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Greyhound is a service of interurban bus transport that transfers passengers to destinations in North America and Mexico. Greyhound is a subsidiary of the British transportation company FirstGroup and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The bus service was established in 1914 in Hibbing, Minnesota. The company founders Carl Eric Wickman, Andy Anderson, and CAA Heed used a seven-passenger car that Wickman failed to sell and transported passengers from Hibbing to Alice.

With one bus and one bus line, the company now owns a fleet of more than 1,500 vehicles that serve the network of over 3,000 destinations in the United States, Canada, and even Mexico, and has about 7,000 loyal employees.

Eligible employees receive a package of benefits, including a health plan that includes benefits for dental care, vision and medical care, short-term disability and life insurance, vacation pay and time off, free travel program, continuing education program, and 401K pension plan.

People see Greyhound as an adventure while working there. It gives them the opportunity to meet different kinds of people and travel to places they were not. The company also offers continuing education in skills certification and professional development.

How old do you have to be to work at Greyhound

Greyhound work is open to people over the age of 18 or equals to 18. The minimum age for bus drivers is 22 years. It is desirable to have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

Greyhound Careers

There are corporate and terminal positions in this company. However, most of the works at the Entry -level are located at terminals. Here are some of the most common available positions:

Driver: The driver guarantees safe and efficient transportation of passengers and parcels on a daily basis. They carry out vehicle inspections before and after the trip and notify changes in routes, accident, passengers’ incidents, and vehicle defects. Candidates must be up to or older than 22 years, having a valid driver’s license and a good driving record.

Ticket Agent: Accounting Agents Handle Ticket Transaction Ticket Sales, Including Pricing, Routing, and Scheduling Schedules, Preparing Required Travel Documents and Payment Transactions. Make sure the luggage is properly marked and loaded on the bus. They also use a public address system to make an announcement of current information to customers.

Luggage agent: luggage agents ensure safe and precise loading and unloading of passenger luggage. They Carefully organize the luggage to maximize available space and avoid item damage. They quickly Disassemble and sort luggage quickly for immediate delivery to customers. They help keep the luggage sorting area clean and neat.

Buses cleaner: Firstly, cleaning of the bus fleet is the primary responsibility of a Bus Cleaner. They clean off the buses with high-pressure cleaners and cleaning agents. They also clean the inside and sink of the open bonnet, depilation and pulling (trash bins). They fill the bus of necessities such as toilet paper, trash bags and hand sanitizers.

Janitor: The Janitors are responsible for keeping the terminal clean. They clean interior spaces that include waiting areas, bathrooms, and living areas. They also keep the outdoor terrain clean and orderly by pulling weeds, mowing grass, and sweeping sidewalks and parking areas.

Food Service Station Attendant: Food Service Station Attendant take orders from buyers and use the cash registers. They process all payment transactions and balance receipts at the end of their shifts. They provide users with useful add-ons, new products, and other promotional items. They help in preparing food, maintaining food inventories, and keeping the space clean and neat.

Service Lane Technician: Service Lane Technician provides preventive maintenance and fewer repairs to diesel engines and components associated with components. They use mechanical and computer diagnostic systems for vehicle systems diagnosis and repairs if needed. Technicians monitors and follows the company’s security policies and ensure safety and cleanliness at the workplace.

Package Express Agent: Package Express Agent helps clients solve problems related to transport, personally or by phone, about products, prices, regulations, and transit times. They prepare delivery and payment transactions. To enroll for this, a year of customer service or cash handling experience is required.

Fleet Planner: Fleet Planner recognize the needs and priorities of teams based on historical data. They make a regular list of equipment and make the necessary adjustments in real time. Fleet Planner establishes relationships with pool and rental carriers, secure rentals, and manage invoices. They also handle licenses and all necessary documentation.

Corporate Dispatchers: Corporate Dispatchers assign buses and staff to effectively manage planned operations. They communicate with drivers, field operations, field management, and business management to ensure efficient delivery of the service. They help resolve disputes and dispatch problems by sending unsolicited questions to the dispatcher with the recommended action plan.

Greyhound Application

To apply for a job with the company, you can fill out an application form at your local Greyhound or apply online on the company’s career page. Employment agents recommend taking online routes for easier completion and faster processing.

Online submissions are processed through the Careers page. All applicants must create an employment profile and register. You can register manually by filling out a registration form or logging in to a LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook account to connect to the company website.

Once the conditions have been met, you will be directed to the application form. It is recommended that you submit your latest CV and other relevant documents to your application so you can have a better insight into your skills and competencies.

Make sure your resume is up to date and reflects your qualifications. Deviations between the request form and your resume will negatively affect you and may even lead to rejection.

You would receive a response from the company for a few days to update you on your application. When you are invited to an interview, be sure to prepare yourself by choosing the right outfit and coming up with answers to the common questions for the interview.

Things to Know About Greyhound

Customer safety is at the heart of the company’s culture. In addition to delivering transport solutions to the community, the company primarily determines the convenience of its customers and keeps security in the foreground. Follow the strict security protocol to guarantee it.

The bus line joins Google Maps to help customers plan to travel. Customers can now easily review bus schedules and personalize their travel by exploring possible routes and learning other modes of transportation.

Greyhound Express is a fast-routes bus service. With the exception of a brief pause, there is no stop from one point to another. This company is known for offering the latest equipment on board at very affordable prices.

The Home Free program is a national Runaway Safeline initiative that provides refugees with a return ticket for their families or legal guardians. If the child is under the age of 15, their parents receive the ticket instead.

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