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Champs is a sporting goods and apparel retailer. They are a branch of Foot Locker and are located in 27 different countries.  They carry the latest sneakers that are ahead of the trend curve and many very famous name brands, like Adidas and Jordans, they also carry sporting equipment, jerseys and memorabilia. They are part of the Foot Locker brand and are very popular. There are stores located in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

This sports store was originally called NYC Champs Sports and was bought by the Woolworth corporation in the 1980s. They were the only store along with Footlocker that was a sports apparel specialty store. They eventually became even more specialized and popular with the current interest in specialized name brand footwear.

This company offers scholarships for people in the community, currently, there is one available for $20,000. Yearly they make around $7.7 billion. From 2004 until 2012, this company sponsored the Florida Citrus Sports annual college football bowl game. They essentially donate around 4 million dollars each year to support the bowl.

Employees are given a regular employee discount and then a special employee discount and a few times a year they are given up to 50 percent off everything in the store. They also receive health insurance that includes medical, vision and dental. They also give a 401k, vacation and are very flexible with scheduling. Other bonuses employees get from working at this sporting goods store are a stock purchasing plan and holiday pay.

People seem to love working at this company, mostly because of the great work environment and the great discounts on the products. The products are very high quality and highly sought after so bening an employee is extra impressive since they are closest to the new merchandise.

How old do you have to be to work at Champs Sports?

Employees must be 16 years old to work or apply to work at this company. They also must be able to compete the physical feats that each shift requires. They must be able to walk around most of the day, they must stay on their feet, lift up to 50 pounds, stock merchandise and help customers. The best part about this is that they don’t require any previous job experience so it’s perfect for starting a career in the sports merchandise field or retail business.

Champs Sports Careers

Sales Associate: The sales associate moves the products onto the floor, helps customers with finding things and putting on shoes. The sales associate also is required to be friendly and maintain a healthy and positive work environment.

Cashier: The cashier deals with all of the transactions that are centered at the cash register.  This included questions about products, prices, returns, sales and other services.

Stockroom Associate: The stockroom associate is mostly off the floor and deals with a lot of the merchandise in the stockroom. They have less customer contact than a regular associate. There are hundreds of different shoes and sizes and their job is to organize them and know where they are.

Merchandise Handler : The merchandise handler handles the merchandize and makes sure it is taken care of properly and they also help move it.

Key Holder:  The key holder holds the keys to all of the locked locations with in the store. This is a security measure that is taken in many stores in order to insure the expensive merchandise or cash is not exposed to a lot of people. This is important because if something does go missing then there are only a limited amount of people to suspect. The key holder is around to monitor anyone who needs into locked areas. They are in charge of monitoring for theft.

Assistant Store Manager, The assistant store manager is the general managers right hand. They help with whatever task the general manager needs help with and can step in when the manager is busy. They deal with keyholding duties, cash counting, daily sales and goals.

General Store Manager: The general store manager’s job is the top of the heap. The general store manager is in charge of every employee in their specific store. They make sure the schedule is right, customers are happy, and that everyone is doing their job. They take care of any really big problems and all transactions and loss prevention.

Champs Sports Application

  • How to apply? Apply to a job at Champs Sports by going to their website and filling out an online application or printing out the PDF of an application or by going into the store and getting and filling out an application.
  • All application types are available
  • If the application is picked up from the store make sure it is returned in a timely manner, this is the first impression and reflects well on the applicant.
  • Make sure everything is clear and explained.
  • Go over practice questions, brush up on athletic wear and current fashion trends. Make sure to dress up for the interview.

Things To Know About Champs Sports

This company is involved in many cultural and charitable events and organizations. They have the Holiday Giving Tree and Our Camp Hill, associates participate in the Salvation Army holiday assistance program which collects donations of toys and clothing to children in need.

They also have an annual golf invitational for charity. It is a one day event with different tier donations available. They have a have a page on their website where any charity or organization can request assistance or funding from Champs. This allows everyone the chance to receive help and makes a lot of their donations more personal and customizable. They also promote the support of the troops or anyone who has served in the military. All members of the military get a twenty percent discount at any store. The discount covers current and discharged veterans and works online and in the stores.

Champs offers a unique insight into their financial situation by posting their fiscal income, donations and profit on their website. The page tallies yearly sales, gross sales, invested capital and net income. They also present PDF files of each quarterly financial report that is easy for anyone to access and analyze.

In 2012, they, along with Nike, launched Nike Yardline which is a specialty store that specializes in NFL apparel, which is nice since most stores only carry the local teams. It eventually grew and they even opened a store in Florida that sells college football apparel.

As a branch of Footlocker, this store is based on an already established profitable store. Though Foot Locker is more sneaker based.

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