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Lane Bryant is a clothing store that offers apparel for plus-size women, and they offer maternity styles for expecting mothers. Lane Bryant is a retail chain located in the US, and they offer styles both in store and online.

Lane Bryant was originally founded by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin in 1904 with maternity styles as their primary focus. Thanks to a customer’s request, Lena created the first commercially made maternity dress that included an elastic waistband and a pleated skirt.

There are over 800 Lane Bryant stores located across the US, and they employ just under 10,000 people. Recently, Lane Bryant’s mobile app provider, Vibes, was awarded a gold award in “Relationship building/CRM” and “Messaging” campaigns. Lane Bryant is currently running several body positive campaigns on social media, including: #ImNoAngel, #PlusIsEqual, #ThisBody, and more.

Lane Bryant offers a range of benefits to their employees, and some of these benefits are only offered to the full time staff. The company provides health care options, a 401k, charitable gift matching, performance benefits, sick leave, tuition reimbursement, and an employee discount; again, these are primarily for full time staff.

Employees say they like working at Lane Bryant because they enjoyed the fast paced environment, they like their coworkers, and there was a large employee discount. Also, many employees enjoy working with their managers, they like meeting the customers, and the work schedule is flexible.

How old do you have to be to work at Lane Bryant?

In order to work at any Lane Bryant store, you must be at least 18 years old because some positions require a high school education, and many of the clientele are around the 18 and up age range; which helps you to connect and work with the customers.

Lane Bryant Careers

Lane Bryant has over 800 locations all across the US, and, as a result, there are plenty of employment opportunities nationwide in their retail, distribution, and corporate locations. Lane Bryant is in all but four US states, those are: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Wyoming.

Sales Associate: The Sales Associate is responsible for providing a great customer service experience to shoppers by providing fashion advice and helping them with any questions. Also, the associate is required to meet sales goals, communicate promotions, restock the sales floor, and execute stoor checklists.

Key Holder: The Key Holder is expected to communicate with their team, help achieve sales goals, assist the leadership team, and help with coaching and hiring new team members. Also, the key holder should be able to open and close the store, help with marketing promotions, and create a great shopping experience.

Seasonal Sales Associate: The Seasonal Sales Associate is responsible for helping the sales team with the store during the holiday season because this is peak shopping season for the store. This position should know all of the ongoing store promotions as well as be able to encourage shoppers to participate in these programs.

Sales Lead: The Sales Lead works to create a great customer shopping experience, and they communicate and motivate team members to encourage success on store goals. Also, they push sales associates on their selling knowledge and assist the leadership team when they are not present.

Store Manager: The Store Manager is responsible for strategizing and communicating action plans to achieve store goals, and they help plan and execute events. Also, they are expected to check and make sure that the floor plan follows brand standards, and they oversee the merchandise flow and inventory.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager helps the Store Manager with creating and communicating store action plans to meet goals, and they help in overseeing controlled expenses. Also, they maintain store loss prevention and theft policies, help with training and onboarding staff, and assist in creating the store schedule.

Sales Manager: The Sales Manager is responsible for ensuring that sales goals are communicated and achieved, that the store meets visual brand standards, and they assist in training and onboarding new hires. Also, they assist in the hiring process, and they report inventory needs to the store manager.

Execution Sales Leader: The Execution Sales Leader’s main priority is that sales promotions are executed, the store meets the brand visual standards, and that promotions are effectively communicated and applied by sales staff.

Visual Sales Manager: The Visual Sales Manager is responsible for making sure that the store meets brand visual standards, that displays are clean and organized, and that all visuals are up around the store. Also, this position will help train some staff, and they need at least 1 year of experience.

Fashion Stylist: The Fashion Stylist helps support a fashion focused shopping experience for customers, and they help on the sales floor and in fitting rooms. Also, this position must be aware of all store promotions, and they should be able to help style multiple shoppers at a time.

Lane Bryant Application

In order to apply to any of the open positions with Lane Bryant, you can fill out an application online, or you can sometimes apply in person at the job fair events in the community or at college campuses when Lane Bryant representatives are in attendance.

The applications to work with Lane Bryant are only online on their application portal. However, Lane Bryant associates will sometimes visit local community or college job fairs, and when they attend these events you can apply in person after talking to the store representatives.

If you are attending a job fair and Lane Bryant is attending, it is strongly recommended that you bring a couple copies of your updated resume with you in order to make the application process smoother. If you are applying online, make sure you create an account on their application portal because they use the same application host as several other national retail chains, and this could help you apply to multiple positions in your area.

First, your resume should include your level of education because all of the jobs require a minimum of a high school education. Second, make sure you include a concise work history because employers will not look at resumes that are multiple pages in length, try to keep it to one page with some of your more recent jobs featured.

After you apply to a position with Lane Bryant, you could be called about your application and an interview opportunity. It is important to know that this step could take a long time because many employees say it took about two to four weeks to complete the interview process. Next, you will have an in person interview, and make sure you prepared answers to the following questions:

  • What is your fashion style?
  • Are you up to date on fashion trends?
  • Describe a situation where you had to make a decision to solve a tough problem.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is one thing about our stores you would like to improve?

Things to know about Lane Bryant

The staff culture at Lane Bryant is a positive team working environment where you all work together to make sales and create a great shopping experience for customers. Lane Bryant is focused on body positivity and loving the skin you are in, and it is important to make sure all customers leave the store feeling this way.

Lane Bryant is constantly in the news for the innovative and impactful body positivity campaigns they are pushing on social media. They are currently working on projects to encourage diversity of body types in the fashion industry, especially with lingerie brands that only feature a specific body type.

This company is known for its long history of promoting women in fashion, especially women who are pregnant or plus-size. They want to encourage a celebration of all body types in the fashion industry in order to promote a healthy body image for all women.

Lane Bryant has partnered with multiple charitable programs to help their communities. Most recently, they agreed to work with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the AdoptaClassroom program to help fund women’s health and education. Also, they have a number of donation programs they participate in that go to specific charities for the communities they are located in.

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