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LOFT stores were launched in 1998 with the purpose of creating a wide range of clothing styles for women. The company’s goal is to make women feel confident and beautiful in their clothing whether it is an everyday style or a popular trend. They offer clothing in a variety of fits and styles.

Originally, LOFT brands operated under the name Ann Taylor Loft, and featured casual and relaxed fashion. Now, the brand caters to young, modern women, and provides clothing in a moderate price range. The company has grown to over 650 stores in North America.

This company is known for empowering women through clothing as well as global support. They support communities by providing opportunities to women in education and business. The company is also dedicated to promoting individuality and creativity among its employees and the communities it supports.

LOFT employees enjoy a great benefits plan. Medical, dental, and vision plans are available for eligible employees and dependents. They also provide paid time off, and child care to employees with families. Other benefits such as retirement plans, tuition assistance, and stock purchasing are also available.

Employees at this company love the benefits offered to them. They enjoy generous discounts at company stores, as well as gyms, as the company supports a healthy lifestyle.  Employees can expect to share their individuality with the company while still working closely with a team.

How old do you have to be to work at LOFT?

This company requires applicants to be at least 18 years of age.

LOFT Careers

This company offers several careers in their stores across the US. Sales associates, sales leads, co-managers, assistant managers, store managers, and district managers keep retail locations running smoothly. Coordinator/specialists, inventory operations, logistics, and domestic transportation help with keeping stores stocked and operating their best.

Sales Associate: Sales associates assist customers shopping at the company store. They stock clothing racks, fold and hang clothes, and keep the store tidy and clean. Sales associates are always friendly and willing to help customers shop for specific items and make suggestions.

Sales Lead: Sales leads are masters of customer service. They drive sales by directly interacting with customers, and help stores succeed. Sales leads need to be very organized with great communication skills. They are supporters of management in the store.

Co-Manager: Co-managers are second in command to the store manager. They are responsible for human resources within the sales team. They find and train talented individuals to work as sales associates and supporting team members. They are also motivators for the sales team to meet sales goals.

Store Manager: The store manager is an inspirational leader to all associates. Strong leadership capabilities are a must, because store managers are responsible for coaching the entire team of store associates. Also, store managers must work hard to achieve business goals.

District Manager: District managers are responsible for leading the store managers and their management teams. Networking is an important responsibility in order to recruit new talent. District managers must be detail oriented and motivated to grow the market.

Assistant Manager: Assistant managers work to maintain the operation of all LOFT stores. They must be creative and innovative. They are responsible for catering to the needs of the company’s clients through business processes and new innovations.

Coordinator/Specialist: The coordinator/specialist is primarily focused on the financial gains of the company. It is their responsibility to support projects that benefit the company. They also implement solutions to issues within the company to keep things running smoothly.

Inventory Operations: Inventory operations personnel are responsible for distributing goods to the company’s many store locations. They work to keep costs low and improve plans for distribution.

Logistics: Logistics personnel work with the supply chain to ensure that all stores receive the correct merchandise. They also help with shipping online orders through the global distribution network. Logistics personnel are responsible for the day to day activities in warehouses for the company.

Domestic Transportation: Domestic transportation is an important part of the distribution team. They are responsible for on-time delivery of goods in the United States. They also help to keep costs low by operating within the company’s standards for efficiency.

LOFT Application

To apply for a position with this company, start by going to the AnnCareers homepage. Here, job opportunities are listed for all Ann Inc. brand companies. Click on the “Career Opportunities” navigation tab in the top right corner. This will redirect you to the Ascena Retail Group Inc. page. From here, scroll down and click on the blue tab for the type of career you are interested in to see job openings.

Once you have selected a career path, you will be redirected to a list of all openings within the Ann Inc. brand. To see only LOFT opportunities, click the company name in the left sidebar. After clicking on the job you are interested in, you will be redirected to the application page. Click the orange “Apply” button to complete the online application.

There are a few important things to consider about this company. First, customer service is of the highest importance. Employees are expected to interact and build relationships with customers who shop at the company’s stores. Friendliness and communication skills are key to success. Also, this company puts a strong focus on sales, so interactions with shoppers can make a difference.

In your application, mention relevant interests like a passion for customer care. Being interested in fashion and able to offer style suggestions are important qualities as well. Also emphasize if you are able to work with a team and collaborate on projects.

When interviewing, be genuine and focused. Since this is a clothing retail company, wearing an outfit similar to the styles sold in the store is a good idea. If possible, share your knowledge of the fashion industry, current trends, and any experience you have in retail sales.

Things to know about LOFT

This company focuses on a culture of support and growth. They are dedicated to creating a workplace environment that is lively and enjoyable. By supporting their employees with a generous benefits plan and multiple discounts at company stores, the company keeps employee morale high. Creativity is celebrated at LOFT, so employees can expect to share their personalities and contribute new ideas.

This company has been recognized globally for empowering women. It was ranked on Forbes’ Best Employers for Women list, and is known for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Also, the company has donated over $125 million to organizations and charities that strengthen communities.

This company is dedicated to a team mentality. When the company wins, everyone wins. They value employees and invest in them to maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Employees and customers alike feel appreciated by the company. It is an inspiring and positive company which embraces the uniqueness of women everywhere.

LOFT sponsors two signature programs for women and girls. The first, HERlead Fellowship, invests in women who show leadership and potential to make the world a better place. The second program is Girls on the Run, an after school program that coaches young girls on body positivity, confidence, and enjoying life.

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