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Citi is a bank that mostly resides here in the United States of America. They are in other places to like Mexico. The products the bank offer or credit cards, a line of credit, mortgages, they also offer personal loans and commercial loans.

The bank was first established in New York City in 1812. It was first created to help the Americans with their banking needs. Then as the years went by the company grew and expanded its services to other states and other countries.

They started with one bank in New York now they have well over 3,000 branches with the main branch located in New York City. The areas that have a large portion of the branches are Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.

There are many benefits at this bank for the employees but mainly for the full-time employees. The benefits include: 401 k, paid maternity leave, discounts for the employees, paid bereavement, health insurance, paid vacation for ten days, stock options, paid holidays, pension plan, and spending accounts are just some of the solutions that make this company unique.

The employees love it because the pay is good and the benefits are amazing. The employees also love the fact that they can move up in the company when they are in the right position to move up. There are many programs available to help the employees advance in their career. Plus, they love the atmosphere at work, and they love helping the customers they feel they are making a difference.

How old do you have to be to work at Citibank?

To work at the bank, you have to be 18 and older with a high school diploma or GED. Some positions require a bachelor degree it depends on the position you are applying for. They also like for their employees to have some sort of experience in the field.

Citibank Careers

The bank has a variety of positions to choose from entry level up to degree level. If you are interested in working there simply choose the position you qualify for and apply, you will see what they have to offer in the list below.

Bank teller: this position requires you to be respectable to the customers. As the bank teller, part of your job is to greet each customer with a smile and take care of their needs. You will cash checks, look up their account, answer their questions, take their deposits and do what the manager tells you to do.

Business Insurance Agents: a business insurance agent has to help the customer with the right type of insurance plan they need. You will help with the servicing of financial planning and the solutions. And you have to have good customer service skills and communication skills.

Personal Banker: as a personal banker you will take care of the customer’s financial situation and help them to find the exact solution they need. You have to pay close attention to the customer’s problems and help them to solve it. You will also take care of deposits and withdrawal processing.

Investment Associate: as an investment associate you will help the older members of the bank investment team, and you have to get the policies together for the clients. Also, as an investment associate, you will have to attend meetings most of the time.

Banker Associate: as a banker associate you will help to protect the clients and the bank. You have to follow all of the policies and follow all of the procedures to ensure the operation integrity. You will also have to listen to your boss and do whatever they ask you to do.

Business System Analyst: as a business system analyst you are to look out for and figure out solutions that are creative and that are innovative, so the business goals are met. And you have to work with vendors, take care of timelines, take care of the milestones, and stream your projects.

Mortgage Loan Officer: as a mortgage loan officer you will be in charge of getting mortgage loans through the business contacts you get. You will also finalize all of the processing of the mortgage loans and the closing of the loan. You will have employees under you to supervise, and you will attend meetings.

Collections Representative: you will take care of the collectibles according to the policies and procedures of the bank. You will also take care of the billing tasks. You will also show the bank clients how to work through the applications online.

Investment Counselors: you will help make sure that the security level meets the request of the customer if they are eligible. And they help the customer with their banking needs. You are to do whatever upper management tells you to do.

Corporate Banker: you will be working along with three big divisions within investment banking which is corporate finance, the debt capital market, and the equity capital market. And you’re mainly be raising money for the bank.

Citibank Application

Whenever you are ready to apply just go to the website and choose the position you are qualified for and click on it. Then sign up with the company and create your user name and your password. Once you complete that part, you can then apply for the job and send them your resume.

The only available way you can apply for a job with the bank is to do it online. They do not allow people to apply at the bank itself. Plus, it is more convenient to apply from home because you will be more relaxed and comfortable. Remember you need your username and password to get in.

The best tip for your application is to fill it out correctly. Always be honest when you are answering questions on your application. Make sure your application is neatly written. And include your awards and your achievements on your application.

As for your resume make sure you put the truth on it. Make sure you high light your experience especially if it will help you with the position you are applying for. Also, make sure you add references that will answer the phone in case your potential employer calls them.

As for the interview make sure you know everything about the company. Also, make sure you get a good night sleep and show them you truly want the job. High light your qualities because it will help you a lot in getting the job that you want.

Things to know About Citibank

When working with the bank, the employees feel like they are at home because even though everything is fast-paced, they still feel like family. If the employees want to advance within the bank, there are some classes they can take.

The bank is there to help customers with their financial needs. So, at the beginning of the year, they decided to give some of the money back to their customers who were overcharged from their high-interest rates.

The bank is known for the good quality service they offer their customers. They treat their customers with dignity and they always make sure their customers are satisfied with their service. They also make sure their employees are happy with their job.

As for the social efforts they have a Facebook page they have a twitter page, they have a LinkedIn account to you can go to any of these pages and see if they have any thing new going on. You can also ask questions about their products. There are many other ways you can get in touch with them as well.

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