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Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945, and has introduced more than 1000 flavors of ice cream.  Their top sellers are Mint Chocolate Chip and Pralines ‘n Cream. They don’t just sell the simple cone but they also sell quarts, and they have some specialized features that add a new twist to the icecream like mousse textured ice cream and some have special flavor ribbons weaved through them.  They also are huge sellers of ice cream cakes and specialty drinks.

Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by Burton Baskin and Irvine Robbins. Burton and Irvine were brother in laws and both had an intense desire to create a unique and groundbreaking ice cream store.

In the beginning, both Baskin and Robbins worked at separate ice cream stores, though they wanted to work together in the same store Irvine’s father suggested they try it alone first. Robbins was the one to take the first step, he opened his own ice cream shop called Snowbird Ice Cream in Glendale, California. His store featured 21 flavors and lovely high-quality ice cream. A year later, Baskin then joined in by opening Burton’s Ice Cream Shop in Pasadena, CA.  Both of their stores grew and they branched out with more stores and eventually, it morphed into one company.

In 1954, the Baskin-Robbins entity was still new and they had a lot of competitors. At the Los Angeles Country Fair they had the opportunity to compete against all of them, the best in the business. They ended up winning a gold medal and have continuously earned at least one every year since.

Baskin-Robbins serves more than 150 million customers worldwide and is the world’s largest specialty ice cream store with 2,800 locations in the USA and 5,800 when counting international territories.

This company is a part of the Duncan’ family and that company arm covers benefits and employment issues. They consider themselves great providers. They offer medical and dental plans, short and long-term disability, company paid life insurance,  a 401k which is matched by the company, vision, and critical illnesses.

This company is very flexible, they have great workers and time off pay, each employee starts off with 28 paid days off in the first year. They take health issues very seriously and have personalized health evaluations and fitness and nutrition programs. They also offer education and seminars.

How old do you have to be to work at Baskin-Robbins?

Unlike most stores that require an employee to be 16 or 18 or older, this company allows anyone 14 or older. Though this tends to vary at each location it does give a chance to younger students to start working a part-time job.

Baskin-Robbins Careers

There are many job options at this lovely ice cream specialty store. There are basic jobs like, crew member, ice cream scooper and cashier to more complex jobs like manager and cake decorators.

Crew Member: Crew members deal with the customers and must remain polite at all times. They help customers with any issues or orders that they have. They must also monitor all of the products and when they are sold and who they are sold to and they complete all of the transactions. Their job also includes keeping the workstations and counters clean.

Ice Cream Specialist: The Ice cream specialist creates and makes orders, stocks the shelves and products when they are getting low. They also help clean and maintain a healthy, up to code, environment.

Store Manager: The store manager is in charge of everything that goes on in their singular store. They have to take care of all of the customer issues and employee issues. They deal with the money and everything within the store.

Ice Cream Scooper: The ice cream scooper is someone who deals with the ice cream on a more specific level. Their main job is selling the orders and making the ice cream.

Cashier: The cashier handles all of the monetary transactions with the customers, whether it is through a drive-through or the front counter.

Baskin Robbins Brand Captain: this job follows the corporate orders that involve branding and financial growth. They are specialized to each store and work with the employees to boost sales.

Baskin Robbins Cake Decorator: A large part of the companies business is via specialized cakes. Therefore most stores need a special cake decorator. This job requires working shifts on short notice and skills decorating and filling artistic orders.They also must be kept up to date on cake decorating trends and skills.

Maintenance Technician: This employee is in charge of all of the maintenance of each location. Day to day operations like electricity, plumbing, painting etc. This can get very general or specific depending on the location. They fix anything that causes the function of the store to slow.

Part Time Marketing Manager: In charge of taking the ideas from cooperate regarding marketing and selling strategies and implementing them properly.

Baskin-Robbins Application

  • In order to apply for a job at this company, make sure to look for what the job description entails. The resume being used to apply for this company must be tailored to the skills they are looking for.
  • The application can only be found online. There is a PDF version that can be printed then filled out.
  • It’s important when filling out the application, whether it’s online or a hard copy, to make sure that there is more than enough information. Elaborating on everything will give any applicant a better chance because that gives the employee a better look into the person’s work style.
  • Any relevant skills that would be useful for the specific job the applicant is applying for should be emphasized.
  • It’s important to make sure all of the information on the application matches the resume. Often times the resume could have more or less information than the application. Make sure to always have an extra copy. It’s2 a good way to use it as a reminder during the interview.

Things To Know About Baskin-Robbins

The Joy in Childhood Foundation was founded in 2006 and is an organization powered by Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins Their goal is to provide children suffering from hunger or poverty to acquire better care.

This company had a campaign that donated 11 cents per ice cream cone to veterans in need on veterans day. This charitable action was in coordination with the USO and their mission to keep veterans families healthy and happy. It’s a great way to support the troops and their families.

They also partnered with Feeding America by donating a million dollars to support critical Feeding America initiatives nationwide, which also has formed a program that provides children with food when school is not in session. While school is in session they have the School Pantry Program, which gives children food while they are in school.

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