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TD Bank is an American national bank with branches up and down the East Coast of the U.S. Their parent company is the multinational Toronto-Dominion bank. They provide personal and commercial banking services including checking savings and investment accounts. Among their products are debit and credit cards, personal and mortgage loans and prepaid cards for commercial banking. The company also provides a number of small business services. They offer electronic services including online banking, bill pay and a mobile app. The company serves customers across 15 East Coast states.

The bank is the successor of the Portland Savings Bank and Banknorth, which merged to become TD Banknorth. They officially became TD Bank, North America in 2008 after Commerce Bank and Banknorth were acquired by the TD Bank Group.

They are the eighth largest bank in the U.S. by total assets and are headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The bank employs over 26,000 people and have over 1,000 branches.

The bank offers opportunity for career advancement. They offer competitive salaries for their full-time and part-time positions. They also sponsor incentive programs for their employees, provide flexible scheduling options and various assistance programs.

People like working at the bank because they promote taking time off and offer great paid time off benefits. Corporate promotes growth and prefers to promote from within the company. Employees appreciate the many opportunities for mobility and career advancement. The bank’s employees also appreciate the available health insurance options. 

How old do you have to be to work at TD Bank? 

The bank requires all of its employees to be at least eighteen years old. This guarantees that the company remains in compliance with regulations and that employees are able to perform well in their jobs. 

TD Bank Careers 

The company offers both full-time and part-time positions, as well as seasonal roles. They offer on site and remote opportunities, depending on the department and position. Some of the positions available at the company include teller, customer service representative, assistant store manager, sales associate, financial services associate, personal banking associate and debt specialist.

Teller: Tellers provide top-level customer service at the counter and drive thru. They are responsible for processing payments, withdrawals, deposits, cashing checks, exchanging currency, accessing safe deposit boxes and maintaining ATM machines in the lobby. They are expected to support overall sales goals and strategy, make partner referrals when necessary and educate customers about available services and products.

Customer Service Representative: Customer Service Representatives meet with clients to understand, assist with and resolve any financial issues. They are expected to have a strong knowledge of sales, available products and be able to make partner referrals. Customer Service Representatives address all customer enquiries in a timely and effective way and support the management team in reporting and troubleshooting any problems. They are expected to cross-sell products to provide multiple services as well as maintain monthly sales targets.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for leading the store team and ensuring day-to-day operations run smoothly. They are tasked with reviewing new account openings, documentation, customer transactions and implementing procedures. They make sure that tellers operate the vault and manage the drawer responsibly and in line with company standards. They are expected to help Financial Services and Sales Associates with customer negotiations and achieving sales goals.

Personal Banking Associate: The Personal Banking Associate is responsible for supporting customer service operations by providing outstanding customer service. They are expected to greet customers as they enter the lobby, act as a point of contact for any customer problems, educate customers on the bank’s services and products and complete operational tasks when needed. They should be able to quickly identify and solve any customer issues related to personal banking.

Financial Services Associate: The Financial Services Associate supports sales goals by interacting with customers to help find products and solutions for their financial concerns. They must have a strong knowledge of the company’s financial products and be able to troubleshoot related customer concerns. They are expected to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with existing customers. They are tasked with assisting customers in completing deposits, withdrawals, bill payments and loan payments.

Debt Specialist: Debt Specialists are charged with identifying reasons why customers are able or unable to pay off lines of credit, mortgage and auto loans, home equities and others. They are expected to work with customers to resolve payment disputes, address any questions and provide follow up. Debt Specialists are tasked with placing outbound calls and sending letters to customers, reviewing accounts to ensure compliance with loss prevention policies and effectively implement the company’s customer service strategy.

The company invests in professional and leadership development for their employees. The bank offers a multitude of options for career mobility. They have a performance and development process in place, which ensures that employees have the resources and tools they need at each stage to effectively do their jobs. They provide regular performance feedback to help employees grow and offer on-the-job experiences that promote advancement.

TD Bank Application

Any potential applicants to the company can find available jobs listed on the company’s website. Positions are stratified into four levels, so entry-level applicants should make sure that they are applying to positions in the first tier, which is indicated in the job title.

Prospective employees can then continue their application online, which the company encourages. When applying online, applicants should ensure that they are applying to a U.S. branch location.

The application and resume should highlight their exposure to the financial industry and any experience in banking. Because the company offers a variety of different positions, applicants should double check to make sure that they have included all of the requested, relevant information.

To prepare for an interview, applicants should prepare a few stories of success in the financial industry, providing excellent customer service or excelling in a busy environment. They must be able to demonstrate an aptitude in math and finance and should be comfortable doing basic arithmetic in a fast-paced setting.

Facts About TD Bank

The company’s culture is corporate but teamwork oriented. They place a large emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. They are committed to providing an inclusive environment and provide support and accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Recently, the bank has partnered with housing authorities in Maine and Vermont to promote affordable housing initiatives. They also recently launched an adaptive financial education program for customers.

The bank is known for providing commercial and personal banking services on the East Coast of the United States as a subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion bank, headquartered in Canada.

The company’s social efforts include support for over 6,000 organizations across the country. They aim to form partnerships with communities to volunteer time and resource. They also support and participate in Thought Leadership initiatives as well as environmental education and conservation efforts.

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