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24 hour Fitness is a company that is owned privately. It is a gym, and it is a fitness center. The fitness company is the largest chain in the United States. The city and state where the headquarter is located are San Ramon, California. And they sell gym memberships.

The fitness center was started by Mark S. Mastrov the founder Mark had hurt himself, and he needed a gym, but the gym closed at a certain time, and he decided to open his own gym so he can work out any time he wanted the original company name was 24 Hour Nautilus. The company CEO is Chris Roussos, and the owner currently is AEA Investors and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.

As of now, the company has over 22,000 employees working for them. And the company has over 400+ locations all over the United States of America. They have a heavy presence in Texas and on the East Coast. They are currently in 17 states.

This company has a variety of benefits to offer their employees some of the benefits include: competitive pay; they can get time off, they get discounts, they get a free membership to the gym, they get a comprehensive health plan, they get some flexible job opportunities too. They also get the opportunity to grow with the company, and they are offered disability plans.

The employees love working there because they already love to be fit. So, they just take their passion and turn it into a career. They love helping people to get fit and to get healthy.  The employees also love working there because it is fun and fast paced.

How old do you have to be to work at 24 Hour Fitness?

To work here, you have to be at least 18 years old. The center just so happen to be open 24 hours a day hence the name 24 hour fitness, so your schedule will have some crazy hours sometimes you may have to work mornings, sometimes you may have to work nights and sometimes you may have to work weekends.

24 Hour Fitness Careers

There are a variety of jobs to choose from at this company. The jobs you are to membership sales, fitness and group exercise, operations, corporate careers, and club management. So you will see a list of entry-level jobs to choose from.

Kids Club Attendant: you are responsible for taking care of the kids who go to the gym with their parents. And since you are working with the children, you should have some type of childcare experience in your background. When a parent trusts you enough to leave their child in your care, you should know everything there is to know about children.

Assistant Fitness Manager: as an assistant fitness manager you are to assist the general manager and the fitness manager with anything they have to do. You are there to help make their job a little easier. And you will have anywhere from 5 to 15 trainers working with you at a time.

General Manager: to be a general manager you will need a lot of experience. As a general manager, you will handle the entire business which includes: the fitness, the sales, and the operations that are day today. You will need to have experience managing people.

Personal Trainer: as a personal trainer you will be working either one on one or with a small group. You will create a plan for your client or group to help them to reach their goals. You must make sure they can handle the plan you made for them.

Sales Advisor: as a sales advisor you are responsible for helping the company to get more members. Whenever there are any leads, you must follow up and do what you can to get them to join the business. The more clients you get for the company, the more money you can make.

Sales Manager Trainee: as a sales manager trainee you are the leader of the assistant sales manager and the leader of the sales advisor. You are responsible for making sure all company policies are being followed. You are even responsible for helping them to get more members for the company. And the majority of your money comes from your commissions.

General Manager Trainee: as a general manager trainee you are going to be groomed to be the next general manager. Your training will be intense, and you will be shown how to handle the operations, the sales, and the fitness side of things. The number one goal as a general manager trainee is to make sure that everything is running well and the team members are doing their part in the business. And the money is coming in.

Operations Manager: as operations manager, you are required to give the clients the best experience you can give them at all of the fitness clubs you are in charge of. You are required to watch all employees and make sure they follow all of the company policies.

Athletic Monitor: as an athletic monitor you will watch, organize, recruit, tournaments, and leagues. You are also responsible for implementing schedules and reservations. Also, with this position, you will always be on call.

Service Representative: as a service representative you will be maintaining the fitness club and the members of the club. You must also help the members operate the machines and the tools. You will also answer all questions the members may have.

24 Hour Fitness Application

You can apply online and offline. Just go on the website and apply all you have to do is go on their website or a third-party website and sign up. Now if you have any kind of questions, it is best that you go to the gym in person and apply there.

Yes, there is an online website. Which is the best way to apply but sometimes they do fairs, and you are encouraged to go there because they are available and ready to answer all questions you may have. If there are any jobs fairs around your area then you should attend it you may even get hired on the spot.

As for the tips you should always be honest and make sure you answer every question on the application. Never leave anything blank on your application. You should use short sentences and use some active verbs in your application.

As for your resume you should create your resume to match your job skills. Make sure your resume is not too flashy this can cause your potential employer to move on and on to a new candidate. So be careful when you are creating a resume. And choose a resume template to help you create a good looking resume.

Your interview is what you need to pass to get the job so should create a list of your qualifications. Memorize it and use it during your interview. As always you should get a good night sleep so you can be well rested for your interview.

Things to know about 24 Hour Fitness

The culture of 24 Hours Fitness is fast paced and full of people who love to work out and stay fit. If you love the fast life, then the culture at this gym is up to your alley. And one of the main goals in the center is to get people healthy and fit.

The company has job fairs, and they hire a lot of their employees that way. And the company motto was used in a reality tv show that was called The Biggest Loser. The company is there for their members at all time.

They are known for being the biggest gym and fitness club in the United States. They are also known for being open 24 / 7 and being located in 13 states so far. If you want to be a member of a good gym, this is the fitness club you should join.

As for the social part of the business, they have a Facebook page; they have a twitter page, they have a LinkedIn page, and an Instagram page. You can join their page and stay up to date with the latest news. They also have a app you can use to keep up with the latest news.

Application links

Company: http://www.24hourfitness.com

Careers: https://careers.24hourfitness.com/?utm_campaign=24hourfitness.com&vs=2668&utm_medium=Other&utm_source=24hourfitness.com-DE

Application: https://recruiting.adp.com/srccar/public/RTI.home?r=5000159218406&c=1150751&d=24HRFitnessCareers&rb=DIRECTEMPLOYERS#/

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