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American Eagle Outfitters is a clothing and accessory store. They have two brands, American Eagle and Aerie.  American Eagle sells vintage seventies style clothing and accessories with a modern twist and Aerie is a store dedicated to their underwear, sleepwear collection. They consider themselves on trend and high quality.

The company was founded in 1977 by Jerry and Mark Silverman and the clothing still reflects the seventies vibe. In 1977 there was only one store and now there are currently more than 1000. With the 1000 stores there are more than 40,000 employees worldwide.

The current corporate headquarters is in a small neighborhood with in Pittsburgh. AEO is a very active company, they immediately announced support for the ‘No Place For Hate’ School-based Program which is against for any hate or bullying.

They also support a special customized breast cancer awareness campaign called, “Take Care of Your Girls!”  Aerie, the undergarment branch of AEO has a purchase-based donation system to help raise awareness and fund breast cancer research. The campaign is a partnership with Bright Pink which is a non-profit organization that tries to prevent breast cancer by enforcing early examinations.

AEO offers a matched 401(k), a casual environment that includes casual clothing as a uniform. They also offer retirement plans, paid holidays / vacation profit sharing, a pension plan, health and insurance benefits, health insurance, life, dental and vision Insurance

This company is appealing to work for because of the benefits, values, their dedication to integrity, innovation and their passion filled enthusiasm. They emphasize teamwork and working together rather than competing. They value uniqueness and different ideas.

How old do you have to be to work at American Eagle Outfitters?

In order to work at this company, the employee must be 16 years or older. This is a great place to work for kids in school because they don’t stay open super late and it is a great foundation job. Though working there is a highly sought-after job the best way to get a leg up for someone that’s 16 is by doing volunteer work.

American Eagle Outfitters Careers

There are several job options available at this company. They range from simple store associate, store manager, loss prevention associate, Linux administrator, stock associate, staffing supervisor and more.

Store Manager: The Store Manager acts as the business owner and is in charge of all of the daily tasks and manages the whole store.

The Sales Associate: The Sales Associate is in charge of selling and helping the customer find items and make their shopping experience a good one.

The Merchandise Manager: The merchandise manager is in charge of directing the team of employees to reach the sales goals. They deal with product managers and branding.

Aerie store manager: The aerie store manager is the manager in charge of the aerie portion of the store. Aerie has a whole different advertising program and section of the store. The manager makes sure all of the employees are working and the sales goals are met.

The stock associate:  The stock associate keeps all of the items stocked on the shelves and racks. They are in charge of the flow of products and displaying them in the right place and in the right way.

Store loss prevention: The store loss prevention associate is in charge of the whole scope of loss prevention. This means they must monitor the store for any theft or waste of products. They track each product and take inventory to know when and where everything was placed or sold.

Overnight Merchandising Associate: The overnight merchandising associate sets up the store merchandise presentations and structure how the store is set up and they also keep everything organized when the regular hours are done.  They are in charge of the window displays and in store displays. .

Linux Administrator: Being the linux administrator is a job that monitors and maintains all of the electronics in the store, like the computer attached to the cashregister and the handheld stocking markers.

The Lead Cashier: The lead cashier is responsible for taking in the transactions and handling the money. They can also help customers, answer phone calls and take returns and exchanges.

Tailor: The tailor is one of the few jobs that has to be filled by a schooled expert. The tailor must be very skilled and stands in some stores and offer customized jeans. It’s great for those who love working with clothes and people.

American Eagle Outfitters Application

  • How to apply? In order to apply for a job visit the website.
  • There are not any hard copy application options. In order to apply for a job the potential employee must apply online.
  • A great way to make sure that there is positive feedback on a resume is by having it formatted correctly and the spelling and grammar is error free.
  • A lot of occasions a call back will lead to a group interview. Make sure to stand out from the crowd and wear clothes from the store. They will ask the potential employee to put together an outfit for a pretend client that they give specifications for. Make sure to know what is on trend in the world of mainly high school students.
  • Typically an interviewer will let the potential employee know what they need to bring to an interview, make sure the dress code is met and that there is always an extra resume copy handy.

Things To Know About American Eagle Outfitters

AEO is a company that gets involved in it’s community. After a tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh they stood out vocally against antisemitism, racism and homophobia. They joined forces with the Anti definition league on their campaign called No Place For Hate.  They also direct teen education programs at the congregation.

This company also supports the healthy body image and introduced their newest Real role model. This is a project where they take natural people who have great talents and showcase them as models along with their art. They use all natural models in their underwear campaigns through Aerie. That means that all of the models are natural and they are not airbrushed or photoshopped. They believe that it’s important that girls and boys have a positive and realistic body image. This company also isn’t meal when it comes to getting political. They have helped the Rock the Vote campaign for around thirty years.

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