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The hotel area matches the area where it is located. Each hotel is different, and that is what makes them unique. The products they offer are nice cozy, comfy rooms, relaxation, and service. They also offer their guest and members some reward points every time they stay at the hotel, and they can use the points on whatever they want in a catalog the hotel offer.

The first Holiday Inn was started on August 1, 1952, in the city and state of Memphis, Tennessee.  The man who started the hotel chain name is Kemmons Wilson. He opens the hotel because he wanted to give people an experience they would never forget.

This hotel currently has 3500, and they have around 350,000 employees in over 100 countries. This company has a lot of employees working for them. They value all of their employees they believe in giving their employees room to breathe and have the opportunity to grow along within the company and retire there too.

They offer their employees a good benefits package it includes: a 401k, discounts on rooms worldwide, health insurance, vision, dental and disability. They also allow their employees to be themselves. They also offer their employees a competitive salary they put a lot of trust in their employees.

The employees love working there they are given a chance to use their own skills instead of doing what the company wants them to do. They are given a chance to cater the customers, and they are part of the reason the customers love staying there.

How old do you have to be to work at the Holiday Inn?

To work at Holiday Inn, you have to be at least 18 years old. They also want you to have some kind of experience so make sure you apply for what you know. Diploma is not required if you want to get a low-level job but if you want to advance it is best that you get your diploma and then apply.

Holiday Inn Careers

This hotel has a variety of jobs to choose from they have entry-level jobs managerial jobs, supervisor job, etc. Some positions are easy to get, and some require a degree so here is a list of entry-level jobs that are very easy to get.

Cashier: this job is easy whenever you get a customer you just ring them up and take their money and then you will give them their change back. You are to greet them and make sure they are happy and satisfied with the service they have received from you. As long as you keep the customer satisfied you will keep your job.

Room attendant: this job requires you to keep the hotel rooms clean you will get a list of rooms to clean. Some of the things you are required to do are: changing the sheets, get the dirty towels and put some clean towels, clean the bathroom, sweep the room and vacuum it, empty the trash, and dust the room.

Door person: you are responsible for helping opening doors for the customers, and you must help them bring their luggage to the room. When they are ready to get on the elevator, you escort them on to the elevator and press the floor for them.

Laundry Attendant: as a laundry attendant you are responsible for washing all of the hotel sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and towels. You are also to do whatever management asks you to do. And you must make sure the customers are happy.

Room Service Server: as a room service server you are responsible for helping the customers feel welcome. When they order something, it is your job to bring it to them, and you make sure they are satisfied with the service.

Shuttle Driver: as a shuttle driver you are responsible for bringing the hotel guest around the grounds you are to bring them where ever they need to go. And you must make sure the guest is happy and satisfied with the company service.

Front Desk Agent: and as a front desk agent you must book the reservations for the hotel guest, and you must check the guest in take the money and check them in. You are also responsible for handling the guest with their room key. And you must greet them with a smile and make them feel welcome.

House Person: as a house person you are required to keep the customer happy. You must do everything within your power to keep things on the up and up for the hotel guest. If they need something, you must get it for them and make sure they are satisfied.

Banquet Server: as a banquet server when there is an event you are required to set the tables, make sure the floor is clean and make sure the guest is happy. You must also give the guest their food and drink. And when they are done, you are to get their dishes and put them up.

Front Office Manager: as the front office manager you are too watch over the hotel and to be aware and sure everything is being handled correctly, and the policies are followed the right way. You should be aware know how to take care of a crisis and make sure the guest is happy with the service they are getting.

Holiday Inn Application

When you are ready to apply, you have to go to the website and create a user account. Just create a username and a password. Once you complete that step merely log in and look for the position, you want to apply for and fill it out truthfully. Make sure you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

Yes, there is an online application you are free to fill out the application online. Applying online is way more comfortable because you are doing it in the comfort of your home. So, if you are confident and honest apply and see what happens.

The best tip is to fill the application truthfully. If you put fake information, you will not make it honesty is always the best policy. And you must make sure that you do not leave any blanks if there is something you don’t know then make sure you put N/A that way they know to move on.

As for the resume, you should make sure you fill it out correctly, and you should make sure that you put the truth because of the truth matter. You should also make sure you show them your skills, your experience, and your work history just so they know you are qualified to do the job you applied to.

As for the interview simply make sure you know all about the company and make sure you get a good night’s rest.  Make your questions and answer them that way you will know how to answer the questions during your interview.

Things to know about Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is a company that believes in their mission. They strive to accommodate the guest at their hotel and the employees who work there. They want to show their guest that they care and they want to show their employees they care.

The hotel is always doing things to improve the communities they are located in. They are constantly changing things so their guest can have an enjoyable stay. And they always want their guest to feel they are welcome and that they are valued.

Right now, they currently have over 300 hotels spread across the globe. They have over 50,000 rooms available so they can have a lot of guest at one time. And they have over 350,000 employees across the globe.

The hotel is always updating their Facebook page and their twitter page. If you ever wanted to keep up with the news simply sign up on their Facebook page and their twitter page and you will be updated every day.

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