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The Big Lots store chain has a history that goes back to Consolidated Stores Corporation. It was the company’s first name and was formed in Ohio. The name of the first closeout store was Odd Lots in 1983. Consolidated Stores Corporation became Big Lots in 2001.

Big Lots was first founded as Consolidated Stores Corporation back in 1967 by a man named Sol A. Shenk. Consolidated Stores Corp became Big Lots Inc. on May 16, 2001.  On August 3, 2006, Big Lots changed its name of BLI to BLG.

In 2018, the Big Lots had 1,416 stores and employed 22,900 people.  On August 3, 2006, Big Lots changed its name of BLI to BLG. It began trading activity on the New York Stock Exchange on August 18, 2006.

A few benefits that go with working at Big Lots include healthcare, retirement planning, work-life balance, paid sick days, short and long-term disability, dental, vision, and company-paid life insurance are just some of them.

People like working at Big Lots for the following reasons. Big Lots offer an environment that is both fun and fast-paced. Associates can try out new ideas, make decisions, and try to take on greater responsibilities for themselves.

How old is the applicant must be to work at Big Lots?

To work at Big Lots, an applicant must be at least 18 years of age to become employed by this store chain.

Big Lots Careers

Those who work at Big Lots make it a great place to shop. It is because employees are committed to excellent customer service and work towards this goal every day. They also want a career that has lots of growth and opportunity personally.

Furniture Sales Lead: The Furniture Sales Lead performs general store operations duties. Some of these store operations responsibilities include cashiering, merchandising, product assembly, inventory control, selling, freight processing, and stockroom organization.

2nd Trmt DC Maintenance Tech: The 2nd Trmt DC Maintenance Tech performs preventative maintenance, repairs, and installs the right materials to ensure that there are proper operation and upkeep of facilities. They also take care of general electric and plumbing systems.

2nd Tmnt DC Asset Protect Officer: The 2nd Tmnt DC Asset Protect Officer proactively takes a role in carrying out some shortage control disciplines and programs during many shifts and positions that are both inside and outside posts in the area of responsibility for the distribution center.

2nd Shift Non-Convey: The 2nd Shift Non-Convey handles a multitude of duties from utilizing computer screens to RF terminals to RF units, scanners, CRTs, or hard copy reports to record as is directed by the DC Supervisor.

2nd Shift Shipping Material Handler: The employee in this position utilizes the computer screen, as well as, RF terminals, distribution labels or hard copy reports to be able to process merchandise with the help of manual or powered material handling equipment as is directed by the DC Supervisor.

Assistant Team Leader – Service: The Assistant Team Leader – Service is responsible for handling a multitude of different duties. Some of these duties pertain to providing top customer service to cashiering to furniture to handling recovery-related functions.

Assistant Team Leader – Merchandising: The Assistant Team Leader is primarily responsible for freight processing and merchandising functions that are within each of the stores. They are also accountable for selling and storeroom organization standards.

Area Asset Protection Leader: The Area Asset Protection Leader is the one who manages the Asset Protection and Safety program activities. They also are responsible for conducting store visits and audits that support and evaluate operational compliance.

Assistant Store Manager – Assistant Team Leader – Service: The Assistant Store Manager – Assistant Team Leader is responsible for all customer service, the furniture area, cashiering, and any recovery-related functions.

Assistant Store Manager Overnight – Assistant Team Leader: The Assistant Store Manager Overnight – Assistant Team Leader, is the one who is primarily responsible for overnight and non-standard freight processing, as well as, merchandising functions that are within the store and is accountable for organizational standards for merchandising and storeroom.

The applicant can apply for any open job positions at the company website. Applicants review a list of available jobs and then decide which area they’d wish to use for. They then put in an online application to apply further.

Big Lots Application

Applicants go to Big Lots company website and search the available positions in the career section. They then choose the job opening that they’d wish to apply for and put in an online application to complete the application process.

The online application process is something that is made very easy for the applicant that choose to apply at Big Lots for a job. They just go to the company’s website and visit the career section to place an online application after reviewing the available job openings list.

There are lots of ways to organize the information on your resume. However, the very finest of all possible ways is always the reverse chronological order, which is where you list your most recent experiences and is still the best bet. Your resume has a lot of sections that go along with it, these sections are what tells a potential employer all about the applicant, and the best way to get the attention is with a resume that looks totally professional in detail. The first line of your resume at the top should contain your name. It is the section called contact information. The contact information section will also contain lots of other pertinent information, and this information includes more than just your name. Contact information is personal in nature.  A physical address should have city and state listed in it. An email address can also be added.

The “can you tell me a little bit about yourself?” question is usually straightforward, but people do need to prepare for it, and the best way is by giving a pitch about why the applicant is ideal for the job. When the applicant comes up with his or her own tone about why they are ideal for a position, it will feature a lot of the person’s strengths up close and personal.

Things to Know About Big Lots

The culture of Big Lots is associated with a mission that is simple in delivery. The purpose is to serve everyone with like family. Big Lots as a company hires as passionate employees they are about people.

A newsworthy event linked to Big Lots is that they did raise $3.2 million for the “Serve Families, Give Big” campaign for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Serve Families, Give Big” campaign did involve all 1,416 stores and more than 35,000 Big Lots employees who worked hard to collect the money being donated.

Big Lots is a company that is known mainly for being a community retailer. They have more than 1,400 store locations in 47 states. All of these stores are totally dedicated to friendly service in every way. Their mission is to be known as a person’s second family where discount retail is concerned.

Some social events of Big Lots are this. Big Lots as a company is committed to their communities. The Big Lots Foundation donates lots of time, money, and resources. It is through the Big Lots Foundation, associates also come together and give big.

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