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Cici’s is a restaurant chain focused on pizza buffets where they serve unique pizza combinations, a salad bar, and pasta options. Cici’s offers opportunities for events and catering, but their main focus is the buffet aspect of the business. Cici’s is a low cost buffet that offers a range of food options, and they work to create options that cater to most diets; including vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free.

Originally named Cici’s Pizza, Cici’s was founded in Plano, Texas in 1985 by Joe Croce and Mike Cole. In 2004, Cici’s was considered one of the fastest growing pizza chains, and it was previously known as a “top 25 performing brand” by the Wall Street Journal.

Cici’s was also named a “top 200 franchise concept” by Franchise Today. During the period from 2004 to 2009, Restaurants & Institutions’ “Consumers’ Choice in Chains” contest awarded Cici’s with third place because of their strong customer reviews. Cici’s has 440 locations currently, and they employ about 500-1000 employees at any one time.

For employee benefits, Cici’s offers supplemental life insurance, individual insurance, and an employee discount on food and drinks. Some of the Cici’s franchises offer a 401k program to their full time managerial staff, but that option is not consistent across the chain.

The staff at Cici’s enjoy working with their team in a fast-paced environment. Many of the employees like working at Cici’s because of the flexible hours and the discount on pizza and pasta while working. There is an opportunity for tips and there is always something to do to keep you occupied.

How old do you have to be to work at Cici’s? 

In order to work for Cici’s, you must be at least 16 years old when applying to any position with the company. Some positions require a high school degree or GED, so the age expectations will shift according to the education requirements.

Cici’s Careers

Because Cici’s is a national restaurant chain with hundreds of locations, there are many employment opportunities with the company. Also, Cici’s is working on expanding their influence to include up to 500 new stores in the coming years.

Dishwasher: The Dishwasher assists in maintaining a clean working environment. Specifically, the dishwasher is responsible for washing dishes, pots, pans, flatware, and more. The dishwasher is expected to wash all these items using the dishwashing machine or by hand. Also, the dishwasher needs to help clean equipment and food preparation stations.

Food Preparer: The food preparer helps the kitchen staff by crafting pizzas using the established recipes. Also, they are responsible for monitoring portions, using approved food safety procedures, and they should anticipate customer demand for certain food items. The food preparer also needs to help maintain a clean work space and prepare food stuff for toppings and fillings.

Cook: The cook is responsible for preparing pizzas, pastas, and salads during their shift. They should cook pizzas according to the recipe in a timely manner and according to the requests placed at the kitchen. Also, they are responsible for ensuring that the kitchen staff maintain proper food safety techniques.

Team Member: The team member is expected to help with any and all tasks assigned to them during their shift. For example, they might be tasked with ensuring the dining space is clean and fully stocked with utensils, or they would assist the cook and food preparer in making pizzas.

Cashier: The Cashier is the first person the customer sees, and it is important to create a great customer service experience by first welcoming the customer to the restaurant. The Cashier helps the customer with their order, ringing them up at the register, and the cashier must communicate information about the order to kitchen staff.

Busser: The Busser is responsible for ensuring the dining area is clean and suitable for customers. The Busser clears tables and brings the dirty dishes to the dishwasher. Also, they are encouraged to assist customers, offer to fill their water glasses, help deliver food to customers, and they typically restock the dining area supplies.

Shift Supervisor: The Shift Supervisor is responsible for monitoring the restaurant operations during their shift. They make sure that staff are maintaining food safety standards, strong customer service, and that the restaurant has suitable staffing and supplies. The Shift Supervisor is responsible for reporting any issues about staff or supplies that are needed to the manager on duty.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager oversees the operations of the restaurant when the Manager is not on duty, and they are expected to help maintain a great customer service and staff culture. Also, they are the cash handlers for the store, they maintain inventory, and are responsible for recruiting new hires. At least one year of restaurant experience is required in order to be considered for this position.

Shift Leader: The Shift Leader is responsible for maintaining the restaurant operations during their shift. The shift leader is required to make sure that staff are following company policies and food safety handling procedures. Shift leaders are expected to bring positive energy and strong customer service skills to the team.

General Manager: The General Manager is expected to maintain and surpass sales and profit goals set for their restaurant. Also, the general manager is expected to report to the District and Area Managers. Also, the manager ensures that equipment is clean and safe to operate, and they maintain the store inventory.

Cici’s Application

In order to apply to a position at Cici’s, you need to logon to their career page and fill out a short application questionnaire. Once you fill out the questionnaire, you will be contacted about the status of your application.

Cici’s prefers that applications be filled out online, but they do accept in person applications at some of the franchise locations. Applying online ensures that your application will be read by the hiring manager at the location you have selected.

This is a very simple application process, and all you will need to do is log onto a computer and answer a few questions online. After you have completed the online application portion, the hiring manager will call you to ask a few interview questions.

Make sure that your resume talks about your education experience because some positions require a minimum amount of education. Also, include the amount or which languages you speak, speaking spanish and english is important for this position.

There are only 12 short questions on the application online, and the majority of them are yes or no questions. Make sure that your contact information is up to date because they will contact you shortly after to ask follow up questions.

Things to Know about Cici’s

Cici’s is a fast paced environment with a good staff culture. Many of the team members state they enjoy working together and that they like their coworkers. However, sometimes there are issues when there is more than one manager on duty; managers that are not on the same page can send conflicting messages to staff. Although, many employees say that the managers are nice to them.

Recently, Cici’s completely rebranded their company. Before the rebranding campaign, Cici’s was known as Cici’s Pizza and had a different logo. Cici’s argues that the rebranding is to help create a fresh image of the company to encourage customers to visit. Also, Cici’s has been in the news for helping celebrate the start of school for many kids across the country by providing pizza for the students.

Cici’s works to provide help to the communities that it is located in, and, most recently, they offered a promotion for Veterans Day where veterans were given a free pizza buffet. Cici’s also offers the opportunity to fundraise at franchise locations where a portion of the profits from the night will go straight to a fundraising program.

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