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Converse is a renowned shoe company that manufactures and distributes shoes, lifestyle brand apparel, and skating shoes. Since 2003, the company has been a subsidiary of Nike.

This shoe company was established by Marquis Mills Converse 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. The headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts. President of the Management Board and present CEO of the company is Davide Grasso.

Converse sells signature clothes, footwear, and designer clothing. The company has more than 75 retail outlets in the United States and more than 2,000 employees in the United States alone.

In terms of benefits, this shoe company offers health and insurance plans. Qualified employees also have a 401 (k) pension plan, stock acquisition plan, paid vacation and leave, including discounts. All employees benefit from a competitive compensation plan and a flexible schedule.

People love to work at Converse as the company offers unlimited opportunities for work, earnings, and growth of the employees. The company seeks to ensure that its employees are always happy and satisfied at work.

How old do you have to be to work at Converse?

Candidates must be at least 16 years old to qualify for entry-level positions. However, age limits for trade managers, department managers, and other higher positions may be different. Candidates are advised to consult with recruitment personnel about this. 

Converse Careers

The company offers brilliant opportunities to all qualified job seekers. The company looks for competent people to fill out the following positions:

Sales associates: Sales associates are optimistic and friendly employees who communicate more frequently with customers. They welcome people who come to the store and help them pick items. Sales associates should be familiar with all the items that are available to provide product information to users when needed. In addition, they make such that customers are shown new products.

Store Lead: Store Lead help store management to realize its sales and profit targets by monitoring and educating other employees. They help ensure the company’s long-term success by providing excellent goods flow and customer support in stores. Store Lead ensures consistent performance of retailers and operating standards.

Store Manager: Store Manager manages and monitors trade activities to achieve set sales and profit targets. They also ensure the long-term success of the company in line with brand philosophies, procedures and policies. Implementation of operating standards involving product flow preparation and completion, seasonal promotions, etc. are part of their job too.

Department Manager: Department Manager must be an expert in human resources, sales, and marketing. Department Manager should be good enough to motivate employees in other stores to ensure productivity and profitability. Depending on the type and size of the organization, the Department Manager will be responsible for several activities. These activities include marketing, earning protection, inventory availability, account analysis, and forecasting.

Inventory Analyst: An inventory analyst supports daily business requirements. This includes things like search, customization, and evaluation of data. It provides help and advice to movement teams and cycle counters as needed. In addition, they support the business out of the typical business schedule when needed.

Senior Administrative Assistant: Senior Administrative Assistant helps in managing cost and travel arrangements for the VP of Human Resource and the department’s leadership team.  The Senior Administrative Assistant organizes and coordinates team meetings, supplier management, location, the layout of the premises, and preparation of materials and audio-visual material. Similarly, he is often present at HR meetings to make detailed observations and share the actions and decisions that arise from them.

Buying Coordinator: The Buying Coordinator helps to gather sales information for large meetings, such as business analytics and monthly forecasts. They also analyze trends in the consumer and product market by product categories and consumer offense. buying coordinator is also responsible for managing input/output samples of materials.

Global Product Catalog Specialist: The Global Product Catalog Specialist ensures that the products are properly configured. At the same time, it ensures that synchronization is associated with intermittent access market techniques. Also, they cooperate with the international site merchandising to establish the baseline merchandising policies in the company’s PIM or product information management system.

Social Media Community Lead: A Social Media Community Lead Make a good personal engagement tactic that will help to build and develop the company’s social community. The Social Media Community Lead creates and publishes content or actions in real-time targeting a particular audience. Then curates or reuses the content of media, fans, collaborators, etc.

Demand Planner: The Demand Planning Request is responsible for predicting demand for shoes and creating a flow for the flow tactics and demand. Then check the current and actual reserves and past sales trends. They also prepare forecasts and estimates the projected results. Then develop goals and monthly plans.

Converse Application

Interested candidates can apply on the company’s website or the nearest store. They guarantee the candidates to receive an answer to their request, regardless of their preferred means of application.

The company accepts candidates online and walk-in applicants. In any case, the employment process begins in filling out of the application form. Applicants should submit with other necessary documents.

Candidates must be very careful when filling out the form for hiring. All entries must be accurate and true. Double checking is always recommended before submitting the form.

Similarly, all applicants must submit their resume, credentials and other related documents. If you intend to use a previous resume, the candidates should remember to review and updates it before submitting.

It may take a few days or weeks before the hirer will start to invite all qualified candidates for interview. Generally, candidates should not try to respond directly via email. Human resource workers usually return with candidates who are advancing in the recruitment process, usually through initial telephone interviews. Candidates who are still interested and are not contacted can choose to go directly to the store to inquire about the progress of work. Candidates should always keep in mind the time and tasks of the store manager and should, if possible, contact the recruitment staff only during off-peak hours. In anticipation of a response, job seekers must be prepared. Confidence and respect will help them impress the interviewer.

Things to Know About Converse

Converse believes that diversity nurtures creativity and accelerates innovation. The brand introduces unique experiences and contexts that everyone can contribute to. The company helps everyone to understand their potential, believing that prospects can feed the best ideas.

Tyler, with the Golf le Fleur brand, is presently working in partnership with the company. This collaboration aims to create incredible shoes with more classic color options. In addition, a collection of sweatshirts and tees will be launched.

The company is known for producing quality shoes with outstanding features. These shoes Include star insignia, sturdy rubber sole, wrap-around strip, and smooth circled toe. In addition, the brand creates new styles and designs based on the latest fashion trends.

Converse also cares about communities that serve and promote environmental conservation. The brand uses Flyknit technology to manufacture its products. Nike uses this technology also to reduce waste generated by daily activities.

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