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Schnucks is a family-owned grocery store chain based in the midwestern United States. Founded in the 1930’s, in St. Louis, MO, the grocery store now has almost 100 stores. The company continues to grow, acquiring established grocery stores across five states.

Schnucks began with a family of entrepreneurs who established several individual grocery markets and retail stores in the late 1930s to early 1950s. In 1952 the company incorporated as Schnuck Markets, Inc. and began the unified “Schnucks Markets” grocery chain. During the 1970s the company introduced a pharmacy area to their stores as well.

Schnucks is among the top 100 privately owned companies in the United States, and corporate logo depicting a saluting soldier is a well-known symbol in the St. Louis area. It represents the friendliness and low prices of the grocery store. The company also manufactures many of the products sold in its stores, such as baked goods and specialty items.

Employees with the grocery store chain enjoy many benefits. Team members can become eligible for paid vacations, health benefits, and discounted rates at stores. The company also offers competitive wages for employees, and set pay increases over time. There are many opportunities for advancement within the company as well.

Employees love working in the fast-paced environment of this grocery store chain. Keeping with the values of the original family, employees are valued and rewarded. High standards of service, quality, and innovation are just a few of the things that employees can expect.

How old do you have to be to work at Schnucks?

This grocery store chain requires applicants to be at least 16 years of age to be considered for employment. However, some positions may require applicants to be older in order to fulfill all duties.

Schnucks Careers

There are several career opportunities available with this company. All positions are considered equally important and all are necessary to the function of the grocery store. Positions available include bagger, checker, janitorial, deli clerk, meat clerk, salad bar clerk, produce clerk, bakery clerk, center store clerk, and produce clerk.

Bagger: Baggers are responsible for filling grocery bags with purchased items and placing them in customer’s carts. It is the bagger’s duty to keep bags stocked at all check stands. They also carry purchases to the car for customers, and bring carts in from the parking lot. Additional responsibilities include verifying prices of merchandise and returning unwanted items to the shelf.

Checker: Checkers must provide friendly service to all customers and be courteous at all times. When checking out customers’ purchases, checkers must process coupons, accept payments in different forms, and securely record cash and register transactions. They should also be able to identify produce in order to properly charge for produce purchases.

Janitorial: Janitorial staff are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the grocery store. This includes using cleaning chemicals and tools to maintain floors, windows, break rooms, restrooms, and offices. They are also responsible for changing light bulbs, emptying trash cans, and operating floor cleaning machines.

Deli Clerk: Deli clerks maintain the deli area of the grocery store, including deli display cases and kitchen equipment such as slicers, fryers, ovens, and steamers. They must maintain the company’s standards of sanitation and proper food handling practices at all times. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure freshness and cleanliness.

Meat Clerk: Meat clerks are responsible for preparing, stocking, storing, and maintaining the products in the meat case. Products must be wrapped, labeled, and priced properly after being received from the warehouse. Meat clerks also interact with customers to provide samples, answer questions, and provide cooking instructions. They are also responsible for maintaining sanitary conditions.

Salad Bar Clerk: Salad bar clerks prepare fruits and vegetables for the salad bar. They are responsible for any spills or drops from the salad bar, and must maintain the cleanliness and safety of the area at all times. Salad bar clerks also stock utensils, date products properly and rotate stock to maintain freshness. They also use various kitchen equipment.

Bakery Clerk: The bakery clerk packages freshly baked products and stocks display cases and shelves. They receive deliveries from the manufacturer and from vendors. Bakery clerks are also responsible for baking cookies, ordering cakes, and keeping a clean work area according to the grocery store’s sanitation standards.

Center Store Clerk: Center store clerks are responsible for maintaining the store shelves. They process inventory delivered from the warehouse and from vendors, and stock the items in different departments throughout the store. Center store clerks must be able to operate a hand jack, use power lifts, and safely use box cutters.

Produce clerk: Produce clerks maintain the produce section of the grocery store. They follow strict sanitation procedures to wash, wrap, and stock products. Produce clerks rotate products and remove any products that are in poor condition. They are also required to administer water or ice to different products to maintain freshness.

Schnucks Application

To apply for a position, go to the company website and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Under the heading “Corporate,” click on “Careers.” Next, click on the red “Apply Now” button in the center of the page. You will be redirected to a comprehensive list of available positions and their locations.

To apply online, click on any of the available positions, then click on the orange “Apply” button at the top of the page. An active email address is required to apply.

To be successful with this company, applicants should have a flexible schedule and be able to work nights and weekends. Teamwork is important, so working well with others is a necessary skill. Most jobs available require employees to be on their feet for several hours at a time and be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

When filling out the application, be sure to emphasize company values such as a friendly and courteous attitude, and customer service skills, and attendance. Be honest when describing your abilities, as integrity is strongly valued by the company.

Pay special attention to personal hygiene when interviewing. Cleanliness and sanitation are important aspects of all job opportunities with this company. Be friendly and enthusiastic so the employer can see how you would interact with customers and other employees.

Things to know about Schnucks

The culture of this company is based on family values of friendliness and support. They care deeply about their employees and strive to reward them with great benefits and pay. The company is dedicated to promoting employees from within in order to give existing employees the chance for advancement.

This grocery store chain has received the “Black Pearl Award” from the International Association for Food Protection. This award recognizes the company’s efforts in employee training as well as food safety and other areas.

This company offers different ways for customers to save, including a rewards program and in-store coupons.  They also have a dollar for dollar match program for SNAP recipients to encourage healthy food choices. These programs, along with the company’s community involvement, make it a favorite shopping destination for families on a budget.

As a family-owned and operated company, Schnucks is known for being an active supporter of the communities where its stores are located. They regularly donate food to hunger relief organizations and support the United Way. They also promote local nonprofit organizations through the “Bags 4 My Cause” program, which donates a dollar to a nonprofit organization for every reusable shopping bag purchased.

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