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Dairy Queen is an ice cream franchise that promotes good memories and service. They have been in existence for 75 years.

This ice cream company offers a variety of products,  the main collection being ice cream and cold dessert based> Though they are mostly invested in ice cream they they also offer other things like burgers, chicken strips, and various sandwiches.

The first Dairy Queen location opened in Joliet, IL. in 1940. It was operated by Sherb Noble. Currently, Dairy Queen is worth $4.5 billion and is owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Dairy Queen has 2.351 unique franchisees and 4,503 stores in the United States. There are 537 franchises and 688 stores in Canada and 43 franchises and 1864 stores internationally. Dairy Queen has worked with the CHILDREN’S MIRACLE NETWORK HOSPITALS for more than 30 years and has raised more than $125 million.

The employees of Dairy Queen receive a standard benefits package,they also receive fifty percent off food while working and the on the job training is paid. The medical benefits are only offered to full time employees and they include medical and dental and paid vacation time off.  For full time employees, they also offer a standard 401k.

Most people think that working at Dairy queen is a great way to start a working career, a great first job. They offer great discounts on food, gym memberships and various other items. The schedules are flexible and the managers are understanding.

How old do you have to be to work at Dairy Queen?

In order to work at Dairy Queen  an employee has to be at the very least 16 years old. Anyone under 18 has to apply for a work permit also. Thus making Dairy Queen a great first job.

Dairy Queen Careers

There are many different career options available at Dairy Queen, they range from people that work at the counter, to those who make the food, to those who decorate specialty cakes.

Dairy Queen Careers

Front Counter Crew Member:   The front counter crew member is the person that takes a customer’s order inside. They have to be friendly and courteous and they relay the orders or make them themselves. They are required to be a team player and be able to

calmly solve any customer issues.  They also have to prepare the food products that the Dairy Queen offers, healthily.

Kitchen Crew Member: The kitchen crew member job requires a friendly attitude and attention to details. This job requires that the worker must quickly and effectively prepare the food that was ordered. They have to safely use a grill, fryer and other various cooking equipment. They must communicate positively and handel all the food safely and properly.

Cake Decorator: The Cake decorator must have exceptional food handling skills, must be clean, have competent and proficient skills with cake decorating tools, a Cake decorator’s certificate and/or previous cake decorating work.

Cashier: The cashier processes customer transactions and maintain an accurate cash drawer throughout the shift. Anytime a customer comes in whether it’s through the drive through or the inside counter the cashier takes their order and processes it through the cash register.

Cook: The cooks main goal is obviously the food. The cook spends the shift working on any orders that come through. They are incharge of keeping the kitchen clean and the food managed properly.

Manager: The manager oversees the whole store. From the front to the kitchen. They handle all of the customer issues that the regular employees cant handle and they are incharge of collecting and counting the money and closing the store at night.

Shift supervisor: The shift supervisor is in charge of monitoring the shifts themselves and the shift transitions, they are the one in charge if a manager is not available.

Grill staff: The grill staff is in charge of making the regular food like fried chicken and sandwiches.

Hospitality Staff: The hospitality staff deals with and oversees all customer service activities. They make sure everyone is following the rules and instructions whether it is following the standard methods of greeting a customer to preparing meat properly in the kitchen.

Crew members: Crew members are the standard employees, just like the front counter crew members except these employees can rotate from the counter to the window to the kitchen.

Dairy Queen Application

  • How to apply? To apply to work at the Dairy Queen visit their website or a store to fill out an application.
  • Dairy Queen applications are available online for downloading or can be filled out in the store.
  • When filling an application online make sure to have references and fill out every box. The form can be filled out online or printed and filled out then handed to the manager in person.
  • When handing the resume in person make sure that it is handed directly to a manager, it’s a great way to seem professional.
  • In order to prepare for any interview, make sure to dress up, have an extra resume copy and any references and phone numbers. Remember to be polite and answer the questions logically. Make sure to arrive fifteen minutes early to an interview.

Things To Know About Dairy Queen

This company gives a lot back and has a lot of specials and news worth events. One being the DQ Cares Program. The DQ Cares program offers additional donations to the specific local areas of each specific franchise that collects the money. The Dairy Queen also supports the Special Olympics and The big brother big sister program. They also have a special grant program that runs every spring that gives organizations that aren’t as well known or popular to get a chance to receive donations.

Dairy Queen likes to remain relevant in the news, this past fall (September 2018) they opened up a whole new product on their menu. Some fall themed blizzards, the cinnamon sugar Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard Treat, Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Treat, and the OREO® Hot Cocoa Blizzard Treat .

Dairy Queen is known for donating tons of money and collecting donations for various children’s charities like The Children’s Miracle Network.

Since 1984, Dairy Queen has raised over $135 million to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals  and Children’s Miracle Network. They make sure that one hundred percent of the donations go to the local children’s hospitals.

Application Links

Company: https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/

Careers: https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Company/Careers/

Application: https://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Company/Careers/

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