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Duane Reade is located on Wall Street in New York City. Besides only selling medicine they sell household items and general products as well. They are a convenient store where customers can make a typical purchase.  Customers are also able to drop off and pick up their medication as well.

The company was founded by Jack Cohen, Eli Cohen, and Abraham Cohen. They open their first store in the year 1960. The store was also opened on Duane Reade which is where the name came from.

They currently have around 5,000 to 10,000 employees working in their stores. They have around 250 operating in the United States of America. They won numerous awards including one for their retail design back in 2012. Also, in the year 2010, they became a part of the Walgreen family.

Working at Duane Reade has many benefits they offer health care including vision and dental. They offer employee discounts which include the immediate employee family. They offer a retirement plan, and they let their employees have a savings account. They can get training through the company to.

The employees love working there because they can get healthcare for their family. They are open 24 hours a day so the employees can have a flexible schedule. They can help customers in their time of need. Their pay is good, and the environment is fast paced which means they are not bored while they are at work.

How old do you have to be to work at Duane Reade?

To work here, you have to be at least 18 years of age. You have to be this age because they want you to have at least your high school diploma to work here because of their requirements to work there.

Duane Reade Careers

You are offered a great number of career choices. They welcome everyone to apply if you are looking for an entry-level job you should apply for a job at their distribution department. Here is a list of the kind of jobs you can apply for.

Cashier: you are to speak to the customers, ring up their purchase, make sure they are happy with their purchase, keep your work area clean, and do everything your manager asks you to do.

Beauty Advisor: you are to speak to the customers, assist them if they need it, show them the products in the beauty section, offer to do a small makeover, offer them a skin consultation, and keep your workspace clean.  

Drug Clerk: you will file the customer’s prescriptions, verify information, take care of all new prescriptions, and refill all of the new orders that come in. And follow all the instructions your manager gives you.

Shift Leader: your duties will include helping the manager, the assistant manager, you will also have to open up the store and closing the store as well. You will be responsible for handling the store returns, the refunds, and the cashier tills.

Pharmacy Intern: you will fulfill prescriptions, you will have to be in training as well and speak to the customers as well assist them when needed.

Pharmacy Technician: you will help the pharmacist fulfill prescriptions, you must follow all the rules given to you by the pharmacist, by the state, and federal policies, you must fill out the customer information in the computer, you must get the medicine and count out the medicine and pour the medicine. You will also be required to verify that the medication is right and the medicine will work together.

Truck Driver: this position will require you to fill up the truck at the distribution center with the products each store need you will then unload the truck and put the merchandise in the store warehouse so the workers can restock the shelves in their store.

Store Merchandiser: you must fill the store with the regular merchandise and greet the customers, you must also keep the store clean, and you will help run the cash register. You must also do whatever the manager asks you to do.

Stocker: you will take care of the price tags on the merchandise, put the products on the shelves, take care of all the merchandise that is coming in and going out. You will also speak to the customers and help them if they need it. You will also do whatever the manager tells you to do.

Photo Specialist: you will be required to handle passport, pictures, sell promotional products, create displays and promote them, you must help in other areas of the store, and do whatever the manager tells you to do.

Customer Service: you must take care of the customer needs, you have to make sure they are happy when they leave the store, you have to speak to the customers and resolve all problems in person and on the telephone. You will also take care of the store displays and signage.

Duane Reade Application

There is an application you can fill out on the Walgreen website. You are given a choice to fill out the application in the store or at the corporate office. Once on the website you choose the position then you just click on apply it will then take you where you have to go.

When you apply, there is an online application you can fill out. There are also some other job websites you can go to and fill out an application. The whole process may take around one or two weeks, and it includes getting a background check done. When they receive all of your information and like what they see you will be called for your interview which is easy and comfortable.

When you are filling out your application information make sure all of your statements are truthful honesty is always best. Make sure you fill out all forms because you can run the risk of losing the job if you have missing information. You should also make a personal statement that will make your application stand out.

As for your resume just keep it short and simple and also truthful. If your resume has false information, you will lose the job before you even get started. Your resume is only there for them to see if you enough experience for the position you applied for.

As for the interview, the questions they ask are very simple you will be in a relaxed environment. The number of questions is uncertain, but it shouldn’t be a lot maybe around 10 of them. So, when you go to your job interview make sure you know all about the company and the position you applied for.

Things to know about Duane Reade

The heart of this company is all about their customers and patients, so value their employees always to be nice and friendly. Duane Reade is all about teamwork, and they consider their employees family. Before the company was sold the atmosphere was better than it is now.

Back in 2010, the company was sold to Walgreen because of the debts, and the owners were sent away for around 20 years. Since now that the company is under new management things are running a little different, but the mission is always the same.

They are known for being convenient and are easy to get to because of the products they sell their customers are always going back sometimes daily. Therefore, they are known to have repeat business and patients.

As for there social efforts they left that to Walgreens. They have a Facebook page you can visit and leave a comment. You are free to ask them questions, and you can follow them and get the latest news all from their page.

Application Links

Company:  https://www.walgreens.com/topic/duane-reade/duane-reade.jsp

Careers: https://www.walgreens.com/topic/duane-reade/careers.jsp 

Application: N/A

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