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Petland is a private operator and franchisor pet stores of pet dealers located in Chillicothe, Ohio. It is one of the most popular and famous destinations for pet owners to purchase pet-related items. It is a pet store that sells kittens, puppies, birds, rodents, tropical fish and reptiles, as well as the grooming supplies, foods, and accessories to care for these pets.

There are about 150 stores in 31 different states, about 50 stores in Canada, and dozens of locations in Chile, China, Japan, and South Africa. Petland also offers HBSC credit card to fund a pet purchase. The company owns the trade of fish and aquatic products called Aquarium Adventure, which has five stores in the United States. Chairman Ed Kunzelman is the founder of Petland and was founded in 1967.

Petland has more than 100 small stores in the US. In addition, there are more than 60 international stores in Japan, China, Canada, South Africa and more.

The benefits and incentives offered to Petland employees depend on certain factors, such as their position. However, all full-time employees and part-time workers receive commissions and discount for employees. Full-time employees may be entitled to vacation, health insurance, and 401 (k) pension plans.

Many pet lovers love to work in Petland. introduced to a challenging, but comfortable place to meet happy and friendly animals. In addition, the workplace enables them to learn how pets are happy and healthy.

How old do you have to be to work at Petland

Serving as pet shops and pet adoption agencies, Petland is always looking for staff that loves animals. and Interested applicants must be minimum of 16 years old and above to qualify for any entry-level positions.

Petland Careers

Applicants who meet the minimum age requirements may begin to look for stores with vacancies. The various career options in the company are as follows:

Sales Associates: Sales associates communicate daily with customers. Your task is to introduce a new product to customers and to answer all your requirements. Sellers often explain each product, but can propose a product that meets the needs of their customers. They try to quickly resolve customer complaints by ensuring their satisfaction while ensuring that sellers are kept informed about product features and keep the best visual image of the store.

Kennel Technicians: These people must be patient, compassionate and mindful. Kennel Technicians feed the animals in accordance with their health and food needs. It is their primary responsibility to keep the pets strong and healthy. In addition, kennel technicians can help customers choose a new pet.

Animal Care Technicians: They care for animals in a clinical situation or research. Their job is to store animal records, clean cages, give medicines and injections and prepare a laboratory sample. Animal care technicians mostly work in pet and veterinary clinics.

Pet Adoption Counselors: pet adoption counselors help people choose breeds of dogs or cats. Their main task is to help people who want to adopt or buy a friend of a four-legged. Pet counselors always ensure that every pet is taken by a real and true pet lover.

Groomers: They are approaching animals every day. It would be helpful to have patience and sincere love for them. Professional groomers check the paws of dogs or cats, teeth and skin. They are also trained to look at areas where the first signs of illness can be seen in pets.

Sales Managers: Sales managers oversee smaller groups of workers. Its main goal is to develop the best-selling plans for their team and to set goals. They encourage all team members to work and achieve these goals. Sales managers can create a marketing strategy and teach members of their team how to promote and sell the product.

Kennel Managers: Kennel Managers monitors animal health in a kennel. Their job is to plan boarding activities, clean paths and cages, prepare animals, exercise, feeds, medication, and control the behavior of the animals involved. Kennel Managers interact primarily with pet owners who need help with animal care while at work.

Cashiers: Cashiers facilitate cash transactions for buyers via the cash registers. Cashiers sell by accepting cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checks. They deal with cash daily. Therefore, employers expect their cashiers to remain sincere while they are working. In addition, cashiers must have exceptional customer service skills because their business is more about interacting with customers.

Assistant Managers: Generally, assistant managers accept certain administrative tasks that help other managers maintain smooth operations. They monitor other employees by encouraging them to provide excellent customer service. Assistant managers work mostly in retail outlets or corporate settings. Their greatest responsibility is to act as a manager when a real manager is not present.

Shift Supervisors: They help Store Managers maintain a positive environment for everyone. Shift managers work closely with managers to provide users with an effective and friendly service while at the same time providing an unforgettable experience for their team members. They help educate new employees in product knowledge and customer service. In addition, shift supervisors always encourage safe and secure work practices.

Petland Application

Interested candidates can contact the company’s website and go to the “Job Opportunities” section to find out how to apply. In addition, they can visit the Petland store near them and talk to the manager for proper advice on applying

The company accepts online and walk-in candidates for beginners and higher positions. However, it is more likely that walk-in applicants will be employed before online applicants.

Applicants should download the application form on the company’s website. They should complete each section and provide accurate information. In addition, the application form should be free from incorrect data that may result in disqualification.

Apart from the application form, candidates must also submit the most recent CV with an identification image. The photograph must be recent, the contents of the CV and the application form must be identical.

Qualified candidates will receive a call or message from the manager to notify them of the schedule of their interviews. Employment managers expect them to come in time and get dressed professionally.

Things to Know About Petland

Petland offers a family-oriented work environment for company employees and stores employees. All employees care and respect each other because the company wants everyone to feel part of the group.

The company is one of the highest international franchisees in the United States. In this way, the administration dedicates the continuation of service to pet lovers with a strong commitment to providing quality services. The company is still focused on implementing its community service delivery programs.

Petland is known for selling various breeds of dogs, cats and fish. The company also offers healthy and beautiful feathered birds. These animals are perfect for lovers of young and adult animals. In addition, the company runs programs that show how much they value of their employees.

The company has set up several awareness-raising and fund-raising campaigns to help local animal protection teams. These programs include Adopt-A-Pet, Pets for Life! and Safari Stan’s Children’s Charities. These campaigns allow the company to constantly return to the community.

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