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Dillons is a grocery store chain in Kansas, and they are a part of the Kroger grocery family. Dillons is dedicated to offering a wide selection of high quality products, helping the community, and creating a great customer service experience.

Despite being a part of the Kroger portfolio, Dillons was founded as a small general store in 1890 by John S. Dillon, and the store was officially incorporated in 1917. However, the store was sold to investors because of WWI, and was later reopened in 1919 as “J.S. Dillon and Sons Store.”

Dillons has over 12,000 employees located at one of their 139 grocery store or 24 fuel center locations. Dillons’ employee, Steve Waggoner, was awarded the “2018 Retail Produce Manager” award because of his positive demeanor and unique merchandising.

Dillons offers employment benefits that include a 401k retirement program, health care benefits, paid vacation days, and professional development opportunities; all staff are not offered these opportunities, many of them apply to full time staff only. Also, all staff are offered a 10% employee discount on Dillons store products.

Dillons offers weekly pay and a good employee discount on Dillons products, and many staff members say that is why they enjoy working at Dillons. Also, many employees cite friendly managers and a strong leadership team as a great reason to work at Dillons.

How old do you have to be to work at Dillons?

In order to work at Dillons, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of your application. Many positions require a high school diploma, or the equivalent, and the ability to work during the day; something students under 18 would be unable to fulfill.

Dillons Careers

Dillons offers a range of career options in their grocery store chain, including opportunities in their fuel center and distribution facilities. Dillons careers are all focused on one key thing: customer service. Without a great customer service experience, shoppers will turn to Dillons’ competitors.

Pharmacy Clerk: The Pharmacy Clerk is responsible for greeting customers and assisting them with their pharmacy needs. This position maintains an organized system for pharmacy and prescription records, and they are expected to keep their work space clean. The clerk is a cash handling position, and they are expected to be able to communicate clearly with customers.

Loss Prevention Security Officer: The Loss Prevention Security Officer is responsible for protecting the store and company’s investments. The Officer meets with customers leaving the store to check carts and receipts, and they conduct storewide security checks. Also, the officer is responsible for responding to all alarms and security threats.

Grocery Clerk: The Grocery Clerk is supposed to create an excellent customer service experience by answering questions and welcoming shoppers to the store. Also, they sort and stock products on shelves and in the produce department, but they are expected to keep the storage spaces in the back of the store organized as well.

Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician: The Technician must hold a valid National Technician Certification license at the time of application. The Technician is responsible for maintaining pharmacy records, ordering prescription supplies, assisting with nursing home medications, and they should be able to maintain a great customer service experience.

Dairy Lead: The Dairy Lead is responsible for training and scheduling team members, ordering the correct amount of merchandise, documenting incoming supplies, and create an aesthetically pleasing display of merchandise in the dairy department. This position needs experience in labeling, unpacking, and cleaning merchandise and their displays.

Grocery Department Manager Backup: The Grocery Department Manager Backup assists the manager in training, scheduling, and in assisting customers with their questions or feedback. Also, this position is responsible for maintaining a clean store and a safe working environment.

Dillons eCommerce (Pickup) Associate: The eCommerce Associate is responsible for completing online orders for customers. The Associate will pick up the order’s items around the store, they’ll pack it in bags, and then they’ll transfer the order to the customer. Time management and customer service are key aspects of this position.

Baker’s eCommerce (Pickup) Associate: The Baker eCommerce Associate is responsible for completing online orders customers placed with the bakery department. This Associate keeps track of orders, expected pick up times, and they pay attention to order specifics. Also, they are responsible for giving the order to the customer.

Cake Decorator: The Cake Decorator is responsible for icing, decorating, and packaging bakery items according to creative designs. The Decorator is expected to follow all designs pre approved by the bakery, and they need to maintain a clean workspace. Also, the Decorator needs to follow all safe food handling procedures.

Floral Designer: The Floral Designer is responsible for designing and creating floral designs for customer orders. The Floral Designer takes customer orders and fills them in a timely manner, and they are expected to have great customer service skills because they take orders in person and on the telephone order line.

Dillons Application

The Dillons store chain accepts applications on line or in person, and you can apply on line by following the career page links to the positions you would like. Also, you can ask for an application at the customer service help desk in stores.

You can apply to Dillons stores on line or in person, but it is recommended that you complete the online application. The online application allows you to apply to more than one position, and it is easier for the hiring manager to keep track of.

Once you decide on a position you would like to apply to you need to go onto the Dillons application portal and create a profile. After you create a profile, it will be easier to apply to other positions because the portal saves your application information. Also, if you apply in person, make sure you bring a copy of your resume to help you fill out the information quickly and accurately.

Again, you will need to bring your resume with you when you go to apply in person. Your resume should include your education and an accurate work experience. If you have any gaps in your work history, make sure to add information explaining that gap.

For the interview, make sure that you have a copy of your resume with you. Also, make sure you have some questions prepared about the position. Prepare answers to standard interview questions before your interview to sound confident and prepared.

Things to know about Dillons

A lot of the employees say they enjoy working at Dillons because of the great team environment, and the work environment is pretty good because the hours you work pass by quickly because it is a busy store.

Dillons has been in the news recently because of their public outreach programs, especially ones where they helped feed the community on Thanksgiving. Also, Dillons is associated with a number of sports programs in the Kansas area, and they are constantly recognized for their participation in that field.

Again, Dillons is known for being a small grocery store chain in Kansas, and they have a variety of small chains in Nebraska and Oklahoma that are part of their retail portfolio. Dillons aims at creating a strong customer service experience for all of their shoppers, and they encourage staff to participate in leader/professional development opportunities.

Dillons participates in a number of charitable programs in the communities the stores are located in. For example, Dillons has a program geared towards hiring thousands of veterans, and the program donates store proceeds to the USO. Also, they are focused on providing meals to their communities, with over 3 million meals a week donated.

Application Links

Company: https://www.dillons.com

Career: https://jobs.kroger.com/dillon-stores/go/Dillon-Stores/587500/

Application: https://career8.successfactors.com/careers

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