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Exxon Mobil has a few products their product line includes: oil products, natural gas, crude oil, power generation, and petrochemicals. Exxon is a popular name that has been around for a very long time. The headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.

The company originally started in 1870 by John D Rockefeller and an associate of his. It started as a normal gas company then as the years went by they company started changing. It is currently owned by Darren Woods he is the CEO and Chairman.

As of now the company currently the number of employees they have working there is 69,000 give or take a few. They have business in all aspects of the petroleum industry. They do oil drilling, and they do service station., they do petroleum products, and they transport oil internationally. They operate the world’s biggest fleet of oil tankers.

Their employees get a good comprehensive benefits package that includes: life insurance, row with the company, and they are offered disability plans, the benefits grow as long as you are with the company, tax relief, savings account, and those are some of the benefits you will get.

The company believes in their culture of diversity and inclusion. Their benefit plans are what attracts their employees the most. Plus, if their employee wants to move up, they can attend the university the company has set up and earned a degree and climb up the ranks. Only a good company who love their employee’s work can offer that.

How old do you have to be in order to work at Exxon Mobil?

To be an employee at ExxonMobil, there is an age requirement of 18 years old. Some of their positions require you to have a diploma or a college degree in order to work there.

Exxon Careers

They offer jobs that require you to have a degree if you are looking for a job that is low level just go to a gas station that is near you and apply from there. You may qualify for one of those jobs with no problem.

Gas Station Attendant: this just requires you to collect payment, and you have to process credit cards and cash transactions of the customers. You are responsible for taking care of the store sells prepared foods, and they sell some grocery items. As a gas station attendant, you are to keep the store, external grounds and toilet clean.

XTO Electricians: must have experience in this field for a lot of assignments. You will conduct a lot of equipment and facility inspections so you can find problems and fix them. You will also create reports, and you will take care of the inventory.

Crude Trader: as a crude trader you are responsible for selling the crude oil and getting more customers for the company. You will mainly handle the deals and suppliers. You have to make sure that the company has a constant flow of buyers. And you will manage all sales and all paperwork.

Drilling Rig Supervisor: as a drilling rig supervisor you are responsible for the oil digs if they were to look for drilling spots so that you can keep a steady flow of oil coming through. You are to watch over the digs and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Supply Planner: as a supply planner you are responsible for making sure the supplies come in when they are due. You must also keep count and keep stock. You must keep reports about the stock, and you must keep the planner updated at all times.

Digital Marketing Manager: as digital marketing manager you are responsible for advertising online. You are to go to social media and advertise the company you are also responsible for creating and maintaining a Facebook page is vital to your job and creating other social media pages out there is vital too.

Metals Technician: as a metals technician you are required to work on the metals and keep everything updated. If something goes wrong, it is your job to fix it. And you will need some sort of experience for this position.

Recruiting Advisor: this position requires you to recruit new customers and new contracts. This position requires you to have experience, and you will work with upper management. You are to do follow up reports and keep everything straight.

Supply Coordinator: the supply coordinator takes care of the inventory in the storage yard. You have to make out the annual to monthly plans to ensure the forecasted demands are met. You must also regulate and organize annual process directionality for the sales and the operations planning.

Statistics Advisor: as a statistics advisor you will work with scientists, and you will work with engineers to create useful tests for industrial lubricants and stock. You will need experience in this field for at least five years, and you will need a college degree.

Exxon Mobil Application

You can apply online and offline if you apply online. They will process your application and if they like it you should hear from them in two to eight weeks. You are to check your email to follow the instructions if they try to contact you.

Yes, there is an online website where you can choose the position you want to apply for check out the requirements of that position. And you know you are qualified then fill out the application and be sure to send your resume as well. Once they look it over and they like it they will contact you.

As for the tips when you are fill-ing out your application make sure it looks professional. And always make sure you add accurate information so your potential employer is able to verify Your information without running around and hitting walls.

As for your resume you should tailor it according to your skills and your accomplishments. You should also talk about the research (if you did any) in your resume. At Exxon your resume will help them to determined if you are what they are looking for.

Your interview is so they can get to know you and you can meet their recruiting team. You will also learn more about the company so make sure you ask questions because that let them know you are interested in the job. You will have a lot of interviews before you are hired.

Things to know about Exxon Mobil

The main culture of this company is the safety. Keeping everybody safe is their main priority. Exxon aims to make sure that every employee is safe and sound, and their health is the best it can be.

One main thing about them that is newsworthy of Exxon is that the company was ranked number two in the Fortune 500 rankings and the largest corporation with the biggest revenue in the United States. They ranked ninth globally in Forbes global 2000 list back in 2016.

They are best known for helping the Tigers. Exxon Mobil was huge in the establishment of saving the tiger in the year 1995. Since the tiger population is dying down, they donate $1 million every year so they can help the tiger population.

As for the social part of the business, they have a Facebook page; they have a twitter page, they have a LinkedIn page, and an Instagram page. You can join their page and stay up to date with the latest news.

Application links

Company: http://www.exxon.com 

Careers: https://careers.exxonmobil.com/en/search?term=benefit

Application: https://career4.successfactors.com/careers

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