sales Associate: Sales associate uses cash registers and communicates with customers. They make sure retail stores are kept clean, makes sales through suggestive marketing strategies and stock merchandise. Responsibilities for the job also include the development of boutique environments for designing sophisticated aura that perfectly matches the brand.

Associate Merchandiser: The Associate Merchandiser executes brand and category strategies, optimizes the financial plan and improves the brand. They help develop seasonal products based on sales targeting, product trends, and SKUs. Position Responsibilities also include formulating and presenting clear and relevant brand marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Administrative Assistant: The administrative assistant is primarily responsible for managing the company’s calendar. They plan and organize meetings, conference calls, and even meetings. They are also responsible for processing and tracking monthly charges as well as answering e-mail and phone calls.

Account Specialist: Account Specialist responsibility is to work directly with the sales and accounting department. They manage accounts between companies, international accounts, specialized stores, and department stores. Account specialists tracks and update orders based on sales and customer requests.

Customer Operations Analyst: When conducting analytical investigations on customers’ accounts, they avoid unexpected chargebacks, solves deductions such as offsets, write-offs, and settlements, and minimizes time when resolving open deductions. They also create, update and improve operating tools, generating the necessary reports.

Temporary analyst: The temporary analyst works with the transport service providers to provide a consistent and reliable service. Daily, they ensure that carriers provide accurate shipments updates. They also track partner’s success by running daily status reports.

Project Manager: Everyone in this position is responsible for planning and developing revenue-enhancing strategies. Project Managers recognize problems within the operations department to improve sales strategies. Generally, they are responsible for increasing monthly retail location profits.

Production Manager: Production Manager manages calendar dates, patterns, the status of customization, orders, and expense. They are responsible for developing Ralph Lauren products from start to delivery. Other position responsibilities include communication with foreign offices, project and sales teams, and manufacturing staff. 

Ralph Lauren Application

Applying for Red Ralph Lauren is simple. Visit the website to find the available positions and job descriptions of your choose. Choose the job for which you are qualified based on your skills and training. Complete and submit the application form with your resume.

The company accepts online and in-store applications. You can submit your application form and continue online or through the store staff to schedule an interview. Current employees recommend using the company’s website to apply on the web, so job seekers simultaneously send information to multiple locations. However, applying in person is still a great way to show social skills and sense of fashion early on in the application process. As hiring staff expect store associates to exude passion for the Ralph Lauren brand at work, potential employees must have relevant company knowledge with specific brand offerings. Just be careful that you have the necessary qualifications to increase your chances of employment.

Provide true and exact information when filling out the application form. Read and understand what is needed. Highlight your skills and sales training to show that you are a potential employee. You can also sign up for those responsible jobs you’re confident you can fulfill.

Please update your resume before submitting your application. Make sure it is well written and professional. Employers easily know if a candidate is eligible for the next level of the application process by simply looking at the resume.

Recruiters often take up to three weeks to notify candidates for interviewing. However, some candidates receive notification for only two days while others are waiting for more than a month after applying for a job. In the latter situation, consistent phone call follow-up should effectively remind hiring managers of interests in employment. If you are to take an interview, preparation is important. Choose the right outfit to feel comfortable and safe. Bring a pen, paper or notebook if needed. Always smile and greet people as you approach them.

Things to Know About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren believes that their global reach, multi-channel distribution and product lines are different from any other luxury clothing and luxury brands in the world.

After the retirement of Karen Katz as Chief executive officer of the luxury retailer, Geoffroy van Raemdonck (former Group President, EU Division) was appointed as a new Chief executive officer.

The company is a leading brand of luxury goods such as home furnishings, perfumes, and clothing. It is the author of fashion styles and trends in the United States and elsewhere.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation is involved in so many philanthropic activities. They have health care projects, educational programs, and helps underprivileged communities. They also fund artistic initiatives and site restoration.

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Company: https://www.ralphlauren.com/

Careers: https://polo.hodesiq.com/job_start.asp?user_id=

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