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ShopRite is the largest retail cooperative combination in the USA.  This co-op is made out of 50 different members that own different stores under the same name. They sell groceries and various other supplies.

Founded in 1946 when a rep for Del Monte Foods talked to other grocers who were having trouble getting good prices for wholesale food. They decided to pull together and buy together. They each invested one thousand dollars to form Wakenfern Foods which turned into ShopRite in 1951. This helped them get good prices on food and really stimulated the economics of their business.By 1961, they had a total of $100 million in annual sales. In 1971, ShopRite introduced their Can-Can Sale, where canned goods were given huge discounts, this sale continued and evolved over the years.

ShopRite Associates also are invited to a fun event that the company holds every year,  the Best Bagger event. The bagging event is when associates compete against each other for the title of “Best Bagger”. The competitors are graded on speed, technique, style, and attitude. They are all given a random collection of groceries that they must race to bag.

The winner of the ShopRite Best Bagger contest competes in the National Grocers Association’s Annual National Best Bagger Championship. This contest is great to get employees excited about their job and brings a lot of employees from different stores together.

Every year each employee receives a .25 cent raise and they get paid an extra .50 cents if they work on Sundays. Holiday pay is time and a half and overtime is also time and a half. They have a 401k, health benefits, paid vacations. They have a Checkmark Pension Plan, Checkmark 401K Plan, Maternity & Paternity Leave and Checkmark Tuition Assistance.

This company is great to work for, the employees are very nice people and they typically get along with others.  They offer fast-paced jobs and flexible hours and are understanding. They are flexible with the schedules and everyone works together to help each other.

How old do you have to be to work at ShopRite?

An employee must be at least 16 years old to work at ShopRite, though most state laws don’t allow anyone under 18 to take on a job.

ShopRite Careers

There are many job options at this grocery co-op. There are basic jobs like Bookkeeper, Catering Coordinator, Deli Clerk, Customer Service, and baker etc.

Deli Clerk: They assist the Deli Manager in the daily operations within the Deli Department. They must make sure the department is clean and looks clean.  They handle all of the cooked and sliced meat along with any other cooked items like to-go pasta or garnish.

Catering Coordinator: this job is not technically affiliated.  They take all of the catering orders and take care of them. They take the orders in person via the counter or over the phone.

Food Service Manager: They supervise and encourage all actions within the store. They keep up to date with goals and positively push the employees to reach them. They also deal with profits, customer and employee issues. They report to the store’s general manager.

Baker:  The baker bakes and helps deal with customers and follows the orders of the bakery manager. Their typical tasks include baking, mixing dough, icing, packaging and filling, of designated pastry and bread items in the Bakery Department. They are also required to maintain a safe and clean department.

Bakery Manager: They supervise all functions of the Bakery Department and its Associates to achieve the Department’s goals of sales and good customer service.

Bookkeeper: The bookkeeper is in charge of all forms of payment/money. They handle the sales, deposits, credit, and receipts. They make sure everything is recorded on the books and any discrepancy they notice they investigate.

CGO Coordinator: This job requires that they supervise all functions and activities of the CGO Department and its Associates.  They implement and enforce corporate goals.

Scanning Coordinator: The scanning coordinator scans all of the products, which keeps track of where products go, whether they are lost in the store or were stolen. This helps track whether there is any product loss and leads to how it was lost therefore leading to how to prevent similar future losses.

Customer Service Job: This employee is in charge of making the customer experience positive and their goal is to help anyone with any issue. They deal with returns or any issues customers have with products or services, they also answer the phones and tag and price items.

Dairy Clerk: Their job is to deal with customers and merchandise in the dairy department. They follow company policies and maintain a great clean work space.

ShopRite Application

  • In order to apply for a job, the applicant must apply online. This store does not offer hard copy applications.
  • Only online applications are available.
  • Their career options are easy to find on their website. They are featured under careers and there are two ways to search, by a job type or by job location. Some information that is needed to complete the application is a social security number and a work history that goes back two years.
  • It’s important to make sure that the information placed into the application matches what is on the resume. Everything should be as accurate as possible.
  • When applying online its important to know that exiting out of the application window will not save the application. Make sure to be prepared for the interview by going over practice questions. Become familiar with the dress code and make sure to dress up for the interview even more so than the regular job requires.

Things To Know About ShopRite

Culture Huggies and ShopRite work together to donate A Half Million Diapers to families who need help. They also donate diapers to the community foodbank. Not only do they help with people who need diapers which is a large epidemic like problem, they partnered with Tiki Barber and

Pantene’s “Care Beyond Hair Tour”. This project donates hair and raises money for Locks of Love, which provides custom hairpieces for children with cancer or other illnesses.

This company doesn’t just donate themselves but they also like to recognize others who donate on their own. They had a contest to find a hunger fighting hero. The contest recognized those who do good in the community regarding food delivery and getting people who don’t have food more food.

They also have Partners In Caring (SRPIC), a hunger-fighting initiative that is community based. It supports more than 2,100 charities  and they have been doing so for around its 20 years.

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