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Shell’s product line includes natural gas, LNG, petrochemicals, and petroleum. The company is in the gas and oil industry. They believe in giving the world energy solutions that are clean. Their operations are put into divisions which include: integrated gas, upstream, new energies and downstream.

The energy company was founded in April 1907. The main people involved in the formation of the company are Charles O Holliday he is the company chairman. Ben Van Beurden he is the company CEO. Then there is Jerry Bruce Steele he is the manager. They are the top men in the company.

Shell has grown to be a huge supplier of oil and gas products. The headquarters is located in the Hague, Netherlands, and they employ 80,000 workers in their branches and in their store’s worldwide. Many of their employees work here in the United States.

Their employees get an excellent comprehensive benefits plan that includes: competitive pay; they can get time off, they get discounts, they get a comprehensive health plan, they get some flexible job opportunities too. They also value their employees who have ideas about any type of technology. They want to get new ideas for technology, so they offer an innovation programmes because they want to meet the world growing energy needs.

The company believes in their culture of diversity and inclusion. They feel that they are helping the community with their energy needs. The employees also the fact that the company offers innovation programmes because they can make their dream a reality.

How old do you have to be in order to work at Shell?

In order to work there, you got to be at least 18 and older with a high school diploma or GED. Some positions require a bachelor degree it depends on the position you are applying for. Most of the jobs require some type of experience especially if you work at the office themselves.

Shell Careers

They offer jobs that require you to have a degree if you are looking for a job that is low level just go to a gas station that is near you and apply from there. You may qualify for one of those jobs with no problem. However, the majority of the office jobs require you to have a college degree. Or you must have a few years of experience in that field.

Gas Station Attendant: this just requires you to collect payment, and you have to process credit cards and cash transactions of the customers. You are responsible for taking care of the store sells prepared foods, and they sell some grocery items. As a gas station attendant, you are to keep the store, external grounds and toilet clean.

TA Scheduler: as a TA scheduler you must keep up with the progress updates from the contractors. You will be involved in a look back and close out. You will also be watching out for opportunities to schedule events, and you must make sure that schedules are resource loaded and also levelled.

Deal Maker: as a deal maker you must develop term and spot hydrocarbons and contracting strategies. You must negotiate and structure contracts. And you must deliver the business financially. And you will be part of a team.

Category Manager: as a category manager you will effectively manage performance and profitability for the retail categories. You will do this for all shell gas stations in the area where you live.

Trading Operator: as a trading operator, you will manage all of the storage locations and the stocks. You will liaise with the finance operations and make sure the deals are correctly and settled. You will work with deep-sea operations cargo.

Team Lead: as a team lead you will be monitoring, and you will be reporting important information management. And you must process performance metrics you must also maintain output and take care of score cards.

Interface Manager: as the interface manager you will manage your staff performance and their development. You must also support the planning and the processing and drafting of the operating plan.

Recruiting Advisor: this position requires you to recruit new customers and new contracts. This position requires you to have experience, and you will work with upper management. You are to do follow up reports and keep everything straight.

Service Management Analyst: the service management analyst must monitor problem management all across the technical areas. You must maintain documents and improve the service metrics performance. Deliver the IT project at the agreed budget and the agreed time.

GFIT Software Tester: as a GFIT software tester you will be reporting directly to the capability lead. The tester is also responsible for bringing the test activities straight to the project support team. You must help with the improvement initiatives.

Shell Application

You need to first look for the position you want to apply for then click on apply. The next page will talk about the opportunity they will explain the job description, the requirements, the location and when the job expires. Then you click on apply to job you then log in because you will need a user account and you fill out your application.

Yes, you can apply on their website. First, you create a username and a password. Once you login you go to the job opportunity and fill out your information once you complete your information you simply hit submit and just wait for them to get in touch with you.

As for the tips when you are filling out the application, you must fill the application truthfully at all times. Make sure they can see your references this will help you out in the long run. And you should also make sure your spelling and punctuations are all correct. Lastly, do not create any gaps in your employment history.

As for your resume always make sure you have evidence to back up your qualifications this is a must because this is exactly what your potential employer is looking for. Your resume should highlight your accomplishments as well. You should also use action verbs on your resume to help it stand out.

Your interview is the most important part of the getting hired process. The night before you should prep by preparing for your interview. You should already know why you are a good fit for the job. Be ready to explain in detail why you are a good fit and talk about the goals you accomplish at your last job this should help you to pass your interview.

Things to know about Shell

The main culture of this company is to look out for their employees and their community. Shell believes in energy they believe in integrity, respect, and honesty for the people. The company is all about the energy and how vital it is to our lives daily.

One main thing about them that is newsworthy with them is their Shell Eco-marathon. The marathon is there to challenge the student teams all around the world to build, to test, to design and to drive energy efficient vehicles. They believe in anything dealing with energy.

They are best known as a company that put people first. They value their employees, and they value their communities. They also feel their purpose is to power progress by providing energy solutions that are cleaner.

As for social media, you can find their job opportunities on LinkedIn; you can stay up to date on what they are doing by going to their twitter page. You can see their photos on Flickr and their videos on YouTube. They also have other social media pages set up through Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler and V-Kontakte. Those are their social media information.

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