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Hot Topic is a retail store that specializes in clothing that is counter-culture. They sell clothing, accessories, and licensed music in America. Their stores are aimed at teens and young adults who have an interest in rock music and video gaming.

Hot Topic was founded in November of 1989 by Orv Madden, and the company location is Montclair Plaza, Montclair, California, U.S. About 40% of Hot Topic’s revenue is made from the overall sale of licensed band t-shirts. A good many of its stores are located in regional shopping malls.

Hot Topic has several 642 store locations as of 2011. They employ 5001 to 10000 employees. The company went public and started trading on NASDAQ in 1996. It was sold in 2013 to Sycamore Partners for 600 million dollars.

Some of the benefits that employees get for working at Hot Topic include are all about an employee discount, sick days, and a performance bonus. Employees also get a lot of current promotions that are available too.

People like working at Hot Topic for some reasons. The answer is this. The workplace offers a team environment that is committed to caring and delivering the best of all retail experiences possible.

How old is the applicant who works at Hot Topic?

Retailers such as Hot Topic do hire employees from the age of 16 and up. However, managers usually prefer them to be 17 or older because of maturity and having the ability to drive.

Hot Topic Careers

Hot Topic, as a company, manages to stay ahead of trends. It is one reason why many have decided to work there. Because it is a workplace that cares about its collaborative work environment where autonomy and authenticity shape success.

Assistant Buyer – Music Apparel: The Assistant Buyer – Music Apparel is responsible for achieving sales and any margin objectives for annual buying plans. They also participate in defining and outlining any organizational strengths and weaknesses and determining any external opportunities and threats.

Drop Ship Coordinator: The Drop Shop Coordinator makes sure that all data integrity management between vendors and Hot Topic are handled accurately. They also assist with testing for any integrated vendors that are in collaboration with Drop Ship Specialist.

E-commerce Assistant Buyer – Accessories:  The E-commerce Assistant Buyer – Accessories is someone who supports the Buyer in the selection of, as well as, purchase of products from the vendor lines to augment planned assortments that are based on trend data. They also achieve sales and margin objective for yearly buying plans.

Merchandise Coordinator: The Merchandise Coordinator creates purchase orders and worksheets for Merchandising Admin. They also input and reconcile any store price changes and faxes purchase orders out to vendors.

Keyholder: The Keyholder gives customers a memorable shopping experience that makes them want to come back and shop again. They also step in and step up when they have to do so and provide leadership support.

Sales Associate: The Sales Associate here is responsible for many duties. Some of these duties include providing a truly amazing shopping experience for all customers to encourage them to return. They also work the register, cover the sales floor zone, and lots more.

Distribution Center Associate: The Distribution Center Associate is the employee who packs and prepares all orders for shipment. They also ensure that all orders are accurate and handled promptly. The input data into PTL and other D.C. stations.

Maintenance Technician: The Maintenance Technician performs general, as well as preventive maintenance to the MHE and non-MHE in the distribution center. They also repair or replace any defective components and maintains facility shop area.

Internet Fulfillment Associate: The Internet Fulfillment Associate is the one that packs, as well as, prepares orders for shipment. They also stock any new merchandise that is received and communicate straight to management about any production issues that come up.

Internet Fulfillment Supervisor: The Internet Fulfillment Supervisor is responsible for overseeing an assigned area during the first shift that is made up of fulfillment center associates. They also supervise the development and performance of 60 or more fulfillment center associates.

Hot Topic Application

There are two ways for the applicant to apply at Hot Topic. They can either go to the company website and search through the list of open positions. The applicant would then fill out an online application after picking out the job that they’d like to apply for overall. The other method to use is by putting in an in-store application at a local store location.

Hot Topic permits applicants to apply in one of two ways. The first way is to go online at their company website and review the list of available jobs that they have available for applying, and then the applicant puts in an online application. They can also go down to a local store location in person and fill out a paper application.

The tip to filling out an application form is simple. The applicant need only decide if he or she wants to fill out an application either online or in person. Hot Topic permits applicants to apply for any of their open positions by either using the internet or going down in person to a local store location that takes paper applications for the application process.

A good resume tip for applicants to use is as follows. Since employers only have a short time to review your resume, you want to make the resume as clear and easy to read as possible, and the best way is by using a necessary clean font such as Arial or Times New Roman is. A readable font makes a resume look more attractive to the eye and professional.

One of the very best of all interview preparation tips is as follows. Make sure to have three to five key selling points in mind before going into a job interview, and an example of this point would be what does make the applicant the best candidate possible for this job position.

Things to Know About Hot Topic

The culture of Hot Topic is one that contains various elements all combined together as one. Some of these elements are uniqueness, creativity, motivation, and lots more. Employees should be passionate and want to work with a team that believes in teamwork.

A newsworthy item associated with Hot Topic is that Hot Topic Foundation gave $250,000 to Little Kids Rock at a yearly benefit honoring Joan Jett. The announcement for the donation was made on Thursday night in support for the charity’s “Modern Band” music program.

Hot Topic is a company that is known for being unique when it comes to being a retailer of cool, music-inspired destinations for both guys and girls. Hot Topic offers band-related apparel and accessories, as well as licensed merchandise, and fashion apparel and accessories.

Some of the social efforts that are tied to Hot Topic are related to Hot Topic’s Hot Topic Foundation. Hot Topic Foundation was started in 2004 by the suggestions of their store associates. Over the last 10 years, the foundation has given nearly 10 million dollars in grants to non-profit organizations that create music and art programs for young people across America.

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