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Sea World happens to be a chain in which many animals live here in the parks. The animals include seals — Sea lions, dolphins and killer whales. During the day different shows are going on. There are the dolphins and the sea lion show people love the shows.

March 21, 1964, is when Sea World first started. It was started by some friends that were in college they started it as a project. Their names were: George Millay, Ken Norris, David Demott, and Milton C. Shedd. They had wanted a restaurant underwater at first, but when they couldn’t do it, they decided on Sea World.

As of now there are three of them open in the here in the United States and are at Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas and San Diego California. Currently, there are 5000 full-time and somewhere around 13,000 seasonal workers.

Their benefits include 401k-plan, you can go to any of the parks for free, you get free tickets, your friends and family get free passports and discounts. If you are a part time worker you get the added bonus of paid time off and reimbursement of your tuition. And if you are a full time employee you get insurance for your pet, your life, and your health. And there is a employee assistance program.

The employees love working there because they already love to be there for the animals. This place has a lot of different job opportunities for the right individual. The employees love the atmosphere of where they work for most of them this is a dream job with a lot of perks.

How old do you have to be to work at Sea World?

They require you to be at least 16 years old. Although majority of the positions wants you to be 18 years old with a high school diploma. So the best thing you can do is to apply once you are of the appropriate age with your high school diploma.

Sea World Careers

There are different kinds of positions with this company some of them are entry level up to college degree level. So, choose what you are qualified for. Some of the jobs are seasonal, so they will only be available for a few months.

Baker: as a baker you will be working with a professional. You will also be making muffins, bread, desserts, cakes, and specialties. So, if you want to learn how to make the best bread, cakes, or cookies then look no further. They have the best bakers in the country working here.

Performer: as a performer you will wear a custom. You will perform different acts with the animals. You are required to keep the attendees entertain. You will also keep the animals safe and the crowds as well. And you must follow all of the proper procedures when handling the animals.

Guest Relations Host/Hostess: you will be working on the cash register. You will follow all of the correct money handling procedures, you will hand out surveys to the guests, and you will follow the traffic flow in the park.

Administrative Assistant: you are responsible for clerical work such as faxing things, printing things, making copies of things you may need for management. You will handle all of the company communications such as the reports, their memos and their emails. As an assistant, you will also take care of the company calendar and keep it updated.

Ride Operator: as a ride operator you are responsible for making sure the rides are safe. You are responsible for the water ride, the roller coaster, and whatever other rides at the park. You must also enforce the park rules so people won’t get hurt on the rides.

Cabana Host (Sales Clerk): as a cabana host you will be watching and making sure the guests are comfortable and satisfied with the service they are receiving. You also have to take the guests orders and bring it to them. You have to handle the guests problems very quickly.

Gardner: as the Gardner, you are responsible for the grass and flowers around the entire park. If you are the Gardner, you need to keep it beautiful. So, make sure the grounds are beautiful at all time.

Shuttle Driver: as a shuttle driver you are responsible for bringing the guest around the grounds you are to bring them where ever they need to go. And you must make sure they are happy and satisfied with the park service.

Aquatic Tech (pool cleaner): you are responsible for keeping the records of activities regularly. You have to help with the pool by draining it and filling it back up again. You will also help with the pool by cleaning it, inspecting it, and operating it properly.

Costume Attendant: as a costume attendant you are responsible for washing all of the costumes for the company. You are also to do whatever management asks you to do. And you must make sure the costumes are always clean.

Sea World Application

The best way to apply for a sea world is online because you can do this in the privacy of your home. Just fill out all of your work history, all of your general information, and all of your references. This is very important, and you should take it seriously.

There is an application you can fill out on their main website If you just so happen to live close to any of the parks, you can go there and apply also. If you go in person and apply make sure you are dress the right way.

The best tip about the application is to fill it out truthfully and never leave any empty spaces. Always review your application before you hit the submit button. Some companies may ask you to take a test during the application process so always be prepared just in case, it is always best to be ready for any and everything when you are trying to get a job.

As for your resume always put the truth on it and always input all of your information never leave anything blink. Always make sure that your resume looks professional because having a unprofessional resume can cost you your new job.

After reviewing your application and your resume and they like what they have read they will call you to schedule an interview. Once they call you make sure you look over your list of qualifications. And be sure you are ready to talk about your skills. You can also talk about your interests and your hobbies this will help them to get to know you better.

Things to know about Sea World

Sea World culture is quite inviting you have all kind of sea animals. Animals are always fun to be around. All of the employee’s love working with the animals. And the employees love working together they all feel like family.

The latest news is that the killer whales are not doing any more shows which is sad because they were the main attraction. People loved to see the killer whales perform. Even though they are not performing anymore, they are still being treated right. The veterinarian is still treating them very good. Even though they are not performing any more people always come from everywhere just to see them.

Sea World is known for the animals they have in the park. They are also known for the shows they put on with the sea lion, the dolphins, and the killer whale. Even though they stop the killer whale show, people still watch the killer whale swim around.

As for their social standpoint, they have a Facebook page you are free to follow them. The company has a twitter page for you to follow. They have an Instagram page you can check out. When you want to stay up to date with the company just go to their pages. And you can email them.

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