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Kumon is a method of tutoring that uses a structured learning program to help children learn new material independently. What sets this model apart from other tutoring programs is the individualized attention that is thoughtfully provided by an instructor. Here, the instruction given is aimed at instilling confidence and courage in children in order to take on new challenges as well as achieve goals.

Kumon was created by Toru Kumon in 1958 in Moriguchi City, Osaka, Japan. The concept for this company stemmed from the founder’s experience as an educator. He wanted to encourage his son to form a love of learning, as well as to be as prepared as possible for high school and college entrance exams. Giving his son short, incremental assignments and allowing him the time needed to complete them, he found that it allowed his son to completely master the concept before learning new skills.

Today, Kumon centers can be found across 50 countries. There are over 1,500 learning centers throughout the United States alone, with 400,000 enrollees in the program world-wide. As the world’s largest after-school tutoring franchise, in 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the company #20 on its Franchise 500 list as well as #1 in its category.

Kumon aims to provide a quality work environment that encourages employees to go out and have a positive impact on society. In order to attract individuals who are motivated to carry out the company’s mission, a complete compensation package is offered to associates that qualify. This package includes benefits such as healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plan, holidays and paid time off, career development opportunities, employee recognition programs and more.

Employee reviews of the company are generally high. Associates report a good work/life balance as well an appreciation for company culture and values. 72% of employees would recommend the job to a friend.

How old do you have to be to work at Kumon? 

In order to effectively carry out the company’s mission, they must hire and retain a strong staff of both educators and administrators. For this reason, the general age for employment with this company is 22 years old.

Kumon Careers

Each learning center operates independently, because of this set hours may vary from location to location. However, it is common practice for centers to offer after school hours and weekends, therefore associates must be able to handle a flexible work schedule. These hours might be most appealing to retired individuals, college students or those looking for seasonal employment. While the general age requirement for most positions is 22 years, applicants age 18 and older with a passion for education may be eligible for assistant instructor positions.

Office Administrator: The office administrator greets all guests upon arrival at the center. In addition, the administrator plays a vital role in supporting all staff. They will also be responsible for administrative duties, maintaining the office area, as well as assisting with preparing marketing and learning materials.

Field Consultants: Field consultants typically oversee a cluster of locations within an area. The consultant works together with several franchise owners on setting and achieving both instruction and business goals. In addition, he or she will assist new franchisees in the coordination of new center openings.

Center Instructor: The Center Instructor must be a positive and high energy person who with a genuine interest in educating children. The instructor will prepare lesson plans as well as guide students through their studies. In addition, he or she will communicate student progress with parents as well as provide orientation for new students.

Curriculum Specialist: The curriculum specialist assists in developing new learning materials. The specialist proofreads and edits all learning materials assists to ensure that the centers consistently provide quality material. In addition, the specialist assists in training new instructors.

Assistant Instructor: The assistant instructor supports the center instructor in leading children through the learning process. Other duties include the administrative duties, answering questions and enrolling new students. They will also assist the instructor with continuous assessments of student’s learning progress.

Instructor Training Specialist: The instructor training specialist carries out training programs for new franchisees. He or she is knowledgeable of the training industry, the Kumon Method and other topics will lead to opening and running successful Centers. They offer training programs as well as provide coaching and guidance to trainees before and after opening.

Kumon Application

A Careers tab is located on the home page of the company’s official site. Here, job seekers will find a link to a complete list of all currently open positions. The search page allows applicants to filter their search by categories such as keyword, category and location. Once an applicant finds an open position in which they are interested, job seekers should apply directly from the site.

Not only is there a search options for open positions with established centers, but the Careers page also offers a link to information on becoming an owner of a Center. This page provides information including available markets, reasons to own a franchise and how to apply for a franchise.

The first step in securing a job is effectively navigating through the application process. Applicants give themselves the best odds when researching the position in order to prepare a suitable application. The hiring process may be overseen directly by the franchisee, or it may be coordinated by the Center manager.

In completing the online application, applicants should ensure that they keep information concise and accurate. Resumes should display a genuine interest in education as well as working with children.

In preparing for interviews, applicants should prepare themselves with the Kumon Method as well as related topics. It Is also recommended that throughout the interview process, applicants show that they understand the significance of instilling confidence and goal setting skills into individual learning plans.

Facts About Kumon

The organizational culture is based on individual instruction in order to help each enrollee develop their abilities to the fullest. More, this method of self-learning makes it possible for individuals to achieve their dreams and goals. The use of their innovative, small-step worksheets facilitates this mission.

Due to the pressures and intense competition placed on students nowadays, the tutoring industry is forecasted to continue to grow at a fast pace. More, it is predicted that the industry will reach $227 billion by 2022. Kumon has been reported as the leader in this fast-growing industry.

The company is based on striving to find the potential of each of its students. More, the company aims to develop sound, capable individuals who become capable in creating a path for themselves throughout their lifetime. Beginning at an early age, enrollees develop a high level of academic achievement as well as the ability to learn independently.

As an organization, there is a willingness to incorporate the conservation of natural resources. This is carried out by placing a priority on preserving the natural environment through the growth of human resources. North American centers encourages a reduction in electricity usage as an effort to prevent global warning.

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