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O’Charley’s is a restaurant and bar with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The casual restaurant chain features traditional American food with Southern hospitality. Friendly and inviting, this restaurant serves large portions and complimentary dinner rolls. It is a popular choice for families, with online ordering and to-go orders available.

Over 40 years ago, in Nashville, TN, O’Charley’s began with just one restaurant. Charley Watkins, the founder, believed in sharing great food with everyone. He also wanted everyone who ate there to feel welcomed like a friend. The feeling of community is important to the atmosphere of the restaurant. With over 200 locations in the United States, the restaurant has grown into an American favorite.

O’Charley’s was named to Forbes’ “200 Best Small Companies in America” for three years in a row. The restaurant has offered a free slice of pie every Wednesday since 2013 with “Free Pie Wednesdays.” Families especially love that children 10 years old and younger eat free every day.

Employment with this company offers many great benefits. All eligible team members can enjoy a Retirement Savings Plan with employer matched contributions. Team members who work more than 30 hours per week may earn eligibility for other benefits as well. Members of management are benefits like health and dental coverage and more.

Working at O’Charley’s provides the same feeling of family that customers love.  Individuals passionate about service are the key to creating the much-loved atmosphere of this restaurant. The customer base is friendly and a great benefit of working at this restaurant, too.  Employees at this restaurant work together in a tight-knit team.

How old do you have to be to work at O’Charley’s?

This restaurant chain requires applicants to be at least 18 years of age. To be a bartender applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Additionally, Retirement Savings Plan benefits are only offered to employees who are over the age of 21.

O’Charley’s Careers

There are several career opportunities available with this company. Each position is unique, but together they support each other and function as a team. Hourly careers include server, host/hostess, bartender, line cook, prep cook, and dishwasher. Management opportunities are available for kitchen managers, restaurant managers, and general managers. There are also opportunities outside of the restaurant in support centers.

Server: The Server is one of the most important members of the restaurant team. They are expected to maintain a clean and neat work area and emphasize customer satisfaction. Servers should interact with every guest who comes into the restaurant, making them feel welcomed. A high standard of service requires servers to have a positive attitude at all times.

Host/Hostess: The host/hostess is responsible for giving a friendly first impression to all guests. In addition, they support the servers and kitchen staff, so it is important to help out when needed. Finally, the host/hostess should be gracious and appreciative of guests as they leave the restaurant.

Bartender: Multitasking is the most important skill for a bartender. They are responsible for checking ID to ensure no alcohol is served to guests under the age of 21. Bartenders serve guests seated at the bar while also preparing alcoholic beverages for customers in the entire restaurant. A positive and people-loving personality are required.

Line Cook: Line cooks have the power to create repeat customers by presenting consistent and high quality food to all guests. Cleanliness and safety are highly important qualities of a line cook. They are expected to prepare and plate each dish precisely to the standards of the restaurant.

Prep Cook: Prep cooks work behind the scenes to ensure that the kitchen is prepared to serve all menu items. They set up the individual components of each recipe to successfully meet the requests of each guest who places an order. They are also maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly workspace.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher is responsible for the cleanliness of every dish in the restaurant, including serving dishes and kitchen utensils. Cleanliness is important for the health and safety of all employees and guests of the restaurant.

Kitchen Manager: The kitchen manager makes sure that every aspect of the restaurant’s kitchen meets high quality standards. Kitchen managers are responsible for training and motivating the kitchen staff, and for maximizing their efficiency. Maintaining a consistent kitchen staff with a great attitude is necessary to the success of the restaurant.

Restaurant Manager: The restaurant manager leads by example and maintains morale with the front of house teams in the restaurant. Restaurant managers ensure quality service by coaching and training team members and providing positive feedback. They are also responsible for interacting with guests to maintain a positive image.

General Manager: The entire restaurant is the responsibility of the general manager, from customer satisfaction to cleanliness and maintenance. They are charismatic and motivated individuals who are able to coach and advance their team members. General Managers are also responsible for building the profitability and reputation of the restaurant.

Support Center: Support center staff work to maintain the functionality of the company from behind the scenes. They work to provide important information which aids in the advancement of all of the restaurant’s operations.

O’Charley’s Application

To apply for a position with this company, start by going to the company website and clicking on “Careers.” Next, click on “Search Jobs” in the navigation bar at the top of the page. From here, select the type of employment you are interested in, whether hourly, management, or support center.

Click on one of these options to be directed to a list of available positions and their descriptions. Clicking on “Apply” next to any of these positions will allow you to browse by title and location. Apply online by clicking on the job you are interested in.

Be sure to have an active email address in order to complete the online application. Read job descriptions carefully to be sure you are qualified for the position. It is also important to understand the duties and responsibilities to determine which position would be the best fit.

When completing the application, be sure to mention any relevant skills or experience. For example, mention any restaurant experience you may have, or any experience you have in customer service and satisfaction. Even if you don’t have work experience, emphasize relevant skills you possess, like a friendly personality, level head in stressful situations, or ability to multitask.

To interview with this company, be prepared to share examples of your relevant skills. This company looks for friendly, hospitable, and gracious workers who are passionate about customer service. Enter the interview with a positive attitude and a smile to show the employer that you uphold the values of the company.

Things to know about O’Charley’s

The culture of this company is based upon Southern hospitality. Everyone who works or dines at one of these restaurants is treated like family. A strong focus is placed on community, and the company is dedicated to being a supporter of the many communities where these restaurants are located.

The company embraces change while maintaining the original values of quality and consistency. As needed, improvements and advancements are made to ensure the efficiency of all locations.

Known for large portions and fresh ingredients, this restaurant chain embodies the principles of Southern hospitality and American food. A slice of freshly-baked pie is always free on Wednesdays, and kids eat free with an adult entree purchase every day of the week. This company has consistently been a staple dining option since its establishment.

With values of community and support in mind, this restaurant chain supports food banks partnered with Feeding America. Service members and veterans are also supported through programs like the Hometown Heroes Program and Operation Gratitude.

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