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Cumberland Farms is a convenience store chain located in the northeastern region of the US and in Florida. This chain is mainly made up of retail stores and they have some gas stations at various retail locations.

Cumberland Farms, nicknamed “Cumby,” was founded by Vasilios and Aphrodite Haseotes bought a dairy farm in 1938 that would eventually lead to the establishment of a dairy store in 1958, and then the first convenience store in New England in 1962.

Cumberland Farms is known for being the one of the largest, independently owned convenience stores. Not only was Cumberland Farms the first convenience store in the northeast, but they were awarded the title as one of the “2018 Best workplaces in Retail” by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work®.

Cumberland Farms offers health care options to their full time staff with access to telehealth, CVS clinics, dental, and vision care. Staff are also provided with a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and all staff are offered a basic life insurance package; a 401k package is available after 6 months. Also, all staff are eligible for educational assistance, and employee assistance funds for personal crises that affect staff from coming to work.

Staff enjoy working at Cumberland Farms because they get to meet and interact with new people, both as customers and staff. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for professional development, and they offer great scheduling and competitive pay. Cumberland Farms is always working to improve the customer service and working experience at their retail locations, and staff say that this innovative thinking creates a good working environment.

How old do you have to be to work at Cumberland Farms?

In order to work at Cumberland Farms you need to be at least 18 years old because the positions available require a high school diploma or a GED in order to be considered for the position due to safety and cash handling responsibilities.

Cumberland Farms Careers

Cumberland Farms offers a range of employment opportunities, but the majority of these positions are located in New England or Florida. Many of the positions are required to have strong customer service skills, and each position is repsonible for ensuring the success of their retail location.

Retail Sales Associate: The Retail Sales Associate is responsible for ensuring a positive customer service experience to shoppers. Also, the associate is expected to maintain a clean environment by cleaning food equipment, wiping floors, and taking out trash. The associate is also expected to ensure the retail location is stocked with products.

Food Service Leader: The Food Service Leader ensures that the customer is operating food and Chill Zone equipment properly. Also, they are responsible for keeping inventory, counting register tills, and assisting the store manager when they are absent. They are the leader during a shift if the manager is absent, and it is up to the leader to monitor the operations of the store.

Manager in Training: The Manager in Training is responsible for learning the operations side of a Cumberland Farms retail location. This position is trained on inventory, loss prevention, customer service, and leadership skills. Each of these skills will assist the manager in training with their courses on sale and profit goals, promotional execution, and staff culture.

Warehouse Selector: The Warehouse Selector assesses the warehouse inventory and determines which products go to various retail locations. The selector needs to be able to work independently, quickly, and in an organized manner. Also, this position requires mechanical equipment certifications to ensure safety in the warehouse.

Forklift Operator: The Forklift Operator is responsible for unloading, loading, and stacking retail product. This position requires the ability to operate heavy machinery according to safety standards. For example, when transporting a pallet, the operator must make sure the pallet is wrapped and secured properly.

Food Production Line Worker: The Food Production Line Worker assists with putting together food products to be shipped to Cumberland Farms retail locations. They are required to follow company and food safety policies, and they should be able to shift to various stations in the food production department. The position requires the ability to speak and understand english, and at least 1 year of experience is preferred.

Grocery Driver: The Grocery Driver is responsible for delivering food products to Cumberland Farms retail locations on time and safely. The ability to operate a commercial vehicle is a requirement for this position. Also, this position is required to keep a delivery log and reciepts of delivery for reporting records later on.

Petroleum Driver: The Petroleum Driver is responsible for ensuring the fulfulliment of orders for fuel. They are expected to attend regularly scheduled trainings, enter data into the computer system installed in the vehicle, and they must demonstrate a professional demeanor.

Quality Assurance Technician: The Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for making sure that all products distributed in and out of the warehouse facility meet quality standards set by Cumberland Farms. This position is required to make daily tests on products in the lab, and they must accurately record the data. Also, the technician is required to make sure the lab is cleaned properly after testing.

Tote Wash Operator/Utility Person: The Tote Wash Operator/Utility person is responsible for cleaning totes and trays used in the warehouse. Once the totes and trays are clean, this person is required to load the clean materials onto a pallet to be used again later.

Cumberland Farms Application

If you would like to apply to Cumberland Farms, you need to log onto a computer and apply through their online portal. Cumberland Farms chain does not accept paper or in person applications, but they do feature an option to link a linkedin or indeed account to your applicaiton.

In-store or paper applications are not available for the entire chain, but they do offer an online application process. By linking your linkedin or indeed accounts, you can speed up the application process for yourself. Also, the online portal offers a “refer a friend” option if you know of someone that would want to apply.

Again, it is strongly recommended to link your linkedin or indeed profiles if you already have an account with these two application portals. If you do not have a profile with either, then you can make an account to join the Cumberland Farms talent network.

Make sure you include your education on your resume because each position with Cumberland Farms requires a high school education or an equivalent. Also, highlight your customer service experience because the company is working on creating an excellent customer service focused team.

The interview process can be very quick if you have the education and customer service background that is needed for this position. Most applicants say that the process took 1 to 2 days total. After you apply online, you will get a call to schedule an interview, and then the interview will be at the location you applied to.

Things to Know about Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms has a strong staff culture, and many of the employees say that they enjoy working with this company because of their great team. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for leadership and professional development. Also, Cumberland Farms is focused on providing a welcoming environment for their shoppers.

Besides earning the title of 2018 Best Workplaces in Retail, Cumberland Farms is constantly in the news for expanding their chain into new territories. Recently, they have started opening what is called the “2nd generation” retail stores that are more modern and feature new amenities.

Cumberland Farms is known for operating and maintaining a clean and welcome environment for their shoppers. They are a convenience store similar to the Wawa chain, and they are based in the northeastern region of the US. Some of the retail locations have a gas station location as well.

Cumberland Farms consistently works to give back to the communities they are located in. For example, they recently donated 10,000 bottles of water to a local middle school in need. Also, they participate in the “Cups for Kids” program that is focused on donating portions of sales to help children’s hospitals.

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