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Georgia’s Moe’s Southwest Grill is a fast pace restaurant that earns its reputation as being fast. Their food chain includes tacos, burritos, stacks, burrito bowls, salsas, and nachos. All of their food is Mexican, and a lot of customers love it.

Back in the year of 2000, the restaurant chain was founded by Raving Brands in Atlanta. The letters MOES stand for: Musicians Outlaws and Entertainers. This was a theme that led to the Rockstar feel and the music related artwork that is in their restaurants.

Moe’s currently has over 600 locations in over forty states. They even have franchises in other countries which include Russia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Jamaica. The Turkish franchise was the first location outside of the United States of America.

At this restaurant, they offer their employees a variety of benefits and their benefits include: health insurance, paid vacation, dental, they train their new hires, they get a discount on their food.  They also get the opportunity to grow with the company.

The employees love working there because of the food. So, they just take their love for the food and turn it into a career. They enjoy cooking, and they love music. The employees also love working there because it is a fun environment. They also feel that this is an excellent place to bring their family and friends.

How old do you have to be to work at Moe’s?

If you want to work at this restaurant, some positions require you to be at least 18 years old. And some positions at this restaurant may require you to have a high school diploma. If you’re going to work there, it is best that you wait until you are 18 you will then have an excellent chance of getting the job.

Moe’s Careers

You are offered a great variety of career choices. Moes welcome everyone to apply if you are looking for an entry-level job you should find a position that is basic. Here is a list of the kind of jobs you can apply for at this restaurant.

Crew Members: at this restaurant you have to be nice to the customers, welcome them to the restaurant, you must be honest, you have to be punctual, you must be presentable at all times, and you must help keep the restaurant clean.

Catering delivery driver: you must have an up to date driver license, you have to help package the food, you have to help set the food up, accept their money and credit cards, wash the dishes, keep the floors clean and do all of your closing tasks.

 Server: as a server, you are required to set the tables, make sure the floor is clean, and you must make sure the customers are happy. You must also give the customer their food and drink. And when they are done, you are to get their dishes and put them up.

Shift Leader: your duties will include helping the manager, the assistant manager, you will also have to open up the restaurant and closing the restaurant as well. You will be responsible for handling the restaurant cashier tills.

General Manager: you are responsible for training new employees. You have to monitor the employees, and make sure everybody is following the food safety rules and regulations, watch the food and the labor cost, you must make sure everything is safe for the employees and the customers.

Prep Cook: you have to do what the recipes say, you have to taste the food, follow the menus, keep your area clean and the equipment, check the temperature of the food, you have to rotate the food every few hours, and you have to measure everything. And you have to check the dates on all of the food.

Restaurant greeter: you must take care of the customers by greeting them and showing them to their seat. After you seat them, you must give them a menu, and then you go back to your stool.

Payroll Associate: you are required to work with the financial division and handle payroll for the employees, you will have to verify all of the employee bonuses so they can get the payment they deserve.

Manager: as a manager you are now responsible for the entire restaurant you must make sure everything is running correctly, and you have to make sure all of the business procedures are being followed at all times.

Assistant Manager: as assistant manager, you will help the manager take in many ways. You are there to make the manager life a little bit easier while they are at work. And you are to follow all rules set by the manager.

Moe’s Application

When you are ready to apply, you should go to their website and apply. There are some positions you are able to see all of the current job openings. Once you get to the website you can apply for all of the jobs you are experienced for unless they tell you to fill out one application only.

On Moes website, there is an application you are free to fill out. You are encouraged to go on their website and fill out their application. If you happened to qualify for more than one particular, you should fill out an app for that position as well.

The best tip for your job application is to practice filling it out beforehand that way you do not have any problems when you fill out your real application. Another thing you can do is apply for a job in person. Also when you are filling out your application make sure you follow all of the instructions the last thing in the world you want is to be rejected just because you missed something.

As for your resume make sure everything is the truth. You should also tell the employer your story because your resume should be focused on you and your accomplishments. And you should keep your resume at least one page unless they ask for more than one page.

Once the employer has looked over your application and your resume and you met their requirements, they will call you for a job interview, and once this has happened, they will give you at time and date. Once you are given this information, you should prepare yourself by getting yourself ready ahead of time and practicing what you will say.

Things to know about Moe’s

Moe’s is a fun and energetic little restaurant that is full of culture. They always reach for excellence. The employees there can be their original selves and achieve every goal they set for themselves. If you are looking for a good and respectable place of employment that will value you as an employee and a person, then this is the place for you.

Back in the year 2016 Moe’s was called the fast and casual Mexican restaurant of the year. They outdid the other Mexican restaurant Chipotle. This restaurant is a good one to check out their food is so delicious, and the atmosphere is good.

They are known for their unique naming of the food on their menu. Some of the names include Close Talker, Wrong Doug, Joey Bag o’ Donuts, who is Kaiser Salsa, Homewrecker, Art Vandalay, Funk Meister and El Guapo’s  Infamous Salsa just to name a few.

As for the social efforts they have a Facebook page they have a twitter page, they have a LinkedIn account to you can go to any of these pages and see if they have anything new going on. You can also ask questions about their products. And then there is an app you can download, and you can stay up to date, and you can also email them.

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