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Guess is a clothing brand in the US, and they offer clothing and fashion accessories for men and women. Guess primarily offers clothing, perfumes, jewelry, and shoes. Guess stores are typically located in shopping malls or outlets in order to access a large customer base.

The company was founded in 1981 in Beverly Hills by the Marciano brothers: Georges’, Maurice, Paul, and Armand. Each brother was involved in different aspects of the company, but in the early 1990’s Georges’ sold his share in the company over a disagreement and the other brothers were forced to make the company public with Paul being the last remaining brother overseeing the company.

Guess oversees 1,680 stores globally, and they have 14,700 employees total. Guess has clothing stores located in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In 2010, Guess was awarded the “Best Practices Award from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).”

Guess offers a variety of benefits to their employees, some specifically for full time staff and some for both full and part time staff. Some of the benefits offered include employee discounts, health insurance, performance bonuses, 401k plans, and vacation days.

Many employees enjoyed working at the stores because of the great management and team members. Also, employees say that they learned a lot of interpersonal and sales skills, and they were able to develop strong customer service techniques that they could use in other positions in the future.

How old do you have to be to work at Guess?

In order to work with Guess, applicants need to be at least 18 years old at the time of their application. Many of the positions require a high school degree, and the customers at Guess typically respond well to a staff member that is no younger than 18.

Guess Careers

Guess currently employs about 14, 700 staff members, and that number continues to grow as they expand their portfolio to include offering their products in Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and other big box shopping stores. As that number continues to grow, Guess is constantly working to create a great working environment for all of their employees across the globe.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager assists the store manager with managing the store associates and the operations of the individual store. This position helps with staff training, managing the store, helping in the stock room, and they help with creating a strong customer service experience.

Store Manager: The Store Manager is responsible with supervising the store staff and the assistant or co-managers. Also, they report sales performances, execute sales goals and promotions for the store, and they help train the store staff. This position is responsible for payroll as well.

Holiday Hire: The Holiday Hire is a temporary position for staff to help with store operations during the holiday season because this is typically the busiest shopping season for the retail store. Also, they help with customer service, housekeeping, and stocking the store.

Visual Co-Manager: The Visual Co-Manager is responsible for creating an aesthetically pleasing display program for store merchandise, and their displays are meant to show off the merchandise in an organized manner that leads the shopper throughout the stores. This position is required to have a high school education and two years of experience.

Warehouse Associate:  The Warehouse Associate helps with the receiving and shipping of inventory items. They are responsible for logging each shipment in the warehouse database, and then they must place the inventory in the correct storage space if it is incoming inventory. This position requires the ability to operate heavy machinery, and they must be able to perform quality checks on inventory.

Junior Graphic Designer: The Junior Graphic designer is responsible for helping with the concept development and production of advertising materials for stores. Also, this position is helping primarily with print materials that they then send over to the Art Director for the final approval before the materials are published.

Stock Picker: The Stock Picker helps the warehouse staff with the moving inventory through the pre-approved distribution processes. Also, this position checks inventory for quality, and they help with the proper storage of incoming inventory. This position requires a high school education, and you can work in this position with 0 to 2 years of experience.

Allocation Analyst: The Allocation Analyst is responsible for analyzing inventory, sales, and expenditures data in order to help stores reach their maximum profit potential. This position is required to be great at team working because they might work on various teams periodically, and they are supposed to help store teams with inventory and sales programs.

Associate Planner: The Associate Planner is meant to assist the Allocation Analysts and stores with putting profit and inventory plans into place. They use the data and strategies developed by the analysts to meet or exceed profit goals for each store. Also, they help during the development of these strategies by providing sales forecasts and inventory data.

Forklift Driver: The Forklift Driver is responsible for operating heavy machinery according to store and industry safety guidelines. Also, they help move products throughout the distribution process in the warehouse. This position requires the ability to be certified to use forklifts, and they need a minimum high school education.

Guess Application

In order to apply to any of the Guess retail locations, you must apply online through their career portal and application page. Guess retail locations are located globally, so take advantage of the opportunity to work in a new location around the world.

Because Guess stores are located around the world, the company uses a central application portal for people applying to any position with the company. As a result, they do not accept in person or paper applications because they want their applications to be filtered through their hiring department before an interview is started.

Similar to many companies, Guess has a central application portal where they post all of their jobs. It would be easiest for you to create an account on their application portal because, if you want to apply to more than one position with the company, having an account makes the process faster and easier.

Make sure that your resume has your education history on it because many of the positions require a high school level education at minimum, and without that education level on your resume you could be skipped over by the hiring manager.

The interview process is fairly straightforward and can take about 4 days to 2 weeks. Each interviewee says they were called and did a brief phone screening. Then they were asked to come into the store for an interview with the manager, and then some were asked to meet with the district manager as well. Each employee states they had to do a few interviews before they were hired at their position, so be prepared for multiple interviews.

Things to Know about Guess

Guess has a strong staff culture, and they are focused on treating their staff members fairly and kindly; which is fairly unique for such a large company. Also, the company is focused on customer service, and they want all their staff to make this a main focus for themselves as well.

Guess has been in the news for announcing the new face of the brand, J. Lo. Camilla Cabello was the face of the brand in 2017. Also, Guess has been in the news in recent years because of controversial shirts and business ethics at production facilities.

Again, Guess is known for being a global fashion brand that offers clothing and fashion accessories for both men and women. At one point, Guess attempted to offer a Home collection, but they closed the Home department of the store because it struggled to compete with other companies like Pottery Barn.

Because of its global impact, Guess started a sustainability program to protect the environment and empower the community, and they are working towards all of this by being transparent about company practices and purposeful practices. They’re working towards water conservation, reducing their carbon footprint, and helping the communities they are in.

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