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Delta is a U.S. airline that offers both international and national flight services. They offer premier business class, premium economy, first class, main cabin and basic economy seating on their flights. The airline serves the major hubs of Atlanta, Detroit, L.A., Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York, Salt Lake City and Seattle/Tacoma and its focus cities are Boston, Cincinnati and Raleigh/Durham. In-flight amenities include free Wi-Fi, entertainment and food and drink service.

Founded in 1924 as Huff Daland Dusters, a crop dusting operation, the company became Delta Air Service in 1928 after being purchased by Collet E. Woolman, one of its original directors. Its headquarters were moved to Monroe, Louisiana from Macon, Georgia shortly after its founding and in 1941, the company moved to its permanent headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. They became part of the SkyTeam alliance in June 2000 and merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008.

They are the world’s second-largest airline and the oldest to still be operating in the U.S. It is number 75 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies in the U.S. by total revenue, generating about $41 billion in 2017. As of this year, they employ over 85,000 people. Recently, they were awarded the EPA’s Design for the Environment Award for their use of PreKote, an aircraft surface pretreatment that is more environmentally friendly and reduces water usage.

Employees enjoy travel and flight discounts, for which family members are also eligible. They offer medical, dental, vision and life insurance options as well as disability benefits and an employee assistance program. Employees can participate in profit sharing and join the company’s credit union. The company makes 401k contributions and sponsors an employee scholarship fund.

People like working for the company because of their excellent benefits, especially the travel benefits that are extended to family. They offer a structured training program. There are opportunities for mobility within the company and room for career advancement.

How old do you have to be to work at Delta?

The company requires all potential employees to be at least eighteen years old. Some positions, like flight attendants and crew members, require someone to be at least twenty-one in order to comply with regulations.

Delta Careers

The company offers both full and part time positions across several departments including customer service, sales and technical operations. They encourage applicants to apply online and sponsor an employee referral program. Among the numerous jobs at the airline are flight attendant, ticketing agent, baggage handler/ramp operator, customer experience specialist, pricing analyst, production control auditor

Customer Service Agent: Ticketing: Customer Service Ticket Agents play a key role in the customer service experience and are responsible for getting travelers and their luggage checked in and to the proper gate. They assist with general travel information, gate boarding and weighing checked baggage, and are often required to lift items up to 70 pounds.

Baggage Handler/Ramp Operator: This position is responsible for the transport of luggage and cargo to and from the aircraft upon landing and before takeoff. They are expected to operate forklifts and other heavy machinery to load the aircraft and must be able to perform a variety of physical tasks in a fast-paced environment. Other responsibilities include operating scanners and inputting information to ensure cargo gets where it needs to go.

Customer Experience Specialist: Customer Experience Specialists are expected to field calls from clients and help to identify solutions to a variety of travel-related issues. They are also responsible for selling related services such as car rentals and hotels. They are expected to remain patient and polite in all interactions with customers, and must possess strong communication skills and the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and changing conditions.

Flight Attendant: Flight Attendants are responsible for executing in-flight services and addressing any customer concerns during the flight. Their key responsibilities include briefing passengers on safety protocols and emergency procedures, assisting with stowing luggage during the boarding process and aiding passengers with disabilities or special needs. They also prepare and serve food and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board.

Global Sales Associate: The Global Sales Associate supports the company’s B2B marketing operations and maintains key relationships with customers to ensure sales goals are met, with a particular focus on the high profile accounts. This person is expected to represent the sales team at customer events and conduct outbound campaigns.

Passenger Service Agent: The Passenger Service Agent is required to provide customer service to travelers at the gate, baggage area or ticket counter. They are responsible for accurately entering boarding and deplaning information, assisting customers with ticket changes and scheduling changes, make announcements at the gate to ensure passengers receive critical communications and assist with checking passenger luggage at the gate.

Cargo Customer Service Agent: Cargo Customer Service Agents are responsible for loading, transporting and unloading mail and cargo before and after takeoff. They must be able to operate heavy machinery in a busy environment and lift at least 70 pounds in order to ensure that all processes move smoothly during loading and unloading.

Production Control Auditor: The Production Control Auditor is responsible for scanning and working with inventory in the company warehouse. They are required to do heavy physical work such as moving and disposing of engine parts. They must be able to utilize heavy equipment to complete tasks.

Pricing Analyst: The Pricing Analyst is responsible for gathering market and supplier data to support catering procurement functions. This includes work on sourcing initiatives, management projects and support operations. They work to maintain the pricing systems for caterers and are required to produce reports and analysis accordingly.

The company promotes the professional growth of its employees within the company by promoting internally and offering opportunities for advancement. Entry-level employees often transition into higher level roles within the company as there are a variety of departments and initiatives. The company also has a military hiring initiatives to provide veterans with jobs. They also provide internships for undergraduate and MBA students with an interest in engineering.

Delta Application

Any potential applicants can visit Delta’s website and navigate to their online application. The company encourages prospective employees to complete the application process online rather than in person, depending on the job and location.

The company’s website features an application portal for prospective employees in its corporate office and around the country.

Applicants should take extra care to ensure that all portions of the application are filled out and any extra required documents are submitted.

The application and resume should demonstrate an interest in the industry, experience in engineering, aviation and customer service.

Before an interview, applicants should prepare to talk about their background in the travel or aviation industry and be able to tell a few anecdotes about excellent customer service, effective management, quick thinking or mechanical skill. Because the company offers a multitude of positions in different locations and environments, applicants should highlight relevant experience in the position they are applying for.

Facts About Delta

While the company’s culture is corporate, they promote a family-like working environment. There is a large emphasis placed on creating a team-oriented culture. They also promote career mobility for their employees.

Recently, the company prohibited single-use plastics like straws onboard and in their airport clubs. They rolled out the first biometric airport terminal in the U.S. in December 2018. They were listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as well.

The company is known as one of the largest commercial airlines in the world with flights to a variety of destinations.

Delta’s social efforts include educational advancement initiatives, support for the American Cancer Society, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network. They also partner with Habitat for Humanity. They support several sustainability initiatives both internally and in local communities. Through these efforts, they have raised tens of millions of dollars for charity.

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