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Hobby Lobby is a store that connects shopping with religion. It is a store that follows all of the basic Bible related principles.  They consider themselves a place that offers great value. This store mostly offers arts and craft supplies and anything needed for a creative hobby. They also are very involved in the community and donate and help support dozens of charities.  Founded in 1970 by David and Barbara Green, this store started out as an in-home operation.

They took 600 dollars and began to craft handmade picture frames which led to their very own store in 1972. Now they own hundreds of stores and even their son has built his own franchise off of their success. Currently this company has 800 stores and 32,000 employees. The store range through 47 different states and therefore hold the record for being the largest privately-owned collection of arts and craft stores. They aren’t done either, as long as profits are skyrocketing, they will continue to grow their family.

This company offers great benefits too along with a kind work environment. They have competitive wages, paid vacations, paid time off for personal reasons, employee discounts, medical and dental coverage plans, 401(k) with Company Match, and Life Insurance. Many people seem to like this company for their religious overtones. They follow the bible and are very intent on helping and nurturing a lot of people. They also draw people in with their great treatment of employees and benefits packages.

How old do you have to be to work at Hobby Lobby?

In order to work at Hobby Lobby the applicant must be at least 16 years old. Most stores suggest at least 18 but here 16 is acceptable which makes it a great place for a first job.

Hobby Lobby Careers

There are a lot of exciting jobs at this store, like custom framer, manager, retail associate etc. There are also non store entry level jobs like truck loader and groundskeeper.  Every job must also follow their collection of spiritual rules and guidelines set out by the bible and the owners. Ever job is based in the principles of being kind and helpful.

Custom Framer: The custom framer is someone who works in the framing department of the store and is in charge of taking posters or paintings that the customers bring in and framing those specialized pieces. This is an artist job that requires professional skills.

Retail Associates: A retail associate is an employee who deals with the customers on the floor, anyone who has a question whether its where to find something or how to do something. The retail associate also helps stock shelves and return misplaced items to their rightful spots on the shelves.

Assistant Manager: The assistant manager helps with the daily tasks of the manager. They can help with customer issues and even employee issues. The assistant manager is second in command and they are in charge when the manager is busy or away.

Cashiers: The cashiers deal with anything money related. They stand at the cash register and check out any customer that has a purchase. They also can sell gift cards and take returns.

Manager: The manager is in charge of the whole store daily, they are in charge of making sure the rules are followed, the money is counted correctly, there aren’t any issues and if there are they are required to find solutions to the issues. They dole out tasks to complete for the other employees are waiting to help customers.

Order Puller: The order puller gathers the products that are ordered and need shipped to the different stores. They follow a intricate check list in order to fulfill the orders properly. They compile the products and record them.

Receiving Dock worker: Anyone who works this job is in charge of any shipment being received by that location. They help separate the shipments and make it easier to put the products away. They als prepare merchandise for storing. They have to accept the truck when it arrives and unload everything in a organized and timely manner.

Part Time Shipping Dock worker: The part time shipping dock worker is in charge of physically loading and unloading boxes onto and off of trucks.  They use their hands and heavy equipment to complete the loading. They also organize the products and place them together.

Truck Loader – The truck loader is just like the part time shipping dock except they don’t have any other job responsibilities but loading products onto the truck, they are seasonal and in and out.

Groundskeeper: The groundskeeper is in charge of maintaining the grounds around each store. They must mow and cut the grass and weeds to make the store look well manicured. They have to clear snow and plant fertilizer and plants to make everything look fresh and alive.

Hobby Lobby Application

  • How to apply? In order to apply for any of the positions available at this store it is required that a potential employee goes to the store and asks for an application from the manager. There is also a PDF version of the application that can be downloaded and printed out though it still must be filled out by hand and turned in, in person. Only paper applications are accepted
  • Though there are also printable applications online that can be printed, filled out then handed in to a manager at the store, it’s recommended to go into an actual store and ask for one, this way it creates a report before the application is even filled out.
  • Make sure that the writing is legible and neat, since the applications are hand written. Don’t not spill or sully the papers in any way because that reflects poorly on the applicant’s character and organizational skills.
  • It’s important to make sure the resume that is being submitted for a job is accurate and well edited. Have a friend or relative go over the resume to make sure its formatted properly.
  • Make sure to make a good impression at the interview, dress up, have an extra resume copy, act courteously and answer all of the interview questions clearly.

Things To Know About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has other stores its affiliated with that follow the same moral tones. There is Mardel Christian & Education which was founded by the son of David Green, Mart Green. Mart took a play out of his fathers book and then took it to the next step with creating a store that sells Christian themed goods, office supplies and teaching tools. Another affiliate is the store Hemispheres. Hemispheres is a furnishing store that collects unique and marvelous furniture and house decor from anywhere in the world.

They launched its first ever Christmas TV campaign with the concept that Christmas is not about expensive things but its about whatever each specific person wants it to be.

This company is known for its religious messages and its loud voice in the news and reactions to country wide issues like planned parenthood and gun control. They also support a handful of charities, including One Hope, Every home for Christ, Oral Roberts University, Museum of the bible, Every Tribe Every Nation and Youversion.

They also offer discounts to churches, schools and charities with in their stores. They receive several thousands of letter a year with requests for financial assistance or donations, they have a method of dealing with the letters fairly.

Application Links

Company: https://www.hobbylobby.com/

Careers: https://careers.hobbylobby.com/

Application: https://careers.hobbylobby.com/

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