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Journeys is a retail teen specialty brand that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are owned by Genesco Inc., which is a publicly held retailer that deals in branded footwear, branded head-wear, and licensed sports apparel and accessories.

Genesco Inc. was founded in 1924 by James Franklin Jarman and William Hatch Wemyss. The name of the business has initially been Jarman Shoe Company and a footwear manufacturer. The CEO is named Robert J. Dennis.  Journeys teen specialty stores were founded in 1986.

Journeys have more than 1300 stores in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and Canada. They employ from 5001 to 10000 employees. Journeys apply fashion savvy, as well as, merchandising science that knows how to keep in step with footwear that is fast-paced and accessories market for 13 to 22-year-old guys and girls.

Some of the benefits that go along with working at Journeys do include no other than a benefits package that is comprehensive. They also offer a 40% off discount, medical coverage, a retirement plan, and a lot more.

People like working at Journeys because of the very excellent core values that exist there for employees. First, they offer promotions from within, and they encourage individuality and embrace diversity. Journeys is also a family environment with a caring attitude.

How old do you have to be to work at Journeys?

Journeys hire employees at the minimum age of 16 years old for jobs that they have available. Some of the openings for teens include sales associates.

Journeys Careers

Journeys is a company that offers more than just a regular job. They have a work environment that is filled with lots of elements from fashion to music to art to creativity to culture to the community. The workplace is one of family, teamwork, and a promote from within attitude.

Journeys Assistant Store Manager: The Journeys Assistant Store Manager is responsible for meeting, as well as exceeding sales goals and standards of performance. They also direct and motivate employees to get personal sales goals weekly.

Journeys Part-Time Sales Associate: The Journeys Part-Time Sales Associate is responsible for providing all customers with a shopping experience that is fun and full service in the description. They also meet and try to exceed sales goals and standards of performance.

Journeys Store Manager: The Journeys Store Manager is responsible for lots of duties. They are the one who recruits, trains, and fully develops the sales team. They also evaluate training needs and recognize talented staff and prepare them for growth for the company.

Journeys District Manager in Training: The Journeys District Manager in Training is responsible for achieving all sales goals and profitability targets for all the stores while being able to maintain performance in the Home Store.

Journeys Seasonal Part-Time Sales Associate:  The Journeys Seasonal Part-Time Sales Associate is responsible for meeting, as well as exceeding sales goals and standards of performance. They also provide a fun, full-service shopping experience to all customers as well.

Customer Service Representative Full-time: This position is responsible for providing excellent customer service, as well as, sales support for stores, in-store customers, and online customers by resolving any real customer service issues for satisfying resolution.

Customer Service Representative Part-time: Some of the job responsibilities related to this position include answering inbound calls, chats, as well as emails to assist both customers and store employees. Effective multi-tasking while managing incoming interactions that are constant.

Genesco Carton Handler: The Genesco Carton Handler is responsible for handling cartons or cases by hand for various tasks. They are also to maintain the safety, as well as, cleaning of all equipment, and report service requests as needed.

Genesco Driver: The Genesco Driver must be able to drive a Class A tractor and a 53-foot trailer safely to and from all destinations. They must also assist in the loading, as well as, unloading and securing of all cargo that is required by customer commitment and FMCSR Regulations.

Journeys Application

The applicant goes to Journey’s official company website and applies from the career section listed on the site. The career section has different job categories for available positions at various locations. The applicant then places an online application there.

The applicant uses an online application to apply directly to Journeys. The online form is available in the career section of the company website. The applicant looks over the job openings available and then fills out the online application accordingly.

The tips for filling out an online application are straightforward. The applicant just goes to the company website and looks for the career section. They can then review the various job openings listed there and then put in an online application from there.

The very best of what your resume has to offer should be listed and visible on the top third of your resume. The very best content of your resume is all about your best experiences and accomplishments and what a hiring manager will see first. Many things can go into a resume to make it outstanding and to stand out. First, the format is one of them, and the form that one chooses will definitely be something that will make the resume more appealing in detail. Some of the most common resume formats include the reverse chronological resume. The reverse chronological resume is a solid bet and the most common and known of all resume formats. What this resume format does is to present your background in a timeline format that is easily digestible. It makes work experience something that is readily understood as far as career trajectory goes. This resume format starts off with the listing of the applicant’s most current job and works backward on from there.

There’s no doubt that applicants do go on more than when an interview with the job seeking process. However, what can make the process easier and more positive is this. The applicant should decide to remain upbeat and enthusiastic through it all. A right attitude is everything. When an applicant has the right attitude, it speaks out loud to potential employers, and this is an excellent thing to increase one’s hiring chances for a job opening. Allowing one’s self to be optimistic, confident, and extroverted can be the very thing that can get an individual a position. If an applicant finds the perfect job fit, it’s a win-win for both him or her and the party that is hiring them for the post.

Things to Know About Journeys

The culture of Journeys is one that is all about a person being themselves, making friends for life, and launching one’s career. It’s also about being a successful blend of fashion, music, art, creativity, and culture.

One newsworthy event associated with Journeys is The Vans Warped Tour 2018. Journeys have a tent all summer long that offers customers free stuff, free signings, selfies, and a whole lot more.

Journeys are best known for being a company that is involved with teen retail, and because of it, they are a leader in the industry. They place a strong emphasis on unique specialty items that include apparel, backpacks, hats, and accessories.

Some of the social struggles of Journeys is they did team up with many brands to get the word out about doing good for others. The company views that it is an opportunity to make life a little easier and cure a bit more.

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