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Ulta is a beauty supplies company, that sells all of the current makeup, face and hair products that are on trend in the market. They sell a lot of high end brand name products and along with those they have their own line of cosmetics and beauty care selling alongside them. They also have a salon and makeup artists in some of the stores.

The first store was opened in 1990, they were obviously unknown and has since turned into the top beauty retailer. The first store was located in Chicago and their vision from the beginning was to do beauty differently, they wanted to make beauty and hair care fun and exciting.  They now hold 35,000 associates and have more than 1100 stores and salons.

This beauty store offers more than 20,000 different which are based on 500 different beauty brands. They also sell their own brand of cosmetics called the Ulta Beauty Collection. 95 percent of their employees are women. They also are known for their extensive charity work.

This establishment offers many benefits to their employees.  They offer two different medical PPO plans, a dental plan, vision insurance, a 401(k) Plan, short-term disability, long-term disability, basic life insurance, supplemental life, and AD&D insurance, paid time off: sick, personal, and vacation days, an employee assistance program, pet insurance, They also offer each associate a discount. They offer the discount of twenty five percent off on all retail products that they sell and then fifty percent off of their in store salon services.

Most people enjoy working at this company because they offer great benefits and are environmentally conscious. Those make good employees are people that are very into makeup and skin and hair care. It gives employees an  edge if they know current makeup and makeup application trends. A great way to keep up to date is through Youtube. They also donate and volunteer with many organizations that help the actual people that work there along with others in the community.

How old do you have to be to work at ULTA?

In order to work at Ulta, an employee must be 18 years old or older. They also require that potential employees be friendly and knowledgeable about current makeup uses and trends.

ULTA Careers

There are many exciting jobs at this company, like, general manager, retail sales manager, skin therapist, beauty advisor, hair stylist, brow waxing expert, guest service coordinator and many more.

General Manager: General managers are responsible for all of the store and the staff and how well everything runs. They are well versed in the products and how to use them properly. The general manager makes sure that the sales goals and motion of products are met.

Retail sales manager: the retail sales managers are responsible for pushing for the top sales numbers. They are the leaders within the guest service area.

Retail Operations Manager: The retail operations manager Supports the top sales growth and guest services.  Retail operations managers are responsible for supporting sales growth, they also oversee all inventory and pricing of inventory.

Prestige sales manager: This job is similar to the retail sales manager except their only target is the prestige area. The prestige category includes all of the high end cosmetics, skincare and perfume.

Beauty Advisor: A beauty advisor is an extreme customer service job. They are in charge of analyzing each customer’s face and determining their skincare and makeup needs. They are also in charge of keeping products organized, stocked and they use the cash register.

Designer/hair stylist: Designers analyze the customer’s hair and take their desires and turn them into a reality. They cut and dye hair and all of the corresponding tasks that go with that.

Skin therapist/ esthetician: A skin therapist recommends and offers specialized skin care services. Many people have skin issues and it’s their job to help solve them. The main goal of the skin therapist is to create healthy skin.

Guest service coordinator: This job is located in the Ulta Salon. They make appointments, and make sure the customers are happy. They schedule appointments and answer the phones.

Brow waxing expert: The brow waxing expert tends to the customers eyebrows, this includes brow waxing, facial waxing and brow tinting. They are specially taught to be masters in their craft and work out of the Salon.

Store associate: The store associate is the most basic job with in the store. They are in charge of the non specific stocking and products, they also help the customers and are supposed to know about current makeup trends and all about what products are good for certain effects.

ULTA Application

In order to apply for a job at this company, visit the stores website and then click on the careers portion. The application process for this company is online only.

It’s important to know what sector to apply for, there are four. The retail portion of the stores, the salon, the corporate section and the warehouses. Each section has a great description and what qualities are best suited for employment.

The resume should always have the same basic selling points but should also be tailored for each job specifically. Make sure that the qualities that are looking for are prominently featured.

For this company, especially if applying for a retail position, appearance could play a role. Being a company that specializes in beauty products, it might be helpful to learn about current trends regarding the products and wear makeup to reflect that knowlege.

Things To Know About ULTA

This company promotes the empowerment that beauty can unleash.  They fund the Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation, which enhances the education of women and girls around the world.  They also partnered with the

Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the support of local nonprofit organizations. Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundations goal is to create a support network of women that are there for eachother. The main goal is to use that network to empower others and create an independent strong model.  This is part of the reason why they created a partnership with Dress for Success  They also support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They have been working together for ten years and they have raised more than 20 million dollars which goes to advancing cancer research and promoting cancer awareness.

They are also involved with each local community. With DonorsChoose.org they annually provide resources for classrooms across the country. The main goal is to make sure that every teacher and student has the right supplies.

Application Links

Company: https://www.ulta.com/

Careers: http://careers.ulta.com/

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