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Buffalo Wild Wings is a chain of American sports bar and casual dining restaurants located throughout the country. They are primarily known for their chicken wings that are served on a variety of specialty sauces. The bar also provides a number of beer and cocktail options. The restaurant features a number of large LCD TVs making it a prime destination to watch a sporting event.

The restaurant and bar was founded in 1982, with its first location in Columbus, Ohio, not far from Ohio State University. After the success of the founding restaurant, the sports bar expanded its location and eventually became a franchise. It was founded by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery.

The restaurant, also known as B-Dubs, has over 1,200 locations in all 50 U.S. states. With a reported net income of $94.21 million in 2016, the restaurant has over 44,000 employees. While most of the positions are related to restaurant service, the company also employs support center reps.

The company provides an average number of benefits to its employees. Applicants offered a job will receive competitive pay, team member discounts, flexible scheduling, incentive contests and insurance options. Some of these benefits are only available to full-time employees.

Employees enjoy working at the restaurant franchise because of its link to sports. Servers are able to wear jerseys of their favorite teams and players. A game is always on the TV and the eating environment is festive. Most employees also report that management is fair and it is overall a solid company.

How old do you have to be to work at Buffalo Wild Wings?

You only need to be 16 years of age to work for the company. However, not all positions are available to those 16 years or older, with the preferred age being 18 years old.

Buffalo Wild Wings Careers

Most of the careers at the company are related to food and service. Whether working behind the scenes or with customers, employees provide excellent customer service, tasty food, clean and positive restaurant environment and treat other co-workers fairly and without discrimination.

Kitchen Team Member/Cook: A member of the kitchen team can do a number of different tasks within the kitchen. Theses including dishwashing, prep cook, line cook, main cook or lead cook. Unless you have previous cooking experience, most start as a dishwasher or prep cook. All kitchen team members keep the area sanitized and safe at all times.

Server: The server must be friendly and love interacting with people. They interacts with customers the most, taking orders and serving food and drinks. The server should also be knowledgeable about the menu, and make recommendations. The server also has to work under a high pressure, fast work environment.

Cashier/Greeter: The cashier and greeter is the first person customers see when they enter the store. They greet customers and take them to a table. Along with the server they have a good understanding of the menu as well as daily specials. Cashier duties include acting at point of sale for online orders. The greeter may also help fill in for other positions when needed.

Bartender: The bartender serves alcoholic beverages to customers. Unlike other positions at B-Dubs, the bartender must be 21 years of age or older. Excellent customer service and a positive, friendly demeanor is necessary. Previous experience making drinks and understanding of various cocktail recipes is preferred.

B-Dubs Express Team – Cook: An B-Dubs Express team member is like working at a traditional restaurant only B-Dubs Express are more convenient and streamlined for customers. B-Dubs Express allows customers to order in advance and as a cook will be required to have these orders prepared before the customer gets to the restaurant.

B-Dubs Express Team – Cashier: A cashier at B-Dubs Express locations take calls with orders from customers. They help answer any questions and provide an accurate time for pick-up. The cashier is the point of sale when customers arrive and pay for their food. Excellent customer service is a requirement.

Shift Manager: The shift manager oversees all operations during a work shift (lunch, evening, night). They manage and delegate other managers including the Bar Manager and Kitchen Manager. Strong leadership skills and plenty of experience in the food service industry is necessary.

Customer Support Rep: The customer support rep works from a remote location and is one of the few positions B-Dubs has available that is not based directly at the restaurant. The team member serves as a representative for the company. They help promote the brand and answer any questions or concerns people may have that contact them.

Bar Manager: The bar manager works under the supervision of the shift manager. He or she is in charge of the bar section of the restaurant. The bar manager will provide leadership and training for all bartenders. The bar manager may also intervene with customer complaints or concerns.

Kitchen Manager: The kitchen manager oversees all the behind the scenes of the restaurant. They ideally have a wealth of knowledge and experience related to the kitchen and cooking. Strong leadership skills are required with the ability to train new hires. They consistently seek to improve efficiency and maintain food quality.

Buffalo Wild Wings Application

Interested parties may apply online through the ‘Careers’ page on the company’s official website. Instructions walk you through the application process You will need to create an account with Snag in order to apply online.

Buffalo Wild Wings accepts online applications. If you would prefer to apply in-person, visit your local restaurant and inquire about getting a paper application. Both methods are plausible, though the online application is quicker.

Set aside twenty minutes to fill out the online application. The process is straightforward but you will want to limit other distractions. The restaurant not only needs your personal information but work availability as well. They are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

It is a great idea to include a resume with your online application. The resume doesn’t have to be too detailed yet should highlight all your qualifications. Have you worked in a restaurant before? Make sure you include all previous food service experience. If this is the first job you have ever applied for, highlight personal skills that you believe make you suitable for a restaurant job (being friendly, liking to help people, etc).

The interview is not too intense. One, maybe two employees will interview you, potentially the General Manager and/or Shift Manager. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. It is always best to stay honest. Admit weaknesses (yet note how you will overcome them) but focus on your strengths and why you would make a great addition to the team.

Things To Know About Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has an enthusiastic sports-based culture. As a result, expect the work environment to be a little noisier than your typical restaurant. However, if you like sports this may be an exciting place for you to work every day whether in the bar or restaurant.

The company donated $100,000 in 2017 to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The purpose was to create six scholarships for people that want to work in the hospitality industry. In the past they have donated other money to people learning about the food and service industry.

The restaurant serves other food outside chicken wings, though the wings are by far its most popular menu item. Thanks to over 20 speciality sauces to select from, B-Dubs is considered one of the best restaurants for wings. They also have a big menu of beers, including micro-brews. Customers may also place orders to go.

The company is very active with its social efforts. They provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to education, especially programs related to hospitality. Their ProStart program has helped more than 95,000 high school students get means to higher education. B-Dubs also features giveaways and other contests for fans of the restaurant.

Application Links

Company: https://www.buffalowildwings.com/

Careers: https://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/careers/

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