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Spirit Halloween is a fun company. It is said that they have the biggest Halloween store chain in the United States and Canada. The store sells costumes for children and adults; they sell scary decorations and them scary props which will bring out their customers Halloween decor.

This business was founded in the year 1983 and San Francisco. It was started by Joseph Marver. The headquarters is located in New Jersey. After a while, the company was sold to Spencer’s and when they took over somethings had changed.

They currently have around 1,400 stores within the United States and Canada. The company has more than 13,000 employees here in the states and Canada. This is still a growing company. Every year they have a celebration when the company gets a year older.

The company has a lot of benefits for their employees. They offer them a high salary, a bonus plan, retirement plan, a company gym; they also have an assistant program. They also provide their employee’s reimbursement of their tuition, and they can get disability either short term or long term — furthermore, they being paid for time off.

Their employees have a lot to say. For one they love the atmosphere it is fun and festive. They enjoy the perks, and they love the fact that they can still get paid for time off. Some of the perks they love are hours they have during the summer; they love their 30% discount, they love the fact that they can dress casually for work.

How old do you have to be to work at Spirit Halloween

For some of the positions you have to be 18 with a high school diploma, or you have to have a GED. And there are some positions you can apply for at the age of 16. You will be allowed to work either full time or part-time.

Spirit Halloween Careers

The company usually stay open for 60 to 90 days each year, and they have several positions applicants can apply for. Most of these jobs are seasonal so each year you may have to reapply. Here is a list of the jobs they have available.

Cashier: you will have to assist the customers by ringing up their items, handling their money, giving them the correct change, you have to put their items in the bag, and answer any question to the best of your knowledge.

Sales Associate: this is a seasonal position where you will sell products to the customers or encourage them to buy products. You will also be required to help keep the store clean and do whatever your manager tells you to do.

Store Manager: this is a seasonal job, and you are responsible for making the store to run smoothly, you have to keep the employees in line, you have to watch the expenses. You also have to stand up for a long time.

District Sales Manager: you must be 21 with a high school diploma or GED. You are in charge of 4 to 6 stores, and you will be in charge of the sales, the recruiting, the training, the payroll, the employees and the expense control.

Assistant Buyer: as an assistant buyer you are responsible for handling negotiations, put together a list of new products and some new vendors. You will also need to be a very good communicator because communication is a big deal with this position.

Assistant Store Manager: being the assistant store manager you are responsible for helping the store manager keep everything on track. You will keep all of the store’s displays in order; you must sell products to the customers, speak to the customers, and offer to help the customer.

Assistant Site Manager: as the assistant site manager you will help the site manager, and this is another job that does not last long at all. You will also make sure your team follows the processes. And you must help with coordinating the store partners.

Asset Protection Manager: as for this position you will make reports about the safety of the products and equipment and reports about the losses of the equipment and products.  You must follow all rules and procedures to keep the store safe for everyone. And be a motivator for your team.

Customer Service: as for this position you must assist customers in the store and on the phone. It is also your responsibility to handle customers returns, and you have to do everything your managers tell you to do.

Maintenance Mechanic: as a maintenance mechanic you will fix products that are not functional rather it is in the store or for a customer. You must keep things functional and make sure your work area is clean and do everything your manager as you to do.

Spirit Halloween Application

The best way to apply for a job with Spirit Halloween is online because you are able to do this in your home. Just fill out all of your work history, and all of your general information, and your references should be people who worked with you in the past.

There is an application you can fill out on their main website and the site; you can even submit your resume. If you live close to one of Spirit Halloween stores, you can go there and apply to. If you go in person and apply make sure you are dress nice potential employers pay close attention to this.

The best tip about the application is to fill it out truthfully and make sure you do not leave empty spaces. Another thing always makes sure you don’t have any errors this can cause you to lose the job before you are even hired.

As for your resume always put the truth on it and always input all of your information never leave anything blink. Whenever you write out your resume always make sure you make a cover letter, this will help your potential employer to get to know more about you and they will trust you more. Give them your cell phone number so they can get in touch with you.

After they look over your application and your resume and if they like it they will call you to schedule an interview. Once they call you to make sure you are well rested and learn about the company if you do this you should be successful and get the job.

Things to know about Spirit Halloween

Working here is fun, and it is fast paced. The employees can learn new skills. This is a rewarding job, and the perks are great. They also like to make videos of the new products so they can build some excitement for their customers and their employees.

They have many events the best one is the way they go to the children hospital and throw them a Halloween party. They give the children candy, and they give them costumes to wear, and they decorate the hospital for the children they already got donations that are passed 29 million dollars.

Spirit Halloween is known for their products which are costumes for adults and children. They are also known for their decorations and Halloween props. Lastly, they are known for their charity which is called Spirit of children. The children love it, and it’s their favorite time of the year.

As for their social standpoint, they have a Facebook page you are free to follow them. They have a twitter page all set up for you to follow. They have an Instagram page you can check out. When you want to stay up to date with the company just go to their pages.

Application Link

Company: https://www.spirithalloween.com 

Careers: https://www.spencersandspiritjobs.com/en-US/ 

Application: : https://www.spencersandspiritjobs.com/join

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