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Sephora is a multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores that is based in Paris, France. Sephora features about 300 brands and has its own private label.

Sephora was based 49 years ago, in Paris, France, on August 14, 1969. The founder was no other than Dominique Mandonnaud and the company name come from the Greek spelling of the word Zipporah.

There is around 708 stores in United States alone. 386 boutiques are in a location in J.C. Penney Stores. Sephora is owned by the luxury conglomerate LMVH since 1997. Has more than 2,000 stores in 33 countries. Sephora opened its first American store in New York’s Soho neighborhood in 1998.

Sephora believes that the best rewards are those that are shared. Therefore, they offer employees lots of perks, and some of these perks are free products, plenty of discounts, bonuses for company performance, tuition reimbursement, and more.

People like working for Sephora for some reasons. First of all, employees say it’s like being a part of a vast family, and one is always on trend with everything. A productive and fun environment.

How old do you have to be to work at Sephora?

To work at Sephora, employees must be at least 18 years old, and this age must also include a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. Applicants must also have a desire to work with the public.

Sephora Careers

The careers at Sephora are unique and unlike any other workplace. It is because Sephora as a brand inspires fearlessness and that extends to those who work for them. Inspiring fearlessness unlocks success.

Makeup Advisor: A Makeup Advisor is professional in all things that are skin-related. One of the job functions is meeting and greeting clients and giving them any information that they may from the skincare zone of the store.

Assistant Store Director: The Assistant Store Director is the one that leads both the Talent and Operations division of a specific Sephora store location. Some of the other duties are all about managing the hiring process for roles within the store and supervising all of the training too.

Planning Manager: The Planning Manager is responsible for leading the planning team in being able to drive category sales, for stocks, and in turning targets. This role also directs and manages Planner to meet all deliverables including order placement and more.

Operations Associate: The Operations Associate is the one that helps to keep the store operating smoothly. They complete daily processing and the organization of any damages, testers, and known test products.

Stock Assistant Manager: The Stock Assistant Manager is also known as being the Recovery Lead and are a member of the store leadership team. The duties that are part of this role include taking care of opening and closing procedures, overseeing the following areas that include shipment, updates, and visual merchandising preparation.

Store Director: The role of the Store Director is one that does all of the client services, as well as, people development, merchandising, and also operations of the store. It also oversees product training and recruiting/attracting top talents for available positions.

Fragrance Advisor: A Fragrance Advisor is someone who is an expert in all things fragrance. They will help to determine a client’s fragrance needs and openly suggest products that meet those needs and are based on your expertise.

Cashier: The Cashier completes all transactions both accurately and efficiently. They also ensure that clients are enrolled and informed about the Beauty Insider Program. Participate in inventory control and loss prevention.

Cash Wrap Coordinator: The Cash Wrap Coordinator is the leader when it comes to the cashier function. The role ensures that the cashier zone does run as smoothly as is possible. Excellent client service and general operations are also expected.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager is a professional who is a member of the store leadership team. Some of the job duties are all about acting as a role model for other cast members and acting as “Director in Charge” when the salaried leadership team is absent.

Sephora Application

Applicants can apply in more than one way. They can apply online, or they can go to a hiring store location and fill out an application in person. If using online, the applicant needs to create a user profile with his or her email address. Job seekers can streamline this task by uploading any information from different social media accounts. Those who apply in person should have a copy of their most current resume with experience when filling out an application at hiring store.

Applying at Sephora means you get a choice, you can either use online or go down in person to a hiring store location, as there are an online application and in-store application available for the application process.

The choice of how an applicant applies at Sephora is dependent on personal preference. The reason being that Sephora offers an online form and also an in-store application as part of the application process.

Some information for your resume is as follows. When you put together a resume, you should only include the jobs that have your most valuable of experiences on it, and this means not listing every work experience that is part of your work history.

Just like there are things an applicant should say at a meeting, there are also things which shouldn’t be said, and some of them as follows. Don’t say that I don’t have much experience but, don’t mean there wasn’t a good relationship with your boss, and don’t say I will do whatever.

Things To Know About Sephora

Sephora has a unique kind of job culture. The job culture is devoted entirely to female empowerment on all fronts. The culture is different with this company for one reason, and that is because it is dominated mostly by women.

According to a press release, Sephora decided to up its pop-up shop ante by having an interactive beauty house event. The beauty house event would feature technology, industry experts, and products at a two-day extravaganza from October 20th to the 21st of 2018. The function would be called Sephoria. It’s sort of a play on the word euphoria.

Sephora is best known for being a company that caters to young girls. It is a business that has close to 300 brands and its own private label. They offer beauty products such as cosmetics, skincare, and more.

Sephora who is the leading global beauty retailer decided to expand its SEPHORA STANDS initiative for 2017. The SEPHORA STANDS initiative chose to make this move after surpassing the critical objectives for its first year. Sephora uses this platform to put its values to work for the greater good.

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