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The company is a specialty retailer generally located in shopping malls that sells clothing apparel and accessories. Aeropostale primary target audience is teenagers, though they also sell to young adults as well as children. The company has complete control of its products as it designs, manufactures and sells its own merchandise.

The company was launched in 1987. Its founder is not widely known, though the company has expanded greatly over the last three decades. The current CEO of the company is Marc Miller who serves as the head of new management since the company was rescued from bankruptcy in 2016. Aeropostale has been working to restore its image following the 2016 collapse.

The company had a reported 21,000 employees in 2015 yet that was before the company declared bankruptcy. During that time over a hundred stores were closed, laying off many employees, yet has since recovered. The apparel company has since reopened hundreds of stores and is doing much better.

The company provides a competitive salary and flexible work schedule for its employees. Part-time and full-time positions are available. Full-time positions can be eligible for paid time off, medical or dental coverage and other benefits. The company also sponsors education programs and development of leadership skills for interested employees.

Employees of the company report a positive, collaborative work environment. The pay is competitive with other apparel retailers and benefits are reasonable. The company promotes an environment of teamwork and most employees say they get along well with co-workers. Team members say management is flexible with their schedules if given notice.

How old do you have to be to work at Aeropostale?

Interested applicants that want to work for the company need to be 16 years of age or older. Because the apparel is geared towards teens, the company regularly hires young team members.

Aeropostale Careers

The vast majority of careers, especially entry-level are in retail. However, with the right experience you may qualify for a corporate position. Some entry-level employees have also worked their way up and been promoted to a corporate job.

Brand Ambassador: As a brand ambassador you represent the company and the clothing and accessories it retails. Desired candidates have a strong will to appreciate fashion and have a sense of style. You will interact with customers and find how what they are shopping for, even offer suggestions. Outstanding customer service is the most critical skill for the job.

Merchandise Flow Assistant: The merchandise flow assistant is tasked with keeping the sales floor stocked and minimizing backstock. They must be detail oriented, able to work independently and also good at multitasking. They work under the supervision of the floor manager. Some custodial and customer service skills are also expected.

Sales Associate: The sales associate is personable, hardworking, organized and energetic. They not only have good instincts when it comes to selling merchandise, but also excell when dealing with people and helping solve dilemmas. Along with driving sales, the associate works with team members to utilize loss prevention and maintain store standards.

Stock Associate: A stock associate works with the merch flow team to handle duties in the backroom as well as the storefront. Qualified candidates should be able to handle a fast-paced work environment, engage with customers and keep the shelves consistently stocked. Goals are set for each shift and members work as a team to achieve them.

Seasonal Associate: During the holiday season the company brings on more employees that work seasonally until the end of the year. It’s a great part-time position for employees looking to earn a little extra cash during the holidays. Seasonal employees that impress managers enough might also be retained as full-time once the holidays conclude.

Register Lead: The lead register will oversee the point of sale transactions within the store. When multiple cash drawers are being used, the register lead is in charge of the storefront. They may also serve as the only cashier during non-peak hours. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a friendly, positive attitude and excellent communication skills.

Sales Lead: The sales lead is charged with handling the sales floor along with managing sales associates under the sales lead position. The position is generally reserved for those that have been a sales associate for awhile or has previous sales experience. The sales lead will be self-driven and demonstrate great leadership skills.

Co-Manager: The co-manager works closely with the general manager, store manager and assistant manager in order to ensure all operations are working efficiently. The co-manager should have a proper understanding of today’s youth and the styles they prefer. The co-manager will lead and motivate entry-level employees.

Assistant Manager: The assistant manager works closely with the store manager and general manager to handle vital operations and store performance. The assistant manager primarily reports to the store manager and daily duties may vary depending on the store. Strong leadership and customer service skills are very important.

Store Manager: The store manager oversees all operations of the store, including preparing the assistant manager for an eventual role as a store manager. They actively seek out new talent to hire to the team. Training and delegating tasks to other employees is necessary. The store manager closely studies store performance, profits and loss prevention, working to improve overall efficiency.

Aeropostale Application

Please visit the official website of Aeropostale to get information on how to apply. Under the ‘Careers’ section, interested applicants can browse available jobs by two categories: Retail Careers or Corporate Careers. Search by state or desired position. Applicants may include how many miles they are willing to travel from home to work for the company.

The company accepts applications in-store or over the internet. Like most companies, they prefer that you apply online and the process is quicker that way. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use that information to apply or create a new account. Follow the online instructions and make sure you click the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the process.

It is a good idea to reserve a half-hour to hour to apply online. However, if you used LinkedIn you can reduce the time spent applying in half. The information from your LinkedIn profile will be automatically entered into the custom fields of the application. Get a list of contact information for your references and previous employers beforehand to save even more time.

A good resume is detailed yet concise. There is no need to submit one that is multiple pages even if you have a lot of work experience. The previous employers should speak for themselves. However, if you are young and this is potentially your first job, you may not be able to sell previous work experience. Instead, focus on the skills that you think make you qualified for the job.

After you submit an application, a staff member will contact you if they are interested in an interview. It is not a bad idea to remain proactive and contact them first to express interest after a few days. The interview should be fairly straightforward. Do your best not to be nervous and answer questions truthfully.

Things To Know About Aeropostale

The company likes to keep their retail stores exciting and stylish. It is what you would expect from a speciality clothing retailer, yet the company takes it up even another notch because they cater to teens. If you are young, or like interacting with the youth, the culture of the company is a great fit for you. A personal interest in fashion and the latest trends also helps!

The company struck hard times in May of 2016. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a result, over 100 stores within the United States abruptly closed down. The company was sold later that year and job prospects have since been far better. The company has reopened several stores and is much more financially stable.

If you are interested in working for the retailer it is important that you bring positivity and excitement to the team. The company really endorses a dynamic work culture that gets excited about the products they sell. They also employ a diverse workforce, and like to bring people together from different backgrounds.

The company does not advertise much on its social efforts. This is probably partly due to the financial recovery they are still enduring from the 2016 bankruptcy. However, under new management now the retailer is taking steps in the right direction and will surely be contributing to social causes in the near future.

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