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Zumiez is a multi-national specialty clothing store. The clothing store chain had the name of “Above the Bell” when they opened their first store in the Northgate Mall in Seattle. They have been publicly traded since 2005.

Zumiez was founded by two men. These two men were no other than Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson in 1978. The first store that was opened was located at Seattle’s Northgate Mall. The company was able to grow steadily through the 1980s, and additional stores were added. These new stores were in Everett Mall and Alderwood Mall to name two locations.

Zumiez was a company that had several 698 locations as of February 2018 and employed some 1,650 people as of October 2009. The corporate name changed to Zumiez in the mid and late eighties.

Some of the benefits associated with working at Zumiez were no other than a health insurance package that included relatively low monthly payments. It also included company training, employee discount, and company social events.

People like working for Zumiez because the company does promote from within. They also use a performance chart to track an employee’s sales personally. If you can talk to people, and sell, it is the ideal job.

How old do you have to be to work at Zumiez?

A company such as Zumiez hires applicants for some positions at the minimum age of 16 years old. However, if one wishes to work for the Distribution Center or Web Fulfillment Center, an applicant has to be 18.

Zumiez Careers

Zumiez is a company that strongly believes in promoting teaching and learning to help employees grow in the best way possible. They seek people who want to develop along with the company and thrive in their own way by being private individuals and being held accountable.

Seasonal Sales:  This job maximizes personal and stores sales results by selling, maintaining, and covering store zones. They provide excellent customer service by utilizing Zumiez selling techniques. They prevent loss through awareness of their assigned section.

Sales Part Time: Their primary job duty is to provide customers with high-quality customer service and to sell merchandise by employing Zumiez selling techniques. They also offer customer service and prevent loss through awareness of their assigned section.

2nd Assistant Manager: The 2nd Assistant Manager maintains personal results by training and directing the team to provide outstanding levels of customer service. They also execute HO product direction and make store specific product decisions that drive sales results.

Assistant/Associate Buyer: The Assistant/Associate Buyer is responsible for assisting in the exact SKU and PO creation process for the buying team. They also handle proactive reporting, as well as first communication for the store team.

VAS DC Team Member: Part Time -The VAS DC Team Member is responsible for handling the support of distribution center operations for one or more work areas. An employee will be proficient in all DC related tasks that include value-added services, picking, packing, shipping, receiving, and a whole lot more.

Distribution Center Team Member 1 – General Application: The Distribution Center Team Member 1 – General Application is an employee that is responsible for performing value-added service to but not limited to handling, ticketing, hanging, counting, and lots more.

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Social: The job of the Digital Marketing Coordinator, Social is to focus primarily is to translate, as well as, to drive the established current Zumiez Marketing programs that exist via different interactive platforms that help to extend the brand’s marketing reach.

Private Label Production Assistant: The Private Label Production Assistant will support the cut and sew team. The Zumiez Private Label Production team is responsible for handling 32 unique brands that span various categories.

Internal Auditor: The Internal Auditor is a vital task that involves the handling of the assessment of Internal Controls and financial processing. They also work closely with the accounting, finance, and information technology teams to test controls and much more.

Licensed Brand Assistant: The Licensed Brand Assistant is a critical position for the functioning of the licensing department. They are responsible for assisting in the authorized brand process and work across departments for the design, production, international buying, and wholesale/direct for consumer channel.

Zumiez Application

Zumiez has a job applying section at their company website that is called Career Site – Self Service. The applicant goes to this section to apply for any job openings that the employer may have available currently. The applicant puts in an application for the job location from this job applying area.

The applicant should apply online at Zumiez’s Career – Self Service location on their company website. They should apply using an online application. However, it is highly advisable for the applicant to follow up by visiting their local store and contacting the staff store manager there.

The tips for filling out an application online are to go to Zumiez’s official website and checking out the job application section called Career Site – Self Service. Here there is a listing for open jobs, and the online application can be made here by the applicant. There is no need for an in-store request to be completed.

A good piece of resume advice is this. Make sure to create a resume that can be versatile and that will appeal to the particular employers that you are applying to for a job. One way to do this is clear, and that is to keep a master list of all posts on your computer, this way you can swap different information in and out on your resume as needed. Every job posting requires a resume that will be unique in delivery. Only bits of data need to be changed in the resume to give it a one of a kind voices to potential employers.

Knowing your audience is always advisable before going on a job interview. The applicant should get a great sense of who the company is that they have applied to, and one way of doing this is to read the company’s blog and Facebook page if they have one. The tone of the company’s content speaks volumes in itself.

Things to Know About Zumiez

The culture for Zumiez is one that is all about employee empowerment and commitment to new brands. The company looks to those employees who precisely fit the lifestyle that goes along with Zumiez action sports-themed mix and is passionate about what they do.

Zumiez hosted the very first Zumiez Best Feet Forward Finals in 2018. After being on the road for three months, all over the world, they flew in all of the winners to the finals in the Boston area. 40 of the world’s best amateur skateboarders to compete against each other for the ultimate prize.

Zumiez is a company that is a specialty retailer for apparel, footwear, accessories, and hard-goods for both young men and women. They also market clothing for action sports. Action sports include skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross.

The Zumiez Foundation started out years ago with just one small gesture. The small gesture was potatoes. It has become a national event to make a difference for all those who need help the most. The mission is to donate warm and cold weather items to those in need and inspire Zumiez employees to give back to the local communities.

Application Links

Company: http://www.zumiez.com/

Careers: https://www.zumiez.com/jobs

Application: http://wac.4728.edgecastcdn.net/004728/applications/zumiez-job-application.pdf

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